Monster Paradise

Chapter 337: Lin Huang Versus The Hellish Spearfiend (II)

Chapter 337: Lin Huang Versus The Hellish Spearfiend (II)

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"Is that Lin Huang's true ability?!"

Li Lang, who was standing somewhere near the lava lake, was astounded. Not only did Lin Huang launch a frontal attack on the Hellish Spearfiend, he could even pin down his opponent, blowing Li Lang’s mind.

The Hellish Spearfiend was not an ordinary holy fire-level monster. Its ability was on par with a crimson flame-level’s and it was a double mutated monster. Perhaps it was comparable to many of the blue flame-level monsters. As a human-like monster, its intelligence was similar to humans as well. Despite such circumstances, Lin Huang still managed to launch a frontal attack, indicating that his abilities were incredibly powerful.

"He must be a genius," the Hellish Spearfiend immediately concluded. His combat level did not match his abilities though. Be it his strength, speed, or even the use of sword skills, they all exceeded the standard of a gold-level hunter.

Lin Huang got stronger as the battle progressed. It had been a long time since he had been engaged in a close combat like this. He launched consecutive attacks with his Thunder Sting , forcing the Hellish Spearfiend to retreat. It was incapable of fighting back at all.

Nevertheless, the Hellish Spearfiend was not weak. The size of its spear was too big and therefore, was not suitable for close combat. Lin Huang noticed this weakness, so he intentionally approached it and directly rained a storm-like attack, hence his opponent would have no way to counterattack.

The Hellish Spearfiend retreated several times and it wanted to stay a distance away from Lin Huang. However, it was not as fast as Lin Huang and the human managed to catch up with him.It seemed like the Hellish Spearfiend was pinned down by Lin Huang.

Lin Huang clearly knew that despite his Thunder Sting taking the lead and his lightning fast speed, it had a limited effect on the Hellish Spearfiend. In addition, it was protected by an armor that did not look cheap at all. Even if his attack hit it, it was not very likely that the attack would cause any severe injuries. Once his opponent realized this and endured the attacks, he would be incapable of taking the lead like he was now doing once he was forced out of the attack range.

However, Lin Huang did not feel worried about that. He was clear about what was going to happen in the later part of the battle. What he currently had to do was to fight heartily.

The sword in Lin Huang's hand was shrouded in the golden Life Power. In actual combat, he became even more familiar with Thunder Sting , which was complemented with the second level of sword realm and each of the skills was performed almost perfectly. There was no flaw that the Hellish Spearfiend could figure out to attack back. It could only choose to defend against the attack helplessly.

Each onslaught performed by the Thunder Sting was extremely fast. Lin Huang continuously attacked it and his sword that was shrouded in Life Power had created layers of golden shadows in the air, enveloping the Hellish Spearfiend. When he switched skills, four of his bloody wings transformed into sharp blades at the same time. He was not giving his opponent a chance to rest at all.

Despite the Hellish Spearfiend defending against his assailant, not a single attack could break through its defense. He could feel that Lin Huang's single strike was not that strong. However, it dared not use its body to defend against the attack.

The close combat lasted for about ten minutes. Still, Lin Huang was taking the lead. As Lin Huang was thoroughly focused, he started to increase the speed of his sword. It started from 58 hits within one second, to 59 hits, 60, 61...

The Hellish Spearfiend was trying to adapt to Lin Huang's blitz speed. However, as Lin Huang started to increase his attack frequency, it could no longer bear it.

It seemed to notice that if this continued, it would be completely pinned down by its opponent. Then, the Hellish Spearfiend started to switch from defense mode to attack mode. It completely ignored Lin Huang's long sword that was about to pierce through its chest. Suddenly, it loosened its grasp on the long spear in his hand. The next moment when it gripped the long spear tightly, the Hellish Spearfiend grasped the top part of the shaft where it was less than a meter away from the tip of the spear. The tip of the long spear was about to pierce through Lin Huang's chest rapidly.

Although it could not strike at full force, the hit was so sudden and extremely fast. In addition to the short distance between the both of them, Lin Huang did not manage to summon his Dark Shield in time to defend against the attack. He could only use one of his bloody wings to transform into a large shield so that he could dodge the attack.

The Hellish Spearfiend then took that opportunity to stay a distance away from Lin Huang, returning to its original way of gripping the spear. Before it could even balance itself, it lowered its head and looked where Lin Huang had slashed its body.

There were only 23 injury points on its body. Lin Huang had only managed to leave a scratch that was about 10 centimeters long on its armor. Without a doubt, the attack would not be able to break its defense, let alone cause any injuries.

Although his opponent managed to pull their distance apart, Lin Huang did not chase after it. This was because he knew that it had already discovered that he was unable to break away its defense through close combat. It was meaningless to go after it.

"Human, I’ve to admit that you're strong but that's your limit. There's a big gap between our combat strength. If there's no way that you can overlay your skills, you'll be unable to break my defense." The Hellish Spearfiend picked up his long spear and pointed at Lin Huang. As soon as it finished its sentence, it glanced at Li Lang who was standing not far away from Lin Huang. It then continued, "I can sense that your companion has not even achieved the gun realm. His combat strength should be weaker than yours. Therefore, even if both of you were to fight me together, there's no way that both of you can defeat me."

"You're not the one who can decide the outcome of the battle." Lin Huang then pounced towards the Hellish Spearfiend, turning four of his bloody wings into sharp blades before blasting off towards its red eyes.

The Hellish Spearfiend scoffed. It seemed like it was angry that Lin Huang had provoked it. Picking up the long spear in its hand, it flashed through the air and easily deflected Lin Huang's attack.

Three meters away would be the main battleground! Lin Huang could then confirm his prediction earlier.

"It's true that my attack can't break your defenses. Your defense can't break my mine either. If our energy consumption continues draining in such a way, I might not lose!" Lin Huang grinned as he provoked it again.

"You're overconfident, human! You managed to dodge my random attacks but that doesn't mean that you can endure the attack that I'm going to launch at full force." The Hellish Spearfiend was quite confident in his combat strength. "I'll show you how big the gap between us is!"

As soon as it finished its words, the Hellish Spearfiend transformed into a beam of silver glow and dove towards Lin Huang. It was so swift that it looked as if a silver thread had streaked across the ground.

Lin Huang felt no fear as he grabbed his sword with both of his hands and attacked from the front.


Right at the moment when the screw-like spear tip crashed into the golden knife blade, the whole battleground instantly exploded. Soon, a human silhouette appeared, standing in its original position. Impressively, it was a spearman dressed in silver armor.

Lin Huang spat out blood and retreated more than ten meters away, managing to balance himself. He was just one to two meters away from falling into the spiritual lava lake.

"Indeed, I can't fight the Hellish Spearfiend from the front," Lin Huang thought in his heart.

As soon as the Hellish Spearfiend saw this, he took the opportunity and headed towards Lin Huang, knowing that Lin Huang's defensive abilities would be incapable of protecting him from the corrosive nature of the spiritual lava lake. With just one hit, it would force Lin Huang to retreat and fall into the lava. Basically, the battle would then end there.

Lin Huang could feel the high temperature emanating from the spiritual lava behind him. He did not turn back, fixing his gaze on the Hellish Spearfiend.

He did not hesitate when he saw it heading for him and his left palm formed the Dark Shield in the air again.

At almost the same moment, the Hellish Spearfiend descended on him as well. The tip of its spear crushed into the Dark Shield.


As soon as an explosive noise was heard, black Life Power then gushed into the long spear. The screw-like spear tip began to rotate insanely like a high-powered electrical drill…

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