Mystical Journey

Chapter 1150 - Resolution 2

Chapter 1150: Resolution 2

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“Go to sleep… Go to sleep…”

His voice was almost like a magical chant. It seemed to have an irresistible hypnotizing effect. In an instant, the girl’s eyes closed, as she passed out onto the ground.

At this moment, the surroundings had already been silently covered with a spherical film. The townsfolk outside did not seem to notice a thing as they continued on with their daily lives.

Garen placed his hand on top of the girl’s head without any hesitation.

She was an average person, there was not a trace of willpower on her body at all. There was no way she could fend against his Regent Level willpower memory search. However, it was exactly due to the fact that the difference in power between them was so huge, this kind of search was completely unresisted, and it would not do any harm to the girl as well.

After a brief moment, images of the girl’s memories start flowing out from her brain.

Scenes from her memory start continuously playing one-by-one in Garen’s mind. All of her memories, all the way back to when she first opened her eyes as a newborn were recorded down.

Celine raised her with what seemed like a gentle guy. However, not long after she was born, the guy had died. A bit later, when she was six years old, Celine went out for an errand and never returned.

After a few days, someone found Celine’s unrecognizable corpse in a ravine in the wilderness.

What followed was suffering, despair, and depression. When the girl participated in the funeral, she was alone, without any relatives, living on with only the occasional help offered by some of the kind people in the town. Luckily, Celine had left a fortune enough for her lifetime. Every day, she would go to school in town for her classes, then return home to revise her homework and read. She desperately wanted to leave this place and find out about the truth behind Celine’s death. At the same time, she never forgot to continue on her Celine’s ideals – to keep getting stronger! Until no one can stop her!

This was all of the contents of her memories. For a sixteen-year-old’s memories, it would only take Garen a short couple of minutes to finish viewing the entire thing.

“Was she murdered?” Garen frowned. Using his Energy Machine Imprint, he rapidly input a command to send an order. His message was sent instantly over an immeasurable distance, reaching the Scarlet Snow Alliance headquarters.

A huge Alliance Databank suddenly popped up. It was a collaborative effort between the huge forces network and other information networks.

After having the rough direction and narrowing down the search with more precise details, similar information could then be easily searched up.

Almost instantaneously, everything regarding Celine’s murder case appeared inside Garen’s imprint.

For some unknown reason, Celine had left the Energy Machinist forces’ radar, leaving the populated and bustling regions. Posing as an average mech pilot, she continued to live in seclusion. She later found herself an average man to marry. All these made it almost as though she was hiding something. She was later violently assaulted by an outsider pilot, seemingly due to an internal dispute caused by an uneven loot distribution when they banded together to explore an ancient ruin.

Due to her qualifications, countless coincidences, and other factors, before her death, Celine was still only a mech pilot who barely attained the Inherited Level. Her side as an Energy Machinist seemed to have less desirable results as compared to her mech pilot achievements; it seemed like she had given up on it.

Despite the strength that she accumulated over her entire lifetime, at the very end, she died without a trace in this small town.

To be honest, Garen had also understood, Celine was nothing more than a so-called genius only within the Blackboard Region. In the wider scope of things, she was not anything extraordinary. To be able to reach the Inherited Level was already a feat worth commending, that was the extent of growth a lot of these so-called geniuses and elites could achieve. To continue on, what they needed were not more qualifications, but rather, the appropriate temperaments, coincidences, and countless other factors.

“Find the murderer’s location,” Garen directly ordered.

“Understood,” The Scarlet Snow Alliance’s Quantum Communications replied.

Garen regained his focus as he looked at the young girl in front of him. Reaching his hand out, he lightly pinched her cheeks. It was soft and smooth, but also slightly cold.

“Who would’ve thought that she died…”

Originally, he planned to find out the truth. However, it seemed like he had no choice but to bury the hatchet. What happened to Celine back then was a question forever left unsolved, where only the late Celine had the answer.

In the end, did she betray Garen, was she forced to do it, was it another person disguised as her, or was it something else? Everything remained a mystery…

A reply from the Scarlet Snow Alliance was received a moment later.


Garen’s silhouette instantaneously disappeared from the girl’s location.

As he reappeared, he was facing a strangely busy pub. It was dark and noisy, with multiple boys and girls twisting their bodies to the music. Their clothing was either very sexy or very enchanting.

Garen looked past the crowd and saw a group of carefree-looking boys and girls. These people had their legs crossed across the table. Some were smoking, while others were drinking. They seemed to be playing some sort of game.

There was also another person on the other side playing with his phone. With the bright screen shining on his face, he looked as pale as a ghost.

Garen carefully identified these group of people. He also looked down at his current clothing and appearance. He was in an extremely sexy outfit, with perky breasts jiggling all about. He was even wearing a white miniskirt with a black pantyhose, his long blonde hair going over his shoulder.

At that point, Garen did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Even for reconnaissance investigators from the Scarlet Snow Alliance, to dress up to this extent is going a bit overboard…

He directly used Dream Weaving, landing in this Scarlet Snow Alliance member’s body that was currently high from an acid trip. (TL Note: The original words were ‘嗑药’ which meant “taking drugs” or “popping pills”, and ‘迷迷糊糊’ which meant “blurry”. They were changed to “tripping acid” and “getting high” as it is more localized and suitable for the context.) However, he did not expect the target to be a girl, much less someone in such an erotic outfit.

