My Master Disconnected Yet Again

Chapter 122 - Ascending Three Stages

Chapter 122: Ascending Three Stages

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“My wife used up all the energy she had to give birth to him. That is why he takes my wife’s last name,” Bao Feiping explained, thinking that Lonemoon was upset about Little An taking his mother’s last name. “Fellow Immortal Yi Qing may give him another name if he so pleases. after all, from this day on, he’s your sect’s-”

“No!” Lonemoon interrupted before he could finish speaking.

“What?” The two men from the Bao family stared at Lonemoon incredulously. “You don’t have to give him another name-”

“No! I mean he cannot become Yi Qing’s disciple!” Lonemoon said angrily. In a most serious tone, he said, “And he cannot join Invincible Sect. Certainly not!”

“… Why?” Bao Feiping was shocked. Did he not agree just awhile ago?

“Because… be…” Lonemoon struggled to find the right words His usual glib tongue seemed to lose its effect as he thought long and hard about what to say next. “My sect… is full at the moment!”

“Ah!?” What does he mean?

“Er, I mean…” he regained his composure and glanced at Yi Qing. “Yi Qing is the one whom you are asking. Let’s see how he decides. Right, Chef?” He turned and shot a meaningful look at Yi Qing, which said: I will not give you your food allowance for a year if you agree!

Yi Qing: “…”

Bao Feiping: “…”

Didn’t Lonemoon say he could decide for Yi Qing?

“Fellow Immortal Yi?” The two of them turned to Yi Qing.

Yi Qing studied the child standing in front of him, who shared much the same fate as he did. He was moved. “It’s not impossible for me to take him as my disciple.”

Lonemoon’s heart jumped. He cursed under his breath. “Chef….” Watch what you’re saying!

But he heard Yi Qing continue, “But I am not yet an expert. I am still learning under my own master. I have to ask…” He turned to face Shen Ying fully and said, “Master, I-”

“No!” Shen Ying interrupted.

Yi Qing turned to the men and repeated, “No!”

The two men: “….” What happened to helping each other out?

“City Lord, Exalted Immortal, we have urgent matters to attend to back at my sect. Since your child is fine, we will take our leave!” Lonemoon tugged at Yi Qing’s and Shen Ying’s sleeves and turned around to walk out of the abode before either of them could say anything more. With a swoosh of their flying sword, they were gone.

Bao Feiping: “…”

Bao Yi: “….”

What’s the matter?


Lonemoon dragged the two of them out of the house and into the air. He had a disapproving look on his face the entire time. He only stopped when they had reached the bottom of Invincible Sect’s hill..

“I-” Yi Qing began.

“Don’t speak!” Lonemoon cut him off. “I know you pity the child, but you cannot accept him as your disciple! You can accept anyone but him!”


“I know you think I’m being heartless,” Lonemoon said anxiously. He began to pace back and forth. “If he does not train his sword technique, the Primordial Soul Sword Qi might act up again, but… I’m doing this for your good and for the good of our sect. There are some things you might not understand. I will explain to you in time. Who knows? You might end up thanking… Eh?”

“What are you doing!”

Before he could finish speaking, Yi Qing had pushed him aside.

“Get out!” Who cares about the explanation? Just don’t stand between my master and I!

Lonemoon: “…” F*cker!

“Master.” Yi Qing handed over the storage bag hanging from his side and addressed Shen Ying seriously, “I am going to have a breakthrough. I will take a long time this time. This is the food I prepared. You can eat from this bag when you get hungry.”

“Oh, okay!” Shen Ying received the bag.

“A breakthrough?” Lonemoon coughed, rushing toward Yi Qing. “You’ve just ascended, how could you… Wait, your immortal Qi!” On closer inspection, Lonemoon noticed that the immortal Qi surrounding Yi Qing’s body was unbelievably thick and rich – he was only suppressing it.

“Could your immortal Qi be… from the mirror? Didn’t you come out immediately after getting rid of the excess sword Qi? Why…” He hadn’t been in there for more than ten minutes. “How long were you in there for?” Time did work differently inside the mirror.

“A hundred years.”

“You couldn’t have done this in a hundred years…” It would be difficult even to just get rid of the excess sword Qi in a hundred years, wouldn’t it?

“Oh, I was afraid I would stay in there too long and miss my master’s mealtime,” he replied somberly. “So I quickly absorbed all the sword Qi and immortal Qi from inside the mirror.” I just haven’t had the time to incorporate it into my dantian.

“You absorbed it all! Holy shit!” The sword Qi was someone else’s. It was understandably difficult to get rid of it, but he actually kept it and stored it up? And all that immortal Qi came from half an immortal’s meridian. Normal immortals would take at least four to five hundred years to absorb so much immortal Qi, yet he had done so in just a hundred years! He even… freaking suppressed it and delayed his breakthrough.

He’s perverted!

Yi Qing’s expression remained unchanged. The immortal Qi around his body felt like it was going to explode. Clearly, he was not going to be able to suppress it for much longer. He shot another glance at Shen Ying and said, “Master, after I breakthrough, there will be a Heavenly Tribulation. Please do not come near me.”

She nodded. Then, he mounted his flying sword and flew out of Invincible Sect, into a deserted place a few kilometres away.

Indeed, within minutes, there was an explosion of immortal Qi in that area, causing the sky to take on a different colour! The clear sky suddenly became dark. This Heavenly Tribulation looked so different from the Lightning Tribulation they had experienced in the lower realm. The sky split into two halves – half was filled with lightning while the other half was filled with a blazing fire.

Then, a dragon roared. The fire dragon began to fly down from the sky. The land within a few kilometres of the dragon began to dragon caught fire. All the way to Invincible Sect, they could feel the heat from the dragon. It looked like the dragon was going to burn everything on the earth. Suddenly, they understood why Yi Qing had to go so far away to break through.

After the fire dragon descended, they saw bolt after bolt of lightning striking down. Lonemoon raised his head to survey the fire and the lightning. Floaty Bitao had told them about the Heavenly Tribulation before. The immortals that went through this tribulation would have to endure 81 bolts of lightning and 36 shots of wildfire. Lonemoon was envious, but he could not help but feel worried for Yi Qing. The lightning aside, the wildfire looked just as scary as the deviant fire they saw back in the mystic realm. Even with an immortal body, Lonemoon could not see how Yi Qing would be able to endure it.

Most of the disciples of Invincible Sect stopped what they were doing to witness the tribulation. Lonemoon had no choice but to set up a defensive array and instruct everybody not to get too close to Yi Qing.

It was only then that he began to count the shots of wildfire.

34… 35… 36!


Wait a moment!

37… 38… 39… There were more…


Holy shit, weren’t there only supposed to be 36 shots? What’s going on? Is there a sale? Was he getting two for the price of one?

He recalled what happened in the Azure World and turned to look at Shen Ying.

“Shen Ying, are you seeing this?” Is there someone in the heavenly realms messing with the immortal realm as well?

Shen Ying paused midway while munching on a pastry. She shook her head and answered, “No!”

“No, why are there…”

Wait a moment!

There were 36 shots of wildfire if he was breaking through one stage. There are more than 36 hots this time. If it’s not because heaven had made a mistake, it must be… Yi Qing is breaking through not one, but two stages. Was he going to become a Mystic Immortal immediately?

Lonemoon’s heart began to race.

He continued counting the shots of wildfire. 70… 71… 72…


73… 74…

( ̄△̄;)

There were a total of 108 shots of wildfire before it finally stopped.

Lonemoon: “…”

Motherf*cker! They’re a bunch of cheats!


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