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Chapter 649 - The Sixth Fragment

Chapter 649: The Sixth Fragment

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It would only take one Teleportation formation to get from the Magicians’ Academy to the alley entrance. Very quickly, Wang Yu arrived at the Library and met up with the rest of Quan Zhen Sect.

Grand Wizard Reynolds saw Quan Zhen Sect and instantly, his face revealed a sneaky expression. It was as though he saw Quan Zhen Sect as walking bags of money.

“You guys are here. What would you like to ask about today?” Reynolds took the initiative to greet them.

Quan Zhen Sect became smarter and said simultaneously, “One question, two hundred gold coins.”

Reynolds was stunned and took out 200 gold coins then passed it to Ming Du who was at the front. Artificial intelligence was indeed not as crafty as real humans. If it was a real human, he would have pretended to not have heard it.

Ming Du took the gold coins then smilingly said, “We are not here to ask questions. We are here to complete a quest.” As he spoke, Ming Du took out the five fragments.

Seeing the five pieces of fragments in Ming Du’s hand, Reynolds said, “This is not all, right?”

“See? We already said that he won’t take it.” Ming Du turned to tell Wang Yu once Reynolds finished.

“Oh, so it’s true. I thought he would give you at least half the rewards.” Wang Yu said disappointedly, “Then let’s go.”

“Yes, let’s go.”

Everyone expected this outcome and so, were not surprised. Anyway, these were physical things. If Reynolds did not want them, they still could sell it Berserk Thundergod. At this thought, everyone turned to leave the library.

Suddenly, at this moment, Reynolds said, “Don’t leave so fast.”

“Why? Do you want to have breakfast with us?” Ming Du turned around and mocked him.

“Hehe.” Reynolds chuckled and broke out in a wide smile then slowly said, “Actually, you did not fail your quest. I can tell you where the sixth piece of fragment is.”

“Wait, what?” Everyone quickly turned around upon hearing what Reynolds said. Ming Du even more excitedly turned around and asked, “Where is the sixth piece of fragment?”

The Atlanta Sparkle was an S-grade hidden quest chain. Quest chain rewards were way better than regular S-grade quests, a hidden one would be even better. Of course, its difficulty is unimaginable. Hence, since the beginning, Ming Du was already mentally prepared. When he knew that he failed the quest, he was only slightly disappointed.

However, now that he knew that not only did he not fail his quest chain, and had the chance of completing it, Ming Du was feeling so excited as though he made it in Harvard University.

“Hehe! You don’t have enough money on you,” Reynolds said with a smile.

“…” Hearing what Reynolds said, everyone was once again speechless.

Ming Du was not poor in the game. Although he did not put his entire assets into the game, his preference for taking advantage of free things has allowed him to have easily three to five thousand gold coins on him.

Three to five thousand gold coins is not a small amount. Even Moonless Thunder, as a second-in-command of such a large guild, did not have so much money on him usually.

However, Reynolds said that Ming Du did not have enough money… That means the information is worth a sky-high price.

If so, Ming Du had to consider carefully.

Ming Du had close to 6000 gold coins on him. When converted to renminbi, it was close to RMB400000. As a mere city manager, Ming Du earned only around RMB8000. RMB400000 was his total income for four whole years.

Based on Reynolds’ words, it seemed as though 6000 gold coins was far from enough. Whether or not it was worth spending so much money for information, it would highly depend on individuals.

With a guild leader like Berserk Thundergod, with just one order, he would have no problem raising ten thousand gold coins as his rich players are not short of money. They would not mind spending some money just for some news. However, to Ming Du, all this money were his savings to start a family in the future.

Was this mere reward from a quest chain more valuable than his future wife?

Furthermore, it was uncertain if this piece of information could one hundred percent help him earn the reward.

Seeing how Ming Du was so indecisive, Fearless came forth and asked Reynolds, “How much does this information cost?”

“Ten thousand gold coins!” Reynolds said indifferently.

“Damn it…” Ming Du’s legs weakened upon hearing that.

Wow, ten thousand gold coins. This greedy system indeed has no compassion at all.

“I’ll buy it!” Fearless decisively took out ten thousand gold coins and handed it to Reynolds.

“F*ck, Fearless, you… What if we still can’t complete it after receiving the information?” Ming Du was stunned by Fearless’ generosity. It was ten thousand gold coins which he just gave away.

Actually, Ming Du could afford to take out ten thousand gold coins but he was most afraid that after receiving the information, he would not be able to complete the quest, and his money would go down the drain.

Fearless smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the higher the price is, it means that this information is more reliable and so the chances of completing the quest are higher. The game company is already so greedy, if it isn’t so, it would be torn down by all the players.

“But that money…”

“Don’t need to return it to me. Anyways, Berserk Heavenlaw will pay for it… Does anyone have an opinion?” Fearless asked the rest.

“Nope, no opinion.” Everyone shook their heads. Since Fearless was the one who cheated that money, he had the freedom to decide on how to use it. Furthermore, since the money came so easily, it was not hard for them to spend it. Moreover, they had not even seen it.

At this moment, Wang Yu suddenly understood why he chose to stay in Quan Zhen Sect back then. It was beneficial if the guild was big but as a small guild, it was homely. These people in Quan Zhen Sect had so much brotherhood when it came to treating their friends.

“Master Reynolds, speak.” Fearless turned to speak to Reynolds.

“You are so intelligent. Why aren’t you a Magician?” Reynolds shook his head in pity, then told Fearless, “The last fragment is actually with me. The ten thousand gold coins include the price to buy this fragment.”

Reynold spoke as he took out the last fragment and handed it to Fearless.

“F*ck!” Ming Du was exploding in anger when he saw the sixth fragment in Fearless’ hands.

There were only five fragments left in the open and yet, this troublemaker launched the sixth fragment’s quest. How despicable could it be.

Fearless threw the fragment to Ming Du then coldly laughed and asked, “If we didn’t come back to ask, would this quest be forever uncompleted? This is harming consumers.”


Reynolds smiled and looked extremely arrogant, and said, “So long as the five fragments are collected, anyone can trigger the sixth fragment’s quest. I never said that the sixth fragment was with someone else.”

“Urgh, shameless!” Everyone was triggered.

The designers were indeed extremely crafty as they knew how to take advantage of the players’ psychology and created such a trap. Luckily, Wang