Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 854 - Comprehension—True Self, Origin!

Chapter 854: Comprehension—True Self, Origin!

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Everyone should have already guessed by now; this black robed man was precisely the expert infamous throughout the entire continent, the number one lunatic under the heavens: the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master!

But this legendary number one lunatic under the heavens was currently forced to the verge of tears, depressed beyond words!

After the battle at Tian Fa, this number one lunatic had even truly earned the title of number one expert! Being ambushed by so many Saints and even the frenzied attacks of Saint Emperors, while he was weakened, he still survived from his extremely severe injuries!

At the very least, wanting to recover to his original strength was an impossible matter… So although he had a great deal of unwillingness in his heart, he could only hide away to recuperate, in the hopes of returning to dominate the world as soon as possible!

But after just one month, a certain song suddenly spread madly through the entire continent, and with frightening speed, quickly on the mouths of everyone in the Xuan Xuan Continent!

This Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master did not claim to be a “Young Master” for nothing. He was also a feverish music enthusiast! In fact, his personal weapon was actually a strange musical instrument made from melted Nine Nether Frost Blades that looked like a cross between a zither and a guqin…

That song was something that even he considered “divine music”!

From this, one could tell the extent that he loved good music.

When he was only halfway through this ‘Song of Laughing Proudly in the Pugilistic World’, he immediately proclaimed it as music from the heavens. He was so enchanted by it to the point where he even forgoed food and drink, spending all his time pondering it. But the most unbearable thing was that no matter where it spread, it was never the complete version… it was always lacking something compared to the original. This cause the music enthusiast Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master to feel exceedingly depressed.

After enquiring around, he finally confirmed that this song first originated from this Chrysanthemum City! At the same time, there was an accompanying legend that a charming white-robed young master unstained by the filth of the world was playing this song and singing atop the Tanguan Hall when a heaven shocking battle occured. Defeating two esteemed Venerable experts and a large number of cultivators, he departed in an exceedingly graceful manner, singing and riding the clouds like an immortal…

In just a single night, that mysterious, white-robed youth had turned into an idol in the hearts of all women in the world…

From the looks of it, he’d even become the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s idol!

But the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master also understood that because of that white-robed youth, the three Holy Lands would also send out countless peak level experts and gather them in Chrysanthemum City. Although his injuries had improved, they were still exceedingly heavy. He didn’t have the ability to engage in a real fight. But after careful considerations, he still decided to make the trip.

The three Holy Lands were undoubtedly assembling there to deal with that mysterious, white-robed youth! If they truly succeeded, then the “Song of The Proud, Smiling Wanderer” would really become the youth’s swan song!

In other words, from then on, it would be impossible to hear the original version anymore… To a music enthusiast like the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, this was an unbearable thought!

So he came. Apart from that, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was confident that as long as he did not reveal his traces and used any of his unique Xuan techniques, even if all the ancestor-level characters from the three Holy Lands and the Misty Illusory Manor lined up in front of him, they would not recognize him!

So although he couldn’t attack, he was actually not very worried about his safety!

Today was actually the first day that he’d stepped into Chrysanthemum City! And it’d even been less than an hour since he’d entered this ‘Mecca for Music’, making his way towards the famed Tanguan Hall, fantasizing about meeting the idol in his heart… What kind of a person was this musical talent that could make a song like the “Song of The Proud, Smiling Wanderer”?

But who would have thought that before he had had the chance to meet his idol, he would bump into such a base character!

A base fellow whose ability and age were high enough to shock even him, whose mouth was so infuriating that it made him want to tear his hair out!

It wasn’t clear what was wrong with the kid’s head, to follow him around like that all of a sudden for no apparent reason. He had tried to shake to him off, but it was impossible to shake him off. Then after a competing for the entire journey, he could confirm that the little fellow was definitely not simple. At least, the latter had the qualifications to share the same table with him!

Then, he was somewhat curious about the kid. Who is he? What does he want? And most importantly, did he recognize my true identity? Why would he fix his eyes on me in the first place? Could it be there’s some flaws in my concealment?

So the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master accepted the little fellow’s invitation. Since he was going to Tanguan Hall anyway, and somebody was volunteering to treat, why wouldn’t he go? The Fourteenth Young Master did not think that this youth before him could do anything to him anyway.

