My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 225: Shopping with the Wife

Chapter 225: Shopping with the Wife

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Clothes shopping?

Qingfeng was dazed for a moment. He was puzzled. His clothes were good and comfortable. Why did he need to buy new ones?

"Honey, I think the camouflage uniform is great. Why do I need new clothes?" Qingfeng asked with a frown. He used to wear a camouflage uniform when he was in Africa. He was already used to wearing the uniform.

He often needed to battle outdoors in the desert or jungle. In the jungle, the camouflage uniform was a natural camouflage that was difficult to be spotted by the enemy.

Of course, the camouflage uniform was very useful in the jungles of Africa. But did not fit well with this city. Qingfeng discovered that no one other than him wore a camouflage uniform.

"Dear, there is a Red Wine Banquet tonight so you need a new set of clothes." Xue Lin could tell that he did not want to change his clothes so she told him the news of the Wine Banquet.

"I did not change when we went to the Charity banquet last time. Why do I need to change this time?" Qingfeng asked with a frown. He was reluctant to change.

"The Red Wine Banquet is more formal. There will be people from France and Denmark attending. We will be dancing at the Banquet too. Do you want to dance with me in a camouflage uniform?"

"Dance, you mean I can dance with you at the Red Wine Banquet?" Qingfeng became excited.

Dancing was a sweet event. Why? It was an opportunity for men to take advantage of women in broad daylight. He had yet to dance with Xue Lin.

"Ok, let us go and shop for clothes." To dance with Xue Lin, Qingfeng decided to buy a new set of clothes and change out of his uniform.

After all, he needed a formal set of clothes to dance. It would be best to find a suit. It would be too unsightly to dance in a camo uniform.

Xue Lin let out a sigh of relief when Qingfeng agreed to go clothes shopping. A flash of happiness appeared on her face.

The two left the mansion. Xue Lin drove the BMW and the two headed towards Tian Hua City Plaza.

Tian Hua City Plaza was situated downtown and the most prosperous plaza in the City. There were many domestic and international designer brands in the mall.

30 minutes later, Xue Lin’s BMW arrived at Tian Hua City Plaza. She parked the car in the parking lot and walked towards the mall with Qingfeng.

Tian Hua Mall was the biggest mall of Tian Hua City Plaza. It had a wide variety of products.

Qingfeng had shopped at Tian Hua Mall with Xue Lin previously. That time they had tasted the fruit salad on the fifth floor. This time they were here to shop for clothes.

There were clothing stores on the entire third floor of Tian Hua Mall with more than a thousand storefronts.

Qingfeng was dazed once he was inside. There were domestic brands such as K-Boxing, Seven Brand, Septwolves, Tries, and international brands such as Donna Karan, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace etc.

There were many boutiques. Many boutiques only sold a single type of clothing but there were many different styles to choose from.

"Dear, which brand would you like?" Xue Lin asked.

Even though she was shopping for Qingfeng, but she deeply respected Qingfeng’s opinion. She was only here to pay, Qingfeng was the once deciding the brand.

"Let us buy from Septwolves," Qingfeng said with a light smile.

Even though brands such like Donna Karan, Chanel, Versace etc. were more famous, he liked Septwolves more.

He was the Wolf King of Africa and had a natural affection for wolves. Naturally, he selected the Septwolves.

The third floor was divided into the East Hall, West Hall, South Hall, North Hall. The stores were numbered 1,2,3,4…

Qingfeng led Xue Lin to South Hall Store # 18. The store sold Septwolves clothing.

There were many clothes displayed in the store. There were suits, jackets, casual wear and down jackets.

The boss of the store was a middle-aged man in his forties. He had a slight potbelly and was slightly fat. It could not be helped, it was the same for all middle-aged men -- One’s body would start to become fat when they sat around and rarely exercised.

A flash of disdain appeared in the fat boss’s eyes when he saw the camo uniform Qingfeng wore. He sold clothes so he naturally knew the cameo uniform was only worth 20 Yuan at most.

The clothes nowadays were all hundreds of Yuan or even thousands of Yuan. It was rare for someone to wear a cameo uniform that cost twenty Yuan.

From the dozen years of experience of the fat boss, he determined that the young man was a broke man. Thus, he did not budge from his seat and did not great Qingfeng.

Of course, there was also a girl in her twenties at the front. The girl was quite pretty and clearly an employee of the fat boss.

The girl was sensible and did not judge one by their appearances. She quickly walked towards them when she saw Qingfeng walking into the store.

"Hi sir, you can take a look around, Septwolves has great clothes," The girl said to Qingfeng with a light smile.

"I will take a look around," Qingfeng said to the girl.

The store was very big, it was about a hundred square meters. There were all kinds of clothes in the store. He wanted to look around first.

Qingfeng did not look at the jackets or down jackets. He walked with Xue Lin towards the suit area.

There were many kinds and colors of suits here. There was suits in black, white, blue, light blue etc.

Of course, the suits were all price differently. There were suits priced at 558, 668, 888, 1188 and 1888 Yuan.

8 was a lucky number and had a meaning of prosperity. Thus, many stores listed their clothes with the number 8 for prosperity.

"I would like to see the light blue suit please," Qingfeng said to the girl as he pointed to the light blue suit on the shelf.

The light blue suit was a beautiful color and the style was what he liked.

The girl smiled lightly and was about to bring the light blue suit when the fat boss said, "Xiao Jing, I have told you many times. The light blue suit is quite expensive, do not take it out easily."

Xiao Jing’s expression changed when she heard the boss’s words. She said, "But boss, this gentleman would like to look at it."

"Hmph, he wants to look at it? He is wearing a cameo uniform that costs 20 Yuan. You can tell he is a broke guy. Even if you bring it to him, he wouldn’t be able to afford it." The fat boss said mockingly.

Qingfeng frowned. A flash of anger appeared in his eyes. The words of the fat boss were very insulting.

"How do you know I can’t afford this suit?" Qingfeng ask the fat boss coldly.

"This suit costs 1888 Yuan. How can you afford it?" The fat boss looked at Qingfeng with disdain. He did not respect Qingfeng at all.

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