My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 242: Surging Murderous Intent

Chapter 242: Surging Murderous Intent

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What? It was not Xue Lin's voice! It was a man’s voice! Qingfeng Li’s face was downcast and then he realized that things might have gone terribly wrong.

That was Xue Lin’s phone, why did a man pick it up?

Wait, that man sounded familiar, Qingfeng Li remembered hearing that somewhere before. Oh yes, that was Tiger King! He remembered all of a sudden that the voice over the phone was from Tiger King.

How did the Tiger King have Xue Lin’s phone?

Qingfeng Li paled as he realized things went wrong, so he asked in a serious tone, "Why do you have Xue Lin’s phone, Tiger King?"

"I have your wife with me now, of course I have her phone, Wolf King."

"You kidnapped Xue Lin?"

"You are right. Your wife is pretty ... it would be a pity if such a beauty dies."

"I am warning you Tiger King, if you dare to touch her, I will kill you for sure," said Qingfeng Li with a cruel voice as a surge of murderous intent was rushing out of him.

The murderous atmosphere around him was so intense that it cooled down the entire room. Bernard and all the other people were terrified as if they were facing a death god.

"I will be waiting for you in Chen’s Hot Spring Villa, Wolf King. Be ready to bury her dead body if you don’t show up within one day."

Tiger King hung up the phone as soon as he finished his words.

Qingfeng Li tried to call back several times, but the phone just remained unavailable, which made an intense anger grow stronger and stronger in his heart.

Damn you Tiger King, how dare you kidnap my wife. There was a fierce fire starting in Qingfeng Li’s heart, all he wanted at the moment was to rip off the Tiger King's head.

"Bernard, my wife was kidnapped by Tiger King. Can you please arrange me a plane, I need to fly back to Eastern Sea City right now," said Qingfeng Li in a cold voice. Only cool hatred could be seen on his face.

"Ok, your highness. I will contact Paris Airline immediately and ask them to arrange a flight for you." Bernard knew this was urgent, thus he called the airline company right away.

Bernard was a billionaire in France, owning countless pieces of wealth. He also had shares in Paris Airline and therefore was able to book a private flight to Eastern Sea City directly with a short amount of time.

Bernard then drove Qingfeng Li to Paris International Airport in person. Qingfeng Li was in such a rush that he got on the Boeing 747 hastily without saying goodbye to Bernard.

There was no doubt with Bernard’s power and influence in France, it took him no effort to schedule a private flight for Qingfeng Li. The entire plane was reserved for him.

Qingfeng was staring at the clouds outside the airplane, but his heart was tied tight with Xue Lin.

He was afraid that anything terrible would happen to Xue Lin. If that was the case, he would never forgive himself, he would spend the rest of his life blaming himself. He knew the reason she got kidnapped was him. It was his fault. The Tiger King was his enemy, but he didn't expect Xue Lin to get involved.

Meanwhile, in Chen’s Hot Spring Villa.

The Hot Spring Villa was located at about halfway up to the mountain, on which was built a huge house that took up one thousand square meters of land. In front of the house, there was an immense hot spring.

Xue Lin was tied down and hung from a beam with an explosive strapped to her body.

Her face was dreadfully pale, as she had been hanged there for a day. She was tired and starving, and her eyes were full of deadness and stillness.

She felt that she couldn’t make it any longer. She missed Qingfeng Li so much that all she could wish was to see him before she died.

Under the beam were Tiger King, Panther King, Rat King and Haiyang Chen, who was sitting on the couch enjoying some nice drinks.

"Your highness Tiger King, why don't you let me take a bit advantage of Xue Lin?" asked Haiyang Chen, as he was turning his flattering face toward Tiger King.

After hearing that, Tiger King took a cold glance at Haiyang Chen, said, "You just heard what Xue Lin said, if you dare touch her, she will commit suicide by biting off her tongue. How can we tempt the Wolf King if Xue Lin is dead?"

The Wolf King was the biggest enemy of the Tiger King. If he wanted to kill the Wolf King, then Xue Lin was the perfect bait. He couldn’t lose the chance to end his enemy and therefore, he would not allow Haiyang Chen to touch her.

Haiyang Chen didn’t feel reconciled to what Tiger King said, but he understood that the most important thing at the moment was to kill Qingfeng Li.

"Haiyang Chen, the Wolf King can be here at any minute. It is better for you just go home and hide since you will just be a hindrance." said the Tiger King, after shooting a glance at him.

He knew that Haiyang Chen was just an ordinary person who lacked the strength to do anything. It was useless keeping him here. Since Xue Lin was here already, there would be nothing for him to do now.

"Fine, I’m going back home now. I wish you success in one shot." Haiyang Chen turned around and left, after conveying his wishes.

To be honest, Haiyang Chen was not willing to stay here. He could already foresee a ferocious battle once the Wolf King showed up. He knew nothing about fighting so wouldn't that be ridiculous if he got killed during their fight?

Haiyang Chen rushed to the Chen Family in Eastern Sea City after he left the Hot Spring Villa. He found a safe place to hide so now it was time to wait for the good news of the Wolf King being killed.

He highly believed that Qingfeng Li would be killed if he was under attack by the Tiger King, Panther King and Rat King all at once. It was time for him to die.

Twelve hours later.

The Boeing 747 landed in Eastern Sea International Airport. Qingfeng Li got out off the plane in a hurry, called a taxi and headed to Chen’s Hot Spring Villa.

Tiger King told him that Xue Lin was at Chen’s Hot Spring Villa so he was going there first without a doubt.

It was eight o’clock in the morning when Qingfeng Li arrived at the Hot Spring Villa. He ran halfway up the mountain.

The villa took up an enormous amount of land, up to four or five thousand square meters. Standing in front of him was a two-meter high golden door.


With a loud banging noise, the two-meter high door was kicked open by Qingfeng Li. He even left a big hole on that golden door, from which it could be told how powerful he was.

"Hahaha, the Wolf King is here." Tiger King and the others looked straight into each other’s eyes and all they saw was excitement.

The three of them had been planning this for such a long time, and here came the moment. They had to kill Wolf King and seize the honorable throne.

Qingfeng Li’s face turned down when he entered the lobby of the villa, as he saw Xue Lin was tied and hanged from the beam. Her adorable face became pale and inanimate because she had not had any food or water for a long time.

It hurt Qingfeng Li a lot seeing how pale and weak Xue Lin was. Anger suddenly coursed through his veins, and the temperature in the room seemed to rise as a murderous radiation came out of Qingfeng Li. Anyone who tried to stop him would end up dead today.

"Are you alright honey, I'm here to get you back." Qingfeng Li shouted. His priority was to ensure Xue Lin was safe.

Xue Lin opened her eyes as she heard Qingfeng Li’s voice. Her eyes lit up when she saw her husband had shown up in the room.

However, her face was downcast again remembering that there were three masters in the room and she was strapped with explosives.

"This is a trap, get out of here right now." Xue Lin screamed, her eyes were full of concern. She never wanted to see him get killed here.

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