Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 906 - The Three Holy Lands’ Fundamental Crisis!

Chapter 906: The Three Holy Lands’ Fundamental Crisis!

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He wanted to shout and say ‘Don’t care about me’… or ‘Seek revenge on my behalf’…. As long as he was able to deliver these words, his brothers would still be able to snap back and would not fall into extreme grief. Or perhaps, they would be able to make the enemy pay a similar price!

But the moment he opened his mouth, a shiny saber had already entered it at the speed of lightning and cut through his throat! All his teeth were instantly smashed into powder, even his tongue was turned into a pile of minced flesh… At the same time, a saber came slashing through his waist… His already flimsy upper body was instantly dismembered completely…

Another flash of the saber, and a decapitated head went flying into the air!

Midair, the eyes of this head were still widen open, full of despair and anxiety! Because he had seen that his own brothers had completely lost control due to his death! Everyone was looking at him numbly, their hearts in such great pain as if they were dying, already forgetting where they were right now…

The decapitated head spun in the air, his eyes weakly turning about. When it turned towards his brothers, he revealed a pleading look. Don’t be too grieved! Right now, you guys need to focus on the enemy! Ah….

But none of the six younger brothers who had already fallen into utter despair saw the look he was giving, the last reminder from him…

Finally, his eyes no longer had the strength to turn anymore… his eyes froze in a look of extreme worry and concern for eternity!

All of these happened within the duration of half a breath since the moment the Seven Stars Battle Formation initiated the attack… or even… lesser than that!

But in such a short period of time, the things that had occurred were extremely cruel!

The leader of the Seven Demons, the core of the Seven Demon Formation, had gone from not having a single injury to being dismembered and sent flying across the air in chunks of flesh…

All the people from the Holy Lands were stunned!

Everyone had sensed that there would be an unexpected turn in the situation, but no one had expected that this turn would come so quickly, so thoroughly and so cruelly!

The two pieces of body parts that were sent flying was still midair and had not even landed on the ground yet. The decapitated head drenched in blood was still turning in the air… Everyone had fallen into a lifeless state. The six brothers went flying over to the scattered bits of their older brother as if they didn’t want their lives anymore…

But the Seven Stars Big Dipper Array did not slow down! Not only did they not slow down, they began a more vicious, more aggressive attack while their opponents had fallen into despair!

Two of them had already sustained injuries from the attempt at fighting back by the eldest of the Seven Demons. Both their internal and external wounds were severe and they were on the brink of death after all! But they still got into this formation with the momentum of a mad tiger, charging forward with all their strength!

The six people in the Seven Demon Formation couldn’t believe their own eyes. They had spent all their lives together for almost six hundred years. Their eldest brother that they had never separated from! Their kin brother from the same mother was dismembered alive right before their eyes!

What sort of enormous blow was this!

Their eyes were all red, and their minds were all blank! Their hearts ached in such great agony, as if the one who died… was themselves! They had practically forgotten everything, as if the entire world had came to a halt in this instant!

They wailed pitiably, calling their elder brother’s name manically, moving forward to that puddle of chopped up body… Completely not noticing the flash of the enemy’s blade was nearing their bodies viciously…

He Zhi Qiu and Hai Wu Ya both activated their art and yelled, “Watch out!”

The prowess of two Saint Emperors were shocking, but it was as if the six remaining brothers of the Seven Demons couldn’t hear it. Their body jerked from the shock, they were almost sent flying from the sudden quake of the earth, but they still did not snap back to their senses!

Right now, in their hearts and minds, there was nothing else! Not even the thought of revenge… Only grief filled their hearts!

Extreme pain!

Seven sabers rained down with a whoosh! Like a sudden downpour!

Blood spurted everywhere! There was no mercy! But it was as if the six who were receiving these blows had yet to regained their senses. They stood in the rain of blood in a daze… without even utilizing their Xuan Qi to protect themselves!

Hai Wu Ya yelled loudly. “Stop!” He suddenly flew forward, he had yet to arrive but his sword had already radiated intense sword light… If the seven Saints were struck with the sword light of his, they would suffer severe injuries and someone might even die on the spot!

After all, they had already been battling for such a long time, their Xuan Qi had already been used up to half of their usual amount, and there were casualties too!

