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Chapter 223: Jiaojiao Cried

Chapter 223: Jiaojiao Cried

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"Let me go, you bastard." said Kun Wang angrily, as his face was stepped on by Qingfeng Li.

Just imagine how embarrassing it would be if someone’s face is stepped on in public, not to mention if that person was Kun Wang, who was the leader among all the bullies in the Wild Bar. Now he just humiliated himself in front of all the thugs as well as the customers in the bar.

He knew clearly that he would be a joke among all the people from now on. The thought of being mocked by others turned Kun Wang’s face purple with rage. He stared at Qingfeng Li with anger, wishing that he could rip Qingfeng Li into pieces.

"Seems like you hate me a lot. " Qingfeng Li asked coldly after seeing the resentment in Kun Wang’s eyes.

"You piece of shit, I will break your arms and legs for sure, make you so paralyzed that you will just wish you could die," said Kun Wang emotionlessly with a vicious tone.

Qingfeng Li laughed after hearing the wicked words from Kun Wang, he said with a sense of relief, "Well, I will never show any mercy to my enemy. I would have killed you, but that seems too easy for you. Then just like what you said, I am going to break your arms and legs and leave you paralyzed. "

Qingfeng Li lifted his right leg and trod Kun Wang’s right arm under his foot.

Kun Wang’s right arm got broken with a sound of a crack, exposing the creepy bones underneath.

"AH!", Kun Wang uttered a miserable scream and his face turned pale immediately. The pain was way beyond what he could take.

Fear showed up in Kun Wang’s eyes when he saw the distant look on Qingfeng Li’s face. Now that he knew the young guy standing in front of him did have the guts to break his arms and legs, he got scared, he got frightened.

"My father is the leader of Ferocious Tiger Clan, he will not let you survive if he knows you broke my arms." Kun Wang threatened while trying to hold the extreme pain in his arm.

Ferocious Tiger Clan?

This name seemed so familiar to Qingfeng Li, his eyebrows twitched into a frown as he was trying to figure it out. He realized after a moment that on his snowscape trip with Ruyan Liu, they were harassed by the Ferocious Tiger Clan on the mountain, and those guys were killed by Qingfeng Li because of that.

Later he learned that Ferocious Tiger Clan was the head among all the underground forces in Eastern Sea City, due to their enormous amount of members and solid combat power. But Qingfeng Li would not count them as much however strong the clan was.

All he knew was, no matter it was the fierce tiger or the dangerous lion, if anything offended him, he would destroy it.

With another crack sound, Qingfeng Li lifted his right leg and broke the left arm of Kun Wang, and said in a domineering voice, "If your father dares to look for any trouble, I will end his life."

"Holy shit, who the hell is this guy? He really has some balls, being not even scared of the Ferocious Tiger Clan?"

"Yeah, isn’t he retarded? "

"You are retarded, didn’t you see what he did? He must be some tough guy! Otherwise he would not be able to beat up dozens of bullies by himself."

The crowd in the bar started talking widely about what just happened, they looked toward Qingfeng Li with their eyes full of shock.

The sound of cracks continued.

After breaking Kun Wang’s both arms, Qingfeng Li used his right leg one more time to break Kun Wang’s legs.

Kun Wang’s arms and legs were all broken by Qingfeng Li at this moment, his entire body was twisted and out of shape. It was deplorable to see the bones shattered and left out. Kun Wang was passed out already, but his body was still twitching because of the pain.

"Let’s go, Jiaojiao. " Qingfeng Li grabbed her hand and left the Wild Bar, without even having a look at the fainted Kun Wang.

People around all gave their way to him immediately, staring at him with fear.

He was a werewolf, nobody could ever offend him. All the people thought the same at this time.

It was midnight, the wintry air swirled around them, trying to take every lick of warmth it could.


As soon as Jiaojiao Liu left the bar, the cold breeze blew right through her, she sneezed and started shivering in the cold.

"Did you catch a cold? " Qingfeng Li frowned seeing her sneezing.

The thin clothes Jiaojiao Liu had today was inadequate in the winter, that was why she caught a cold right after being blown by the breeze at night.

"I am fine, brother-in-law, I just felt a chill. " Jiaojiao Liu huddled herself up and answered in a low voice.

