Night Ranger

Chapter 46: Peerless Ranger!

Chapter 46: Peerless Ranger!

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Marvin stood alone at the bottom of the hill.

The gnolls were just like a violently surging tide.

They still hadn’t rushed up to him, but he could already feel a gust of wind. If Marvin was an average person, he might have already fell to his knees, shivering!

But Marvin wasn’t.

He stood like a strong reef inside that tide.


His foot stepped on the earth puppet’s head. The clay gnoll Sorcerer’s head was smashed into pieces by him!

Under the mask, Marvin took a deep breath. By using some incredibly fast movements, he took out an unmarked bottle in a flash.

It was filled with some potion.

"Gulp gulp!"

Marvin took a sip from the bottle in an instant. His movements were fast and hidden, so the humans standing in the camp didn’t notice.

They just saw Marvin tilting his head, apparently taking something out.

But the gnolls on the hill saw clearly.

And they didn’t care.

Nothing more than a potion.

What could it do?

They were so many more of them, and that human… He was only a man, nothing more.

The gnoll adjutant riding on a mutated aardwolf roared, and all the gnolls excitedly rushed down.

Using the downhill speed made them look unstoppable!

Yet Marvin took out two daggers after taking a sip.

‘Even though I didn’t want to use it for this, it looks like I have no choice.’

‘It is fortunate that there was enough potion for four portions. Else it would have been a waste.’

‘Stupid and ignorants gnolls, it’s time to end this!’

Marvin’s blood began to boil.

Come on! The more the better!

Because more gnolls would simply mean more corpses, nothing more!

Thinking this far, he sent strength to his lower body and broke into a sprint. He looked like an arrow leaving a bow, rushing toward that gnoll army.


The human camp burst into an uproar!

This guy wasn’t planning to flee; he actually wanted to kill his way in!

Who does he think he is? A 3rd rank Virtuous Diamond Martial Monk?

Even 2nd rank Fighters wouldn’t dare doing that.

That was a whole army of gnolls. Fighting in the battlefield was different from a duel!

A random gnoll might be able to kill an expert in a war.

Adventurers didn’t believe in miracles. They were only convinced in what they could see with their own eyes.

As for what Anna said, they totally ignored it. Masked Twin Blades, whose name had become famous recently, would die. This was quite a pity.

"Captain, shouldn’t we retreat…"

A member of the Lynx team whispered.

But he suddenly turned quiet.

Because what he saw completely shocked him.


Marvin clashing with the gnoll army wasn’t what the adventurers imagined, him quickly falling from the gnolls’ numbers.

But instead, he was slaughtering his way through!

Marvin's actions were steady. Blood spurted when he swung his twin daggers. But what really made people speechless was that when he slashed for the first time, the heads of the first two gnolls rushing toward him flew into the air.

Their heads flew!

Those two gnolls weren’t cut to pieces. Their corpses also flew like kites and smashed into the gnoll group, leading to chaos.

An empty area appeared in the gnoll army.

And Marvin himself was still kicking the ground to keep rushing forwards!

He looked like a whirlwind passing through the gnoll army!

The twin daggers in his hands were quickly and efficiently cutting down gnolls, harvesting their lives as if they were vegetables.

Every slash killed one gnoll. He was like a demon. Gnolls’ swords, and even arrows couldn’t get within his reach.

His speed and reaction had reached outrageous levels!

What felt the most terrifying was his strength which was completely crushing those gnolls!

Probably only Gru was able to do something like that among the adventurers!

But as a ranger, Marvin was actually able to.

The adventurers were speechless. They didn’t know what to say.

"Damnit! Is he still a Ranger?" Verne’s eyes were red and he couldn’t help but curse!

‘This is clearly a freak!’

But if Marvin was next to him, he would say with a deadpan face:

"This is indeed a Ranger, a peerless one!"

At this time, if someone told Verne that Masked Twin Blades was in fact a dragon using an advanced shape-shifting technique to turn into a human, he would definitely believe that person.