In the opposing camp, Mei Xue Yan flew forward in her pristine white robes, like a white cloud. She raised her imposing sword and said, “Saint Emperor Hai, this is a battle of life and death! Going back on the promise to interfere is rather unbecoming of your distinguished status of a Saint Emperor!”

Hai Wu Ya’s sword light was dazzling like the star light. But Mei Xue Yan’s sword light was like a blizzard covering up the sun, an overpowering radiance!

In a blink of an eye, the two of them were already facing off on the arena. Instantly, star light was shooting up into the skies, while snowflakes were fluttering all over the ground! With a few clangs, the two of them merged into a white blur in midair…

“Stop!” Qu Wu Hui yelled angrily.

The two people exchanged blows one last time. Hai Wu Ya flipped backwards and hovered in mid air. But Mei Xue Yan stood calm and poised with her sword, her eyes locked on Hai Wu Ya. Her graceful figure slowly floated backwards. Her white robes and black hair fluttered in the wind, adding a tinge of softness in this pitiful battlefield…

Mei Xue Yan had the upper hand in this short exchange of blows!

“A win is a win, a loss is a loss! Hai Wu Ya, are you this unable to afford a loss?” Qu Wu Hui yelled loudly, his eyes slightly red. “This is a battle of life and death; even if you can’t endure it, you must endure it! Even if everyone dies, you also must endure it! This battle is for the face of the three Holy Lands! What are you doing, interfering with it on your own accord?! Is the Holy Lands’ reputation of ten thousands of years for you to tarnish just like that?”

Hai Wu Ya gritted his teeth and said with grief, “But… but they are really too vicious…”

“Vicious? Vicious is what an opponent must be! In a battle of life and death, there is nothing that cannot be used; viciousness is the most correct way of doing things!” Qu Wu Hui scoffed. “Both sides had already determined the rules the moment it began, and the battle does not end until one party is completely dead! In other words, we start with the living and we end with the dead! Don’t you understand?! I am as upset that people from the Holy Lands had died! But no matter how upsetting it is, we must endure it! Rules are rules! We can forsake our life! But we must not give up on our face!”

Qu Wu Hui had a furious expression on his face as he spoke!

Hai Wu Ya slowly landed, and looking at the tragic state on the battlefield, he couldn’t hold back his old tears…

In this moment, all the six second level Saints from Holy Land had been massacred right here! And some were killed without any resistance, a look of anguish and grief on their faces even as they died…

Jun Mo Xie looked at the area and silently sighed in pity. Mei Xue Yan’s words were echoing in his mind. Blood related brothers, who had never separated for hundreds of years together, their mutual understanding and coordination is already at the peak of the world… but as much as deep feelings are an advantage, it is also the greatest disadvantage… An injury on one person’s body, means in injury in the hearts of six; one person’s death was the death of the seven people’s hearts!

These seven brothers were just like this!

Right now, Qu Wu Hui was sad, but also angry!

From the way he saw it, Hai Wu Ya’s sudden decision to interfere with the battle was an extreme disgrace! Not only did he throw his own face, he also threw away the three Holy Lands’ face!

Plus, he had just lost two rounds of bet. He was already feeling frustrated and depressed enough.

Naturally, there was one more important reason…

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was still watching. He was also one of the judges! If he suddenly started acting up… Hai Wu Ya would probably be laying here like the seven men in this arena…

Qiao Ying and Cheng Yin Xiao also didn’t look any better. The highest levels of the Holy Lands, the Guardians of the Heaven Saint Palace were present, along with the number one lunatic under the heavens, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, as judges. But this sort of behavior still happened, going back on their words, breaking faith and abandoning right… If they weren’t present… How unbridled would this bunch of people be in their ways… It can be imagined that all those rumors from before may not have a reason behind it…

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master watched all these silently. He said coldly, “For ten thousands of years, being the only supreme reign, the three Holy Lands have already become thoroughly rotten… Doing everything as they please, only knowing how to do their best to protect their own interests. They no longer care about anything else. In their eyes, they are the righteous side; who cares about the minor things when doing things in the name of justice? The scene before our eyes is proof!”