"Let’s go, it will be fine when we go back. " Qingfeng Li walked up to the Ferrari with Jiaojiao Liu.

He frowned again when he got to the Ferrari, as it was totally scraped, could not be driven at all.

The Wild Bar was in the middle of nowhere so Qingfeng Li had to call a taxi, and it was a long time before a taxi finally came. Then they got on the taxi and headed to Noble Palace together.

It was already one o’clock in the morning when they arrived at Noble Palace. Obviously, Jiaojiao Liu was having a pretty bad cold, as she couldn't stop sneezing on the way.

"Time to go home now, Jiaojiao, hurry up, don't make your sister wait for too long." said Qingfeng Li, while smiling at her.

"Ok, I'm leaving now, brother-in-law." Jiaojiao Liu replied softly, waved at him, then disappeared in the dark.

Qingfeng Li went back to the villa No.13, noticed that the lights in the living room were still on. But because it was one o’clock, Xue Lin already fell asleep in the living room.

Qingfeng Li did not wake her up, instead, he picked her up and brought her to the bedroom on the second floor.

He put her underneath the blanket gently, then went back to his own bedroom on the first floor.

Meanwhile, in the villa No.14, Jiaojiao Liu got some mixed feelings staring at the lights in the villa.

She had her own place to live at, but sometimes she stayed with her sister Ruyan Liu. As long as she lived here, Ruyan Liu would always wait for her to come back.

Jiaojiao Liu opened the door. Like she thought, Ruyan Liu already fallen asleep in the living room. Ruyan Liu dressed in a white nightgown, with her fair charming face, curvy and graceful figure, she was unbelievably stunning even though she was asleep.

Ruyan was not a deep sleeper, the noise Jiaojiao made as she opened the door woke up Ruyan. Her eyes were soon filled with surprise and joy when she saw Jiaojiao came back.

"You are back, Jiaojiao." Ruyan stood up and said with a smile on her face.


Jiaojiao Liu sneezed again. Apparently, she got quite sick from waiting in the freezing wind outside earlier.

"Jiaojiao, you caught a cold, have some hot water and get some rest." Ruyan poured a glass of hot water for Jiaojiao, after making her drink it, she also helped Jiaojiao walk to her bedroom.

Jiaojiao was too weak to move because of the cold, so she had to let Ruyan hold her. She felt so dizzy that she fell asleep as soon as she touched the bed.

Seeing Jiaojiao being so sick made Ruyan really upset. She put her hand on Jiaojiao’s forehead, and found out it was burning hot.

" Oh my… Jiaojiao is having a fever now." a flash of concern appeared in Ruyan’s eyes, as she noticed that not only Jiaojiao’s forehead was hot, but also her entire body was burning, these were symptoms of a high fever.

But it was after one o’clock in the morning, the hospitals had already closed. She knew Jiaojiao was delicate, she could not waste any more time letting Jiaojiao be sick, or the fever would damage her brain.

Although Ruyan was exhausted, she tried to hold back the tiredness, she got a towel drenched in cold water and put on Jiaojiao’s forehead, hoping it could help lower her heat.

Sweat dripped down Ruyan’s face as she was busy taking care of Jiaojiao. She kept wiping Jiaojiao’s forehead as well as her body.

Jiaojiao witnessed all the things Ruyan did for her, even though she was having a high fever and felt extremely weak.

Looking at Ruyan moved around taking care of her, as if Ruyan was her mother, Jiaojiao broke down and started weeping.

Jiaojiao cried, it really upset her for the fact that she did not realize how nice and considerate Ruyan was to her until she got sick.

"Jiaojiao, why are you crying, is that because of the headache?" Ruyan felt sorry for her little sister while seeing tears in Jiaojiao’s eyes.

"Thank you, sister." Jiaojiao responded in a soft voice, couldn't hold her tears in.

Jiaojiao really meant it when she called her sister, and the appreciation was from the deep of her heart. She knew there was nothing that could take precedence over their sisterhood.

"Silly girl, you are my younger sister, it is my responsibility to take good care of you," said Ruyan, with a smile on her face as she was petting Jiaojiao’s lovely head.

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