Casually using the energy field condensation to form a makeshift black cloak, Garen walked towards the table with the people he identified earlier.

A black shadow from underneath Garen’s feet silently shot towards the group.


The shadow suddenly split into a few strands, fading under the target group’s feet.

After a moment, they all started to wobble about before collapsing onto the table.


Suddenly, their skulls all simultaneously burst open like an exploding watermelon.

Aaaah! Aaaah!

Almost immediately, the entire pub burst into screams. The people nearby were startled by what had just happened, causing them to run away in panic. The people who were a distance away were completely oblivious of what had just happened, as they continue to twist the bodies to the music, enjoying themselves to the fullest.

With the sudden frenzied movement of the people, the pub turned into a chaotic mess.

Garen turned around and left the scene, taking off his black cloak in the process.


In a flash, his sight returned to outside the pub. He was now in the body of a small boy, quietly taking a nap in his mother’s embrace.

Garen slowly opened his eyes, silently watching the chaos unfold within the pub.

This was his Dream Weaving Possession. As long as it was within his range, anyone asleep or without a clear consciousness could not escape from having their fates controlled by Garen.

As his distance with the pub grew larger, while still possessing the small boy, he once again closed his eyes.


Countless rainbow-colored strips zoomed past his two sides. It looked like a liquid rainbow, continuously flowing past him, emitting all sorts of colors.

This was a rainbow-like circular tunnel. It was extremely long, almost feeling as if it was endless.

Garen’s body was weaving through the tunnel, flipping about. This tunnel seemed to be indestructible. He had attempted many times in the past, using various different methods, but he still did not manage to break this dream world tunnel.

He could only use it as a medium, entering different individuals’ dreams.

A light suddenly flashed in front of his eyes.

As he opened his eyes, he was in a dense cemetery in the wilderness. No one was taking care of the place, some of the crosses on the tombstones was already started to tilt or break due to nature’s wear and tear.

Garen’s current body was stood in front of a black tombstone, the words engraved on it had already started to fade away.

However, he could still vaguely make out the word “Celine” written on it.

This body that Garen possessed belonged to a Scarlet Snow Alliance member. When Garen left, the body owner would automatically move accordingly the orders given by the Scarlet Snow Alliance.

Squatting down, Garen gently placed the bouquet of white flowers in front of the tombstone.

Time was almost up for his current trip out… He needed to quickly resolve the trouble. Garen originally planned on staying a bit longer over here. However, he could only regretfully look at Celine’s tomb as he let out a sigh.

“Looks like, the truth behind everything will have to be left for Lonnie to eventually unravel…”


With a flash in his eyes, he once again entered into the dream world.


At a huge white waterfall, large amounts of lake water flowed down the waterfall, forming what looked like a stretching of shining white silk. The downflow of water caused a huge white splash, creating an amazingly majestic sight.

The Great Diamond Waterfall, it was one of the Finite Central Star Region’s most famous tourist attraction.

From a bird-eyes’ view, the entire waterfall formed a semi-circular arc shape. The waterfall had two sides; on the left was a green lake that was as flat as a mirror, while on the right was this majestic white waterfall.

The white clouds in the sky drifted with the wind. At the center of this bright blue sky, a golden star gently showered the place in warm sunlight, warming up the coolness from the splashes of water.


Amidst the continuous gushing of the waterfall, at the center of the waterfall, a white-shirted man sat on top of a black rock silently fishing.

Both his hands held onto his long white fishing pole, allowing his fishing line to be pulled tight by the rushing current. His face showed no emotion.

Sitting alone at the center of this thousand-meter-long waterfall, this place was charged with various twisted magnetic fields and radiation, not even an average Inherited Level Mech Pilot would dare to fly pass the airspace above. However, the white-shirted man seemed to show no concern at all as he continued to silently sit atop this black rock as if he was waiting to get a bite. However, at the same time, it seemed that he was also awaiting something else.

It was at this moment, on the other side of the waterfall, a silhouette in a black cloak slowly stepped into the waterfall. Carefully treading the boundaries in between the white waterfall and the green lake, the black cloak seemed to be completely unaffected by the water currents. He was just carefreely walking through the water, casually allowing the water to flow past his shins. He slowly made his way towards the white-shirted man.

Not far away, the large water splashes had caused a lot of water vapor to be propelled into the air, forming a rainbow under the sunrays.

The black cloak continuously made his way toward the white-shirted man, completely unaffected by the radiation or the magnetic field, and he finally stopped when he had reached the white-shirted man.

“After searching for you for so many years, I never would have expected that you would be in a place like this,” Removing the cloak, Garen’s face was revealed. “It’s time for payback.”

Behind Garen, a brown, Middle Aged-style sailboat slowly floated up, drifting in the air towards afar. That was the tourist sightseeing boat over here. On the boat, one could vaguely see a group of people looking over at their direction, screaming in confusion. No one had thought there would still be anyone who dared to enter this place.

The white-shirted man slowly stood up from the black rock.

Turning over, the man had a completely cold and emotionless face. His eyes were almost like a pair of white stones, completely matt, devoid of any sense of life.

“Your action holds no meaning,” His voice was dry and coarse, as though he had not said anything for a long time.

“Light of Justice, former Light of Freedom, the so-called strongest Star Emperor Perpetual Motioner, Chinande,” Garen stared straight into his eyes. “Tell me your true identity.”

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