He laughed sinisterly. “If they are part of the secular world, if they disregarded the law, they’ll end up in prison or be beheaded as a warning to the rest on what rules are. But the pugilistic world is a relaxed place… lacking the law of the rest of the world! Dismissing everything with a single sentence: once you get into the pugilistic world, you can no longer act like yourself! Doing as they please, acting like there is no law! But there are some rules of morality that have been passed down since ancient times and people don’t dare to take them lightly! Even the most heinous people would have some qualms about it…”

He let out a long breath before continuing. “But the current three Holy Lands have spent ten thousand years eradicating all enemies, completely unscrupulously, and to date, they no longer have any opponents! The moment there are no longer any opponents, there are no more restrictions. So the current three Holy Lands have already changed in its quality! Being more arrogant in the way they do things, no longer giving a damn about the morality and rules of the pugilistic world! If met with a situation that clashes with their interests, the so-called morality of the pugilistic world is just a useless piece of paper to them! But who had ever thought that if this goes on… you would become a bigger danger than the strange races! The strange races are not our kind; even if they enter Xuan Xuan, only destruction awaits them. But you guys are destroying this place, the place that you claim to protect!”

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master looked at Hai Wu Ya coldly. “People like you, as part of the pugilistic world, if you can toss away the basic rules of the pugilistic world and promises in a blink of an eye, then no matter how grand and noble your mission is, you are a malignant tumor that must be removed! If left as it is, you would only continue to decay everything else! And the three Holy Lands have already been decaying for ten thousands of years! Qu Wu Hui, the three of you are still considered a rare exception that managed to remain untainted from the mud. It’s something remarkable!”

Qu Wu Hui, Cheng Yin Xiao, and Qu Wu Hui were stunned after the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master finished his words!

They began to perspire profusely!

For ten thousands of years, the three Holy Lands had been devoted on their punitive expedition to eradicate those who were different from them. Their ultimate goal was to be the only supreme reign. And the three Holy Lands were the guardians of Xuan Xuan Continent. Doing things in the name of justice, naturally they would be bridled and unscrupulous in their ways.

While the Heaven Saint Palace had never found any fault with the three Holy Lands’ behavior, instead, provided support whenever needed, hoping for the day the Holy Lands would finally become the sovereign rule. When that day came, it would be the arrival of the Continent’s blessings…

Naturally, if this was according to the three Holy Lands’ standards of ten thousand years ago, or even six thousand years ago, this made no sense. But as all the opposing families were turned into ashes, the three Holy Lands had finally stepped onto the peak of power on this continent and became the most outstanding!

Even Qu Wu Hui, Cheng Yin Xiao, and Qu Wu Hui had felt heartened that the three Holy Lands’ achievements were unprecedented, surpassing all their ancestors before them! Controlling the continent, overlooking the world like a sovereign ruler, the moment the Holy Lands appeared, there was no one else who can contest for the top! This was undoubtedly a glory of the peak!

But the three of them had been enlightened by the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, and only came to realization that if there were really no opponents, after a single family expanded, what they would face was their internal decay… Completely changed in its quality!

Humans were always keen to fight; fighting with the enemy, struggling between life and death. Every moment would trigger the boundless fighting spirit of a human. Each time they surpassed their limits, improving time and time again… But if there was no enemy?

Not a single enemy in the entire world, there was only flattery and boot-licking everywhere…

Then naturally, humans would change.

And there was one more grim issue: If there was really no enemy… who else could they fight against? So they started fighting with themselves, fighting with the desire of fame and profit in their heads, but how many people would be able to prevail over themselves? So everyone was controlled by their desire for fame and profit and started to fight internally…

Scrambling for power and profit, the harmonious relations between the three Holy Lands turned into an empty shell. Smiling, warm and affable on the surface, but secretly fighting and scheming against each other… Even within the same Holy Land, they were also unscrupulous in their rivalry…

Carried on for a long period of time, who would care about the rules of the pugilistic world? Who would comply with the morality of pugilistic world? Because these were originally set by these people! Who would give a damn? But… a pugilistic world without rules and morality… what sort of pugilistic world was that?

The more they thought about it, the more fearful the trio felt. If things continue this way, the three Holy Lands do not need an enemy to utterly crumble!

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