My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 220: Sister-In-Law's Naughty Intention

Chapter 220: Sister-In-Law's Naughty Intention

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"Jiaojiao, stop touching." Qingfeng Li blushed as he spoke, a little out of breath.

Jiaojiao Liu was very devious. She was touching his little brother.

"Brother-in-law. Doesn't it feel nice?" After looking at his blushing face, her eyes lit up in a sly way. Her lips curled up as she deliberately asked the question.

"Jiaojiao, move your hands." Qingfeng Li breathed a little faster as she ignored him and kept on touching.

By the time Qingfeng Li drove the Ferrari to the mountaintop, he was already sweating buckets. He stopped the car immediately as he reached the top. His eyes were flashing red, his body heated. It was all due to Jiaojiao's hands. He needed to vent out his pent-up tension.

"Brother-in-law, your eyes are so red. Don't tell me you've got infected with pinkeye." Jiaojiao Liu slyly smiled and flirtatiously asked.

"You little devil. You dare to seduce me. I'll have to punish you." Qingfeng Li grabbed her tiny waist and kissed her red lips as she yelped.

Her lips were soft, sweet, and carried an air of youth. It was completely different from that of Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu was a mature woman. She had lips that resembled that of a peach, juicy. Jiaojiao Liu, on the other hand, was more like an unripe peach. It tasted of youth.

It was the type of youth that lured people. It stemmed from a girl's pureness, a virgin's pureness.

"Wah, you're so evil." She faintly struggled before slowly starting to enjoy herself.

"Damn that pair of cheating scum." Kun Wang just happened to see the couple kiss as he drove to the mountaintop.

His eyes were full of jealousy, his facial expression grim. His face distorted as he became incredibly angry. He chased after Jiaojiao Liu for a very long time and had yet to even hold her hands. To see her being kissed by that scum was a provocation that he could not stand.

"Jiaojiao Liu, I never thought you to be such a slut. If I knew you to be such a whore, I would have had you and tainted you already." He got off the car and angrily walked towards the Ferrari.

He was furious. The moment he saw Qingfeng Li grab and kiss her, his anger was ready to erupt like a volcano. Upon hearing Kun Wang's words, Qingfeng Li stopped kissing and lifted his head.

"Kun Wang, you're shameless." Jiaojiao Liu spoke out, her eyes flashing with her own anger.

"I'm shameless? Not as shameless as you. You're so desperate that you would mess around with this guy on the mountaintop." Wang ridicule as he pointed towards Qingfeng Li.

When he heard Kun Wang ridiculing Jiaojiao Liu. Qingfeng Li let go of her and got off the Ferrari.


He slapped Kun Wang right across the face. "Your mouth's too dirty. Your mom didn't teach you how to talk properly?"

The slap was loud and clear. It knocked Kun Wang senseless. His face sported a huge handprint as it started to swell.

Kun Wang covered his face as he angrily spoke out "Bastard, you dare hit me. You want to die."

Qingfeng Li lifted his right foot and kicked right at his stomach.

Bang! Kun Wang's body flew out and landed on the floor with a resounding thud. His face pale as he vomited out a mouth full of blood, he was badly injured.

"Look at your dirty mouth. Since your mom didn't teach you, I'll teach you." Qingfeng Li disdainfully looked at Kun Wang.

With Kun Wang's interruption, Qingfeng Li and Jiaojiao Liu no longer had any interest in progressing their kissing session. Both were displeased with the event.

"Oh, I forgot, we are supposed to be racing." Jiaojiao Liu suddenly remembered.

They were so busy kissing they forgot all about racing.

"Let's go and continue then." Qingfeng Li got back to the car, ready to continue racing.

He was here to race today. There were a lot of people in the pub watching the race, so of course, they had to continue.

"The passenger seat is broken, what now?" She pouted her lips as she looked at the distorted passenger seat.

The passenger car door was already gone, the seat also out of shape. The Ferrari, at its current state, was very severely broken. Luckily all that was broken were miscellaneous parts. The important bits, such as the engine, the oil box, and the brakes were all undamaged.

Qingfeng Li looked at the passenger seat and knew that it can no longer contain a person. "Sit on my leg then."

"You're so nice." Jiaojiao Liu giggled as she sat onto his legs.


Qingfeng Li, twisted his keys, stepped on the pedal, and the car sped forward like an unleashed horse, racing towards the foot of the mountain.

"That bitch and bastard. I won't let you guys go that easily." Kun Wang stood up and watched the car race away, his eyes cold and calculating.

Ring Ring Ring! Kun Wang took out his phone and called a few of his people in the pub.

"Brother Kun, you want something?" From within the pub spoke a young guy.

"Yong Huang, I want you to lay out some nails on the 18th mountain curve." Kun Wang coldly smiled an ordered out to the youth across the phone.

"Brother Kun, it's very dangerous to do so. You guys are racing right now, if the nails hit the car tires, it may cause death."

"Huang Yong, let me tell you this. That's exactly what I want. I want Jiaojiao Liu and that scum to both end up a tragic death. If you don't do so, don't expect to follow me anymore."

"Brother Kun, I'll go. I'll go." His face changed as he hurriedly agreed.

Brother Kun was the leader of their underground gang. The Pub was started by him. The youngster knew that if he rejected Brother Kun, he himself would face punishment. He had to follow Brother Kun.

When they ended the call, Yong Huang immediately gathered nails and spread it on the mountain curve. After doing so, he went back to the pub and continued his drinking, but he had an unsettling feeling in his stomach.

At the exact moment, on the mountain, Qingfeng Li drove towards the area with the nails. He had Jiaojiao Liu on his legs, her butt sticking close to his leg. It was very daring and exciting.


As soon as they turned the corner, a loud noise erupted with the tires. The car tilted towards the cliff.

"Brother-in-law! The tires burst! Be careful, the car is going towards the cliff." Jiaojiao's pretty face suddenly turned pale as she loudly warned.

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