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Chapter 215: The Race Car Club

Chapter 215: The Race Car Club

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The bar was the headquarters of the Racing club. It was called the "Wild Bar" and, apparent from the name, it was a bar which gathered a bunch of wild hooligans.

There was a 1000 square meter sized empty space in front of Wild Bar. A hundred people had gathered there. There were young ladies and men in their twenties but everyone was below thirty years old.

Rich men who wore branded athletic wear stood in the middle. They were surrounded by hooligans who wore exaggerated clothing with dyed blonde hair and tattoos on their bodies.

Other than rich people and hooligans, there were also women. But these women were not good women. They all wore revealing skimpy skirts that covered their round butts.

Their shirts also were cut so deeply that their boobs were basically spilling out. Some hooligans were even placing their hands onto their boobs while their arms were around the women's shoulders.

This was a gathering place for young people. It emitted a trashy presence that would cause one to sink low. It also stank.

Qingfeng Li had been to a place like this when he was overseas. But he was not there to enjoy the environment. He was there to save people. Places such like this were referred to as the "Fallen Heaven".

Heaven was a holy place but it was tarnished by these people. They wasted their youth on drinking, racing and playing with women instead of working hard.

"Jiaojiao, you are a member of the racing club. You have been here before?" Qingfeng asked lightly with a frown.

"I have been here a few times. But all I did was race," Jiaojiao Liu replied.

"Do not come here again." A flash of disdain appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes. He only felt disgust towards this place.

There was something evil about this place. It was a place for dispirited youth. Qingfeng Li did not want Jiaojiao Liu to come here as she was Ruyan Liu’s sister. He had to do something.

Jiaojiao Liu became nervous when she saw the displeasure in Qingfeng Li’s eyes. She knew that her brother-in-law only said that because he cared about her. It felt good for someone to care about her.

"Ok, after the race today, I won’t come here again," Jiaojiao Liu said in a low voice.

At the moment, there were many luxurious cars parked in the empty space in front of the bar. There was Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti etc. The cars were all top-end sports cars. Jiaojiao Liu’s Ferrari could only be considered an average sports car here.

"Brother-in-law, Kun Wang is in the Wild Bar. Let’s go inside," Jiaojiao Liu held onto Qingfeng Li’s arm and walked into the bar.

Qingfeng Li wanted to shake off Jiaojiao Liu’s hand but her grip was very strong. He was unsuccessful after multiple attempts so he let her be.

Wild Bar was around 100 squared meters in size. It was wildly decorated and there was a wolf on the entrance.

Qingfeng Li frowned slightly and the disgust in his eyes grew deeper when he saw the wolf at the top of the bar.

He was the Wolf King of Africa. The wolf was his symbol. He was naturally displeased that there was a drawing of a wolf on the entrance of the Wild Bar.

Qingfeng Li frowned and led Jiaojiao Liu into the Wild Bar. The was wild music playing from the DJ that was extremely loud. Many men and women jumped around and rubbed their bodies against one another. Some were even naked and doing xxoo activities in the corners of the bar.

The bar was extremely chaotic and dirty. It could not compare to the Dream Bar.

"Jiaojiao, you are finally here. I’ve waited for you for a long time." A pale young man with dyed blonde hair walked towards them. He wore a black shirt.

The young man was very arrogant and he was followed by at least twenty hooligans. Each hooligan had tattoos on their bodies and wore colorful clothing. It was apparent that they were up to no good.

The young man looked at Jiaojiao Liu with a heated and perverted gaze. He wanted to press her on the ground and whip her.

"Kun Wang, I’m here. Let’s go race car," Jiaojiao Liu looked unhappily at Kun Wang. She did not like how he was looking at her.

"There is no rush. We can have a drink before we race," Kun Wang said with a light smile.

"Kun Wang, I’m not here to drink, I’m here to race."

"If you don't drink we won’t race. Are you afraid to drink?"

"I will drink. How can I be scared?" Jiaojiao Liu snorted and dragged Qingfeng Li towards the bar.

"Fellow, I want you to keep your distance from Jiaojiao," Kun Wang said coldly when he saw Jiaojiao Liu holding onto Qingfeng’s arm.

"What did you say? I didn’t hear you," Qingfeng said lightly without a care.

"Fellow, I said I want you to keep away from Jiaojiao," Kun Wang repeated himself as he frowned slightly.

"Your Mandarin is too poor. I can’t hear you. Please repeat yourself," Qingfeng glanced lightly at Kun Wang as a flicker of amusement crossed his eyes.

"Fellow, you dare to trash talk me?" Kun Wang’s expression darkened and his eyes flashed coldly.

He had realized that Qingfeng Li was fooling around and embarrassing him. But he had fallen for his trick and repeated himself.

"Fool you? Do I know you?" Qingfeng Li looked at Kun Wang with surprise. This fellow’s intelligence was slightly low.

"Fellow, let me tell you. Jiaojiao Liu is my woman. You better keep away from her."

"Oh, what if I refuse?"

"Fellow, let me tell you. I belong to the mafia. If you don't listen to me, maybe you will lose a limb or a leg one day."

"You are threatening me?" Qingfeng Li asked coldly.

He hated to be threatened. How dare a hooligan threaten him. He was looking to die.

Kun Wang smiled coldly and said, "You can take it that way."

"Do your parents know how powerful you are?" Qingfeng Li smiled lightly with mocking eyes.

"What do you mean?" Clearly, Kun Wang’s intelligence was slightly low. He did not understand Qingfeng Li’s words.

This fellow’s intelligence was too low. Qingfeng Li was slightly speechless by Kun Wang’s intelligence level. It was difficult to speak with such a stupid person.

"I feel bad for your intelligence. If your parents knew that you are like this, they would regret giving birth to you. They should have shot it onto the wall to save the earth from you," Qingfeng Li said with a cold smile. His words were brutal.

Kun Wang finally understood. This fellow was insulting him. His expression darkened.

"Fellow, you dare to insult me? You want to die?" A flash of coldness appeared in Kung Wang’s eyes. He took a step forward and prepared to teach Qingfeng Li a lesson.

"Kun Wang, I won’t let you go if you dare to lay your hands on him," Jiaojiao Liu stepped in front of Qingfeng Li. Her seductive face was filled with anger.

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