Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 773 - You Practice While I go Kill People!

Chapter 773: You Practice While I go Kill People!

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With a jerk of her body, Mei Xue Yan opened her eyes in disbelief, checking herself out…. Breakthrough? So easily??

“Xue Yan! You are really great! A natural talent!” Jun Mo Xie was full of praise. At the same time, he quickly activated the Power of Water, causing the Spiritual Qi in the surrounding air to turn into water droplets that fell into the huge basin he had already prepared….

To turn Spiritual Qi into water for bathing….

Mei Xue Yan could feel the pinch from merely watching such wasteful extravagance! If she drank that water, who knew how much her strength would grow…..

Jun Mo Xie scooped her small body up and put it into the basin without giving her a chance to argue and started to bathe her personally. Mei Xue Yan felt extremely ashamed, struggling with all her might, wanting to bathe on her own. But she was heartlessly rejected by Jun Mo Xie. “Can you wash yourself like this? This is stuff that is stuck to your body; you don’t be able to shake it off… be good, or else I’m going to start playing rogue!”

Mei Xue Yan felt helpless. You behaving like this is doesn’t count as playing rogue?

But she understood that Jun Mo Xie was speaking the truth; with her current form, she was indeed unable to wash herself clean, unless she waited for the dirt to dry and fall off on its own. But as someone who liked keeping things clean, she wouldn’t allow it. Honestly, had Young Master Jun not taken the initiative, she would probably have begged him to help. Then it would be even more embarrassing….

So although she was extremely embarrassed by Jun Mo Xie’s tyranny, she only allowed him to do as he wished. After all, there was a hint of thoughtfulness amidst all that tyrannical behavior…. She comforted herself in her mind.Luckily, I’m not in my human form…. Otherwise, I’d really die from embarrassment…..

It was the first time she felt fortunate that she was not in her human form!

Jun Mo Xie thoroughly washed every single part of her body. But he was afraid that Mei Xue Yan would be distressed over this and ignore him, so he tried to put on as decent an expression as possible. But in his heart, he was lecherously imagining that he was bathing Mei Xue Yan in her human form….

Upon going down this trail of thoughts, his little actions naturally began to get more indecent, and a certain body part of his also unconsciously began to raise itself….

After a long, long time, the washing was finally completed. Jun Mo Xie panted heavily. Mei Xue Yan was also panting heavily, and both of them clearly a little exhausted…. Just that Mei Xue Yan was panting from tiredness, while Jun Mo Xie…. had fantasized so much to the point he couldn’t take it anymore….

To be able to fantasize to the point his entire body was burning with desire…

As expect, Young Master Jun was an incredible person!

However, it was not Jun Mo Xie’s intentions to be wasteful by using Spiritual Qi in the form of liquid to bathe Mei Xue Yan. Mei Xue Yan just had her meridians recasted, and it was also the first time she was using the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. Her meridians seemed to still be very fragile, unlike her peak Xuan Beast body in the past.

By using this pure Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi to bath, it allowed the purest Spiritual Qi to permeate through her skin and enter her body, bit by bit. At the same time Mei Xue Yan absorbed it, it formed a natural, protective layer over the skin on her body… With this protective layer, Mei Xue Yan had essentially blended into the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi within the Hongjun Pagoda. Absorbing the Spiritual Qi would be a simple task which would proceed smoothly and more easily, with increased effectiveness!

After the washing was complete, Jun Mo Xie activated the Power of Fire to heat up the surrounding air. Within seconds, Mei Xue Yan’s wet fur was completely dry…

Young Master Jun had originally wanted to use his hand as an iron to dry her fur off. But it was really too extreme; if he continued to have such intimate contact, he would probably explode. And that wouldn’t look good, so he decided to take the hard way out, resolving the matter in a more roundabout way. The power of fire was so convenient; drying was only a matter of seconds.

Jun Mo Xie had just finished when he suddenly hit his own head. Regrettably, he said, “Why am I so stupid! Even if I don’t do it myself, watching you shake your bum to shake the water off would also be great!”

Shake my bum to shake the water off? Mei Xue Yan was finally enraged. She bit down harshly on his shoulder! But just as her teeth grazed his flesh, she couldn’t bear to go through with it. My teeth now are really sharp; what if I hurt him when I bite down?… My heart would hurt if he is in pain!

And thus, she took a gentle bite experimentally….

But Jun Mo Xie groaned in pain dramatically, before bursting into loud laughter.

The two of them fooled around for a while before Jun Mo Xie stood up. “Xue Yan, you focus on practicing in here; I need to go and see to some matters. Sigh, your progress seems to be a little too slow…. You are now only a second tier…. Then wouldn’t you take your entire life to cultivate it all back?”

Mei Xue Yan glared at him angrily. This is slow? Then what is considered fast? I barely practiced for an hour and I’ve already risen to a level two! This is already tremendous speed!

Jun Mo Xie laughed. “You really can’t be not convinced. Look at your husband, me; I’m a living example! I spent less than a year, no, to be even more exact and specific, I had used only ten months! From a third rank Sky Xuan, to a Silver Xuan, Golden Xuan, Jade Xuan, Earth Xuan, Sky Xuan, Spirit Xuan, to Supreme! And now, I am a solid level two Venerable. You think it is very incredible to attain second tier after practicing for only a while? Let me tell you; you are still far from grasping the good thing about this set of skills; the real benefits is still in the back! Furthermore, you are practicing in here now, with no other matters to see to, and the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi in here is so dense and rich, all at your dispense. The conditions are so much better than what I had when I started back then. I believe that it is not impossible for you to reach your original fourth level Venerable peak within a year, perhaps even breaking through to become a Saint!”