"Eh!" Marvin shouted.

His ability to combo with his twin blades reached such a level that he didn’t even need to focus on it.

Because every slash wouldn’t just stab a gnoll to death, it would cut it and send it flying!

He was close to the strength of a 2nd rank fighter and his attack speed was at the level of a 2nd rank assassin!

Indeed, these were the heaven-defying effects of [Dragon Strength].

His attribute window already quickly changed.

Strength +6! Reaching 17!

Dexterity +4! [Chaotic Battlefield Expert] title added! Reaching a high 25 points!

25 dexterity would give another dexterity threshold specialty, [Uncanny Dodge]!

[Uncanny Dodge]: You are so fast that you seem illusory. Archers are unable to target you. Close range enemies Accuracy -3!

Don’t look down on this "Accuracy -3." With gnolls already having low accuracy, this led to them being completely unable to hit Marvin.

Marvin looked like some kind of ghost inside the gnoll army, appearing and disappearing unpredictably and reaping their lives.

He looked like a true fighter, and any slash of his blade would be as simple as cutting a watermelon!

But fighters didn’t have such a frightening attack speed!

Gru predicted that Masked Twin Blades would have the time to attack three times during the time he attacked once.

And only with that abnormal strength could he fight alone against sixty gnolls and a Sorcerer!

As the adventurers were resisting the gnolls attack, their mind was completely focused on Masked Twin Blades’ side.

Anna said it would be fine, and this was a great show.

A ranger was actually able to fight like that?

They might not see anything like that in their whole life!

They had this feeling: ‘Maybe that Masked Twin Blades could reverse the situation with his own strength!’

Marvin had already killed one third of the gnolls in just a minute of fighting!

Over 20! Dead from his efficient attacks!

And Marvin himself didn’t receive a single cut!

This kind of achievement, no one would believe it!

"Hey… Ivan, you are a ranger too, right?"

A member of the Bramble team couldn’t help but poke one of his teammates next to him. The latter speechlessly mumbled, "I am… Definitely a ranger."

"But are you sure that Masked guy is also a ranger?"

Everyone remained silent.

These low level adventurers had never encountered a kind of high-end potion like Dragon Strength. After all, Marvin had to risk his life in the dangerous scarlet monastery to steal this thing.

As for the garrison, they didn’t think of it that much, but it did raise their morale!

Masked Twin Blades had already led them to avenge their Old Lord’s killer, Miller. Now they firmly believed he could once again lead them to success.


In the battlefield, Marvin was moving like the wind, even a lot faster than the mutated aardwolves.

The gnoll Sorcerer overseeing the battle was also stunned.

He roared several times, and the adjutant on the mutated aardwolf brandished a thick wooden club, gnarling his way over.

‘Courting death? Let me first get rid of a big one.’

‘The potion lasts for 10 minutes anyway, so exterminating this pack of gnolls isn’t an issue!’ Marvin sneered.

He sprinted, his whole body looking as if he were flying.

"Bang! Bang!"

He leapt high in the air and stepped on the head of two gnolls caught by surprise, adjusting his body in a flash.

This was why Marvin loved this kind of class!

Once dexterity reached a high level, you could move like a wuxia character.

He didn’t really pay much attention to those gnoll fighters.

His body was gliding in the air for a moment, when he suddenly threw something with his right hand!

Wishful Rope!

Marvin chanted the incantation and the wishful rope tied itself around the adjutant’s right hand!

Marvin gave a sharp pull!

The gnoll adjutant’s strength was still quite good, managing to stay stable by using the help of the mutated aardwolf.

But it didn’t matter!

Marvin quickly chanted another incantation and the rope abruptly shrunk. He avoided two arrows and ruthlessly threw himself toward that gnoll adjutant!

The adjutant was also decisive. His right hand was bound by the wishful rope, so he released the reins with his left hand and took out a dagger from his waist before ruthlessly thrusting it toward Marvin!

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