But right now, he truly regretted it! At this moment, he felt that him accepting this fellow’s invitation was the worst mistake he’d committed in this last 1,300 over years!

If only time could be rewinded… this Young Master would rather receive a harsh beating than share a table with this person… no, he wouldn’t even have exchanged a single word with him!

It was really too… tormenting!

From what he remembered, he’d only asked that despicable fellow for a name. In the end, the matters leading from that single question had nearly caused him to collapse… If he had asked a few more questions… the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master felt his entire body tremble intensely from the mere thought of that!

Terrifying ah…

The most scary thing was that right now, he couldn’t even use a single ounce of Xuan Qi.

Right now, he was in the center of Chrysanthemum City, the place where trouble was most prone to occur. All the experts of the three Holy Lands were gathered here; if it were in the past, he wouldn’t fear anything even if his identity was exposed. But since his strength hadn’t recovered yet, he didn’t dare to reveal himself!

Although he and the three Holy Lands had a great hatred between them, if it came down to choose between destroying them or saving himself, he would definitely choose to preserve his own life.

The strongest characters here now were all Saint level experts. Most of them were old enemies who wouldn’t rest until he was dead. As long as he exposed even the slightest aura, they would definitely rush over and surround him completely, ripping him to shreds!

With his current strength, not mentioning defeating them, even escaping was a problem!

But if he didn’t use his abilities, wanting to get rid of this relentless fly in front of him…

Was simply an impossible dream!

Just like that, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master fell into a tragic situation!

And it was a very tragic situation!

An unprecedented tragic situation that he’d never encountered every since the day he was born!

Right now, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master had a miserable feeling as if he were a dragon that had fallen down into a ditch, or a tiger cast out of a mountain!

Even when the table was completely filled with food, this number one lunatic under the heavens had still not extricated himself from that miserable state. Looking at Jun Mo Xie’s eyes, it seemed as if he was waiting to eat someone alive!

“Come come come, please eat, please eat, no need to be courteous;” Jun Mo Xie gestured warmly. Judging from a standpoint of a good host, Jun Mo Xie would definitely score extremely highly. But his next sentence caused the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master to feel an urge to flip the table with rage: “… In any case, we didn’t bring any money, so it’s a dine and dash… keke, we might as well eat. Hurry up, there’ll be food if your mouth is fast. If your mouth is slow, there won’t be any…”

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master had only just picked up his chopsticks and he nearly spat out the wine in his mouth as he looked at Jun Mo Xie exasperatedly. “This Young Master is quite curious… can you still be even more shameless?”

“Don’t speak nonsense ah, how is this Young Master shameless? This Young Master wanted to treat you to a meal out of goodwill, and you actually stain my name like this? You’re really difficult to get along with! However, since you’ve asked, this Young Master will still be generous and teach you a thing or two. This thing called shamelessness is actually something without a limit! The art of shamelessness is actually a broad path that leads to heaven; it’s a major field of study that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master! It’s something that’s worth a lifetime of research and experimenting, that one could endlessly explore, create and learn. We need to persevere in our pursuit of this knowledge, studying and learning earnestly… We must always strive to breakthrough to greater realms of shamelessness! Of course, this Young Master is only a careless beginner in this field; how could you say that this Young Master is being shameless…” Jun Mo Xie gestured gracefully and explained, as if he was reciting a poem.

“Ai… there’s no need to continue, I’ve already witnessed the highest peak of this field of study from you! I believe that in this particular field of expertise, your achievements has already surpassed the ancients and amazed the contemporaries, unprecedented and unparalleled in history, unexampled ever afterwards…” The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master sighed in a heartfelt manner. Grabbing the wine jar, he raised it to his mouth and swallowed in huge gulps. His face was the very picture of the words ‘there is no grief so great as despair’. Apart from drinking, he did not have the mood to pick up even a single piece of food on the table.

Without any appetite, forcing oneself to eat would be no different from eating wax. In that case, one might as well not eat!

Jun Mo Xie chuckled secretly in his heart, but his spiritual sense was keenly posting tabs on every single action of the person opposite him, comparing it with his own understanding in his heart.

