My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 47: Roses Shattered All Over the Ground

Chapter 47: Roses Shattered All Over the Ground

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"Brother Feng, I am saying this for your own good. The Chen Family is one of the four largest families in the Eastern Sea City, owning billions in asset and is several times the size of the Ice Snow Corporation. If you destroy his roses, your legs would be broken by him."

Thinking of how horrible Young Master Chen was, Hao Luo shuddered and whispered.

Brother Feng was his most respected brother. He did not want to see his legs broken.

"Fatty, aren’t we employees of the Ice Snow Corporation?"

"Yes, Brother Feng."

"That's right, this Young Master Chen dares to chase our president. Shouldn’t we punish him as employees of the corporation?"

"Brother Feng, what does Young Master Chen chasing our CEO have to do with us?"

Hao Luo squeezed his small eyes, confused and puzzled.

CEO Xue Lin was the top beauty in Eastern Sea City. It’s very normal to have pursuers. Why would Brother Li get angry?

"Fatty, that Young Master Chen must be ugly. How can we let a flower like CEO be stuck in this ugly pile of s**t?"

Qingfeng Li patted on Hao Luo's shoulder, and said meaningfully.

"Whether Young Master Chen is handsome or not has nothing to do with us still…"

"Fatty, give me a word. Smash these roses or not? If you’re not joining me, even if Young Master Chen gives me a hard time, I’ll undertake it on my own."

Qingfeng Li decided that if Hao Luo didn’t do with him, he would smash them himself.

"Brother Li, what are you talking about. Though Young Master Chen is capable, you are my bro. If you say it, we’ll do it. At the worst, I’ll have broken legs with you."

Seeing that Qingfeng Li was a bit angry, Hao Luo decided to take the risk, doing it with his Brother Li.

Brother Feng was the one who helped him in his hardest time and when he was laughed at. Even though this may break his legs, he was determined to help Brother Feng.

"Fatty, you're a good bro. Let’s go smashing these roses."

Qingfeng Li waved his hand and walked towards the roses with Hao Luo.

Boom boom…

Qingfeng Li picked up a rose and smashed it on the ground fiercely and trod on the beautiful roses.

Fatty also learned Brother Li's technique, stepping on those roses fiercely.

"F*ck, who are those two guys, the dare to tread on Young Master Chen’s roses?"

"These two people are insane. Daring to offend Young Master Chen. They don’t want to live."

"Hey, I know these two people. They are employees of the Ice Snow Corporation."

People around were abuzz. Some people recognized the identity of the two. Their faces were full of shock.

Is the staff of Ice Snow Corporation crazy? Why are they treading on Young Master Chen’s roses?

Meanwhile. Ice Snow Corporation, CEO office.

Xue Lin’s face was cold and beautiful, her skin snow white and figure graceful. She sat on the chair, with coldness all over her face.

Across from her was a handsome young man who was looking at her with passion.

To be honest, this young man was very handsome. He had a high nose line, clear outlines, and slender figure while wearing an Armani suit and Vacheron watch. Apparently, he was a handsome and rich second generation of the wealthy.

This young man is Young Master Chen. He was not only not ugly but very handsome.

"Little Xue, I want to invite you for dinner tonight, may I?"

Young Master Chen smiled faintly, showing a gentleman-like smile.

"I’m not available."

Xue Lin was handling documents with her face down, indifference written all over her face. She didn’t look at him at all. "She really is an Ice Snow Goddess. Very cold."

Young Master Chen sighed, but the fire in his eyes grew stronger.

The colder the woman, the more charming she was. Winning over this woman will bring a greater sense of achievement.

"Little Xue, at least we went to the same university. Just give me a chance."

"Young Master Chen, do not call me little Xue. Please have some self-respect."

"Well, I’ll call you Xue Lin. I want to show you something. Come here to the window."

Young Master Chen smiled faintly and asked Xue Lin to come to the window. He had put 999 roses at the entrance of the building in a heart shape. She could see it through the window.

Women were romantic and favor beautiful things. He wanted to win Xue Lin over through these heart-shaped roses.

"Sorry, I’m not free."

Xue Lin lowered her head and didn’t look at him at all. A touch of slight anger flashed in Young Master Chen’s eyes but was soon concealed.

"Xue Lin, just take a glance by the window. I’ll agree to cooperate with your company."

"Young Master Chen, is what you’re saying for real?"

"Of course it's true, it's a 30 million big project. Several companies want to work with us, and I'm still hesitating now."

"Well, I'll take a look out the window."

Finally, Xue Lin raised her head, stood up and decided to take a look out of the window.

Her company recently encountered difficulties, going through the suppression of several other corporations. Xue Lin and Chen’s Corporation were negotiating a 30 million big project, but Chen’s corporation hadn’t responded, which made her very stressed.

Now, Young Master Chen of the Chen’s Corporation finally showed some sign of compromise. She saw a glimmer of hope.

"Xue Lin, look. I’ve placed 999 roses downstairs for you to…"

Pointing at the roses downstairs through the window, Young Master Chen said to Xue Lin. When he was ready to say "confess to you", his face changed, and the words choked in his throat.

His 999 roses were all thrown to the ground and trodden on, petals scattered all over the ground.

"My roses."

Young Master Chen roared in a low voice, his face turning livid.

He planned to use these roses to confess to Xue Lin. Now they were all broken. How could he confess now?

"Young Master Chen, are you asking me to see those broken roses?"

Xue Lin’s face revealed a strange look, looking at Young Master Chen with amusement.

In fact, Xue Lin was startled seeing those roses. Roses were a symbol of love. Normally men will send roses when they pursue women.

Xue Lin was very afraid in her heart. She feared Young Master Chen would confess to her the next moment. She did not know what to do then.

Why so? Because once Xue Lin rejected Young Master Chen, the cooperation between the Ice Snow Corporation and Young Master Chen company would be in jeopardy. Now that the roses were treaded, Young Master Chen certainly couldn’t confess, which did her a great favor.

"Who trod on those roses? Well done!"

Xue Lin praised in her heart but pretended to feel nothing on her indifferent beautiful face. Because she saw Young Master Chen was on the brink of going mad.

"Who, who exactly trod on my roses? I’ll break his legs!"

Young Master Chen look ferocious. His tone had a cold murderous feeling.

"Xue Lin, I’ll go and see what’s going on down there."

Young Master Chen’s face was livid as he explained to Xue Lin and went downstairs.

He wanted to see who the hell dared to tread on his roses. He wanted that person to know that offending him would pay the price in blood.

"Crap. The guy who treaded on my roses is going to suffer."

Seeing Young Master Chen walking downstairs with a face full of murderous intention, a touch of worry appeared on Xue Lin’s cold and pretty face. .

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