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Chapter 50: Xia Zhi was Targeted

Chapter 50: Xia Zhi was Targeted

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Xinghe left the house with Chengwu's well wishes.

The residential area they lived in was quite big. Xinghe walked for a distance before she spotted Xia Zhi under a tree's shadow beside the gate.

He sat slumped on a steel bench, his head hung low and his shirt all torn up.

Xinghe inched closer and called his name.

Hearing her voice, Xia Zhi lifted his head. Xinghe instantly took in the bruises and cuts that covered his face.

"Sis…" Xia Zhi lowered his face hurriedly, ashamed to let her see the state he was in.

Xinghe frowned and propped his face up by raising his chin. Fury was in her eyes as she examined his facial wounds. "Who did this?" she asked.

Xia Zhi saw the anger in her eyes and forced a smile, adding, "Sis, I'm fine, these are all small cuts. It just looks serious…"

"I asked, who did this," Xinghe cut him off. Her eyes glistened with a fierce vengeance.

Xinghe might seem aloof and untouchable at times but she would become fury incarnate if one was to cross her baseline!

Her baseline was very obvious, it was to hurt the people she cared about.

There weren't many people in the world that she cared about but that small group of people definitely included her uncle and Xia Zhi!

Xia Zhi was a kind and lovable kid since he was young; he was a good little brother to Xinghe. Treating his beaten-up body, Xinghe could feel anger rushing to her head!

She would never forgive the party that laid their hands on Xia Zhi!

"Tell me, who did it?" Xinghe repeated with impatience creeping into her voice.

Xia Zhi replied with frustration, "I don't know… When I returned from the market, two men came from the opposite side and they purposely bumped into me. I apologized even though it wasn't my fault but they wouldn't let me go. They said they need to teach me a lesson for rudely bumping into them… Sis, I'm sorry for being so useless… I tried fighting back but I'm not strong enough and there were two of them… I'm sorry, I really don't know who they were…"

The image of Xia Zhi being mauled by the two men appeared in Xinghe's mind and her veins popped.

She could feel her heart wrenched with pain and fury.

What she wouldn't give to tear those two men up.

However, she told herself to calm down, she needed to find them first.

"Where was this?" Xinghe enquired.

"A few hundred meters down that side…"

"Come, follow me to the hospital," Xinghe said as she pulled him up.

Xia Zhi pulled himself up with Xinghe's support but suddenly he felt his body go weak and he slumped back down the chair.

He had paled considerably as he forced out the words, "Sis, please wait a moment, I need to take a breather…"

Xinghe saw the focus of his eyes swaying and worry pulled at her heart.

"Wait here!" Xinghe ran to get the security's help and they escorted Xia Zhi to the nearest hospital.

Xia Zhi's condition was worse than it appeared, he suffered from internal bleeding. He stuck it out until they reached the hospital where he fainted almost immediately.

The doctor said, his situation could be life-threatening if they were even a moment later.

Hearing that, Xinghe's fury lit up again, furious at Xia Zhi for not loving his body, he should have called for her help when things first went down.

However, it was not the time to admonish Xia Zhi so she turned her fury towards the two men that hurt him.

Xinghe thanked the two securities that lend her their aid; they were the same pair that helped her chased Wu Rong out.

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