Mei Xue Yan’s eyes glowed as she listened to him!

She had already noticed the marvelous aspect of this set of skills just now. It was truly wondrous! But now listening to what Jun Mo Xie had just said, she instantly felt that her advancement speed was a little slow…..

She even knew that whatever Jun Mo Xie said was the truth!

Because she had witnessed Jun Mo Xie’s growth in his strength! From the first meeting, Jun Mo Xie was only at the peak of a Jade Xuan, but today, he was already a solid second level Venerable…. How many levels did he bypass during this period of time? And…. it was all within the duration of half a year….

And there were so many matters that he needed to see to personally in between!

Jun Mo Xie’s words greatly raised her confidence in recovering her original strength!

The same set of skills, and the environment I am practicing in is better than Jun Mo Xie’s before in all ways . If Jun Mo Xie could do it, why can’t I do it?

Mei Xue Yan was instantly filled with confidence!

Not only did she want to recover to her original prowess, she wanted to surpass it and attain a even higher realm! She had previously obtained victory over those Saints with the aid of the Saint King Pill, but next time, she wanted to win with her own capabilities!

But Jun Mo Xie’s next sentence revealed his real intentions: “… You must get better quickly, so I can consummate with you earlier! I’ve been waiting for such a long time for the day… Even if I can wait, Mo Xie Junior is itching to get on with it! You didn’t know how I was earlier….”

Mei Xue Yan was instantly angered! She glared at him and waved her little claws dismissively. Hurry up and get lost! Don’t ruin this lady’s good mood! This lady doesn’t care if you really cannot wait!

Jun Mo Xie laughed loudly and said, “You just rest assured and focus on practicing. I’ll go and find those six wretched Saints! Bloody hell, they dare to hurt my precious little Xue Yan; they must be sick of living! This matter doesn’t end until I make them pay a price!”

Mei Xue Yan was taken aback. She quickly grabbed onto him, worry evident in her eyes.

“Rest assured, good little Xue; I know that I am no match for them right now.” Jun Mo Xie chuckled and comforted. “Who said that I was going to fight them? Your husband is not an impetuous person!”

Mei Xue Yan looked at him in confusion. How do you get revenge if you don’t fight? Were you hoping to curse them to death with words?

“This Young Master is going to smash them with gold! If that doesn’t work, then I will strangle them with the roots of trees! If that doesn’t work, I will drown them with great waters! If that still doesn’t work, then I shall burn them into ashes with fire! And if that fails, I will bury them alive with a landslide!”

Thinking of all the marvelous abilities of Jun Mo Xie, Mei Xue Yan instantly felt reassured and let go reluctantly.

Jun Mo Xie chuckled. In a flash, he suddenly groped her little butt, kneaded it, and hit it, grinning lasciviously. “This feeling… I really can’t get over it!”

Then, he disappeared in a flash.

Mei Xue Yan jumped up in anger, wanting to teach him a lesson, only to find that he was already gone. She kicked angrily at the ground for a long time. After a long time, she looked in the direction Jun Mo Xie had disappeared to silently.Mo Xie, thank you! From now on, I will definitely stop allowing my imagination to run wild….

Then, she returned to the position Jun Mo Xie had set her down at. She closed her eyes and focused on practicing!

She firmly believed that the place Jun Mo Xie had provided for her to practice in was definitely be the best!

So she firmly believed in this position!

There was not even a bit of error in her confidence in Jun Mo Xie. This place not only had the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi of the Hongjun Pagoda, there was also the essence of life from the tree of life, and a Heaven Earth Spirit Vein beneath….

Slowly, a Spiritual Qi whirlpool began to form around her body…..

You truly would not be able to find a better place to practice in the entire world!

Jun Mo Xie exited the Hongjun Pagoda, relieved.

He originally wanted to go kill someone and get his revenge immediately, but was worried that after Mei Xue Yan regained consciousness in the Hongjun Pagoda, she would be disappointed and sad if she didn’t see him. As a result, he decided to wait for Mei Xue Yan to wake up first, then explained everything in detail to thoroughly undo the knot in Mei Xue Yan’s heart before leaving with a peace of mind.

After joking and fooling around, then using his own experiences to boost Mei Xue Yan’s confidence, he could finally heave a sigh of relief. He was a little mentally exhausted by the time he had exited.

This was a battle with himself!

For Mei Xue Yan’s sake, he must fight!

And he must win himself!

Facing a great beauty versus a small ferret the size of two palms, could the feeling be the same? Even though he clearly knew that the beautiful woman was the human form of this little ferret, but realistically speaking, no matter what, he would still feel a little uncomfortable….

And what Jun Mo Xie feared the most was this highly possible discomfort appearing in his heart!

How sensitive was Mei Xue Yan? As long as Jun Mo Xie didn’t control himself properly, she would immediately notice! Then even after she recovered, it would be a scar that would always exists in her heart, a scar that would be extremely difficult to get rid of!

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