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Chapter 46: Moving In?

Chapter 46: Moving In?

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Standing in front of the sprawling villa, Xia Zhi was slightly at awe. Chengwu, though, was beside himself with shock because he knew this villa, wasn't this the Xia Family's old home?

Why did Xinghe bring them here?

Did she take a wrong turn somewhere?

Noticing their expressions, Xinghe explained the situation, "Uncle, this villa has always been mine. Now that I've recovered my memory, naturally, I took it back."

"Wu Rong was willing to let you have it?" That was the bigger surprise for Chengwu.

"The ownership certificate has my name on it so she had to even though she didn't want to. I've chased her out. So, from today onwards, this shall be our home. Come on, let's go in," Xinghe explained.

Xinghe pushed open the front door and walked in.

Chengwu leant on Xia Zhi for support and the father-son pair shuffled into the villa stiffly. They still needed some time to process the bomb Xinghe just dropped.

Xinghe managed to chase Wu Rong away and this villa is to be our home from now on?

Am I dreaming?

They felt absolutely out of place standing in the lavishly decorated living room. They felt like they were visiting someone else's house.

Xia Zhi's mouth opened in shock as he took in everything. He asked hesitantly, "Sis, you said everything here is yours?"

Xinghe replied in a serious tone, "No, everything here, including the house is ours, not mine. We can live here for the rest of our lives."

Xia Zhi was touched. He felt tears pricking his eyes.

Chengwu too felt warmed but he was more realistic, he started to worry.

"Xinghe, you've chased Wu Rong away, I worry she won't let it go that easily."

Xia Zhi replied instantly, "If she comes to cause trouble, I'll personally chase her away!"

He had a lot of grievances against that old woman. If she hadn't forcefully claimed everything that was originally theirs, they wouldn't have suffered for so many years.

Just chasing her away would be letting her go lightly.

Xinghe replied with a slight smile, "Don't worry, I'll reclaim everything that is ours sooner or later."

"Sis, remember to bring me along, I want to be there to see it personally!" Xia Zhi said excitedly. Inexplicably, he truly believed what Xinghe said, believed she could help them reclaim everything.

"You have my word," Xinghe promised. Then, she changed the topic, "Uncle, you're still a recovering patient so please retire to your room and rest. I've settled you downstairs temporarily to save you the trouble of climbing."

"Everything's settled?" a surprised Chengwu asked.

Xinghe took his hand and guided him to his room, adding with a nod, "Yes, I've asked for help to come clean up the place, our luggage is already here as well."

"Thank you…" Chengwu nodded gratifyingly, emotions rendering him speechless.

Chengwu's room was well-lit and well-furnished.

Xinghe settled him on the soft mattress. He looked around the spacious room and a bouquet of emotions once again swept his heart.

Ever since their fall from grace, they hadn't had the chance to sleep in such a luxurious room anymore.

Now that they were back at their family's old home, he felt joy intermingling with melancholy.

Melancholy because they truly had suffered a lot under the dictates of fate, and joy because fate had finally decided to allow them to turn their lives around.

Both Xia Zhi and Xinghe accompanied him in his room to reminisce and chat. They left when his eyelids started drooping.

Xia Zhi took the chance to carefully tour the villa. He was the place's constant visitor when he was young, but he really didn't expect he would be living there one day.

He sighed with emotion.

"Sis, I thought we will never be able to leave that dirty apartment in our lives but now, we're living in a villa. Tell me I'm dreaming…"

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