Right now, he was already certain that this person was the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master! Furthermore, he could tell that the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s injuries had obviously not recovered yet. Otherwise, how would Jun Mo Xie dare to behave so outrageously in front of him? This was a well-known lunatic, if he still had any strength left, just a single slap would be able to smash into meat paste! Although Young Master Jun never thought lightly of himself, he still acknowledged the shocking strength of the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master.

But now, he no longer had those scruples. Jun Mo Xie would naturally not expose his true identity. All that nonsense and random talk earlier was actually done with a purpose. Otherwise, with Jun Mo Xie’s character, how could he possibly do something that only provided temporary joy yet would leave behind huge troubles?

But after this round of interaction, Jun Mo Xie discovered that the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was actually not as brash and explosive as the stories described!

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master didn’t have any airs about him, nor any overbearing flairs.

Actually, this was also the same kind of realm that Jun Mo Xie was pursuing!

It was also the reason for his endless nonsense earlier.

Because he was consulting and comprehending!

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s every movement and expression, represented his achievements. And this achievement was also guiding Jun Mo Xie in his comprehension, step by step!

Every step taken for a person from poverty to success, was actually a process. Without status and power, one would behave in a certain way. But one they attained success, even the most humble people would have times when they forgot themselves.

This was human nature, and there was nothing to be said against it!

That was why people of that level often began to pursue things like class, bearing, and all the things that could display one’s so-called “inner qualities”.

Whether it was being aloof or indifference to the world, or arrogant and domineering, they were all a kind of mask! So-called aristocratic bearings were exactly so. Purposefully pursuing such things, even if one obtained them, they would only end up losing their true self!

Only by taking another step further from that level could one reach the true peak, beginning to recognize what they truly wanted. And people of that level always used their true feelings to face the world, come what may.

If they wanted to cry, they would cry. If they wanted to laugh, they would laugh. There were no masks, no hypocrisy. That was what it truly meant to return to simplicity! Returning to simplicity with martial arts, achieving the same goal with different means!

But returning to simplicity with one’s true character was the real transcendent realm! Only the current Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was the best example of such a natural being! This kind of realm, when paired with the return to simplicity with martial arts, would form the true expert!

Such outstanding people were truly rare! For the entire planet, there might not even be one person achieving such a level of harmonization even in several thousand years!

This was the true level of self achievement! Even Young Master Jun himself had not reached such a level.

Since the course of known history, Young Master Jun only knew of two person at most, who’d achieved such a realm. The first, was the Nine Nether First Young Master, who’d actually reached an even higher level that transcended even the realms of returning to the natural state. As for the other person, it was this Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master in front of him!

Although the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was still far off from Nine Nether First Young Master’s level, he was still truly in that realm!

Jun Mo Xie wanted to see, just how far had he reached in that kind of realm? Could he truly merge his true self and his martial arts together such that they were both a part of himself in the most natural sense? And how far away was he from such a realm? Was it within reach, or still a far away thing?

Ever since he’d heard about the deeds of the Nine Nether Young Masters, Jun Mo Xie had a faint kind of understanding; regardless of whether they be praise or scorn, whenever the Nine Nether Young Masters were discussed, regardless of who it was, the evaluation was always the same!

Whether they were considered as mad, wild, or overbearing, these people were always true to themselves!

Because of this, Jun Mo Xie thought of something: could it be that this was a result of some kind of special cultivation technique? So after he had this thought, he specially went into the Hongjun Pagoda and searched through the information database. At the end, he came to a conclusion that even left him shocked beyond words!

There really was such a realm!

This realm was called “True Self!”

If one did not even have their “True Self”, whether they threw it away, or lost it… what meaning was there in talking about cultivating immortality? What was there to talk about “breaking the void and achieving the grand dao”? So even in daoist teachings, there was something called origin!

So the true reason Young Master Jun approached the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was because apart from gaining the opportunity to meet the Nine Nether First Young Master again, there was only the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master!

That was the reason why he’d tried all kinds of tricks today to rile up the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s emotions. He was trying to comprehend this “origin” by observing the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s reactions!

As the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s emotions grew more and more volatile and somewhat out of control, Jun Mo Xie’s comprehension also improved. In fact, a breakthrough was even near at hand!

True Self, Origin. So that’s how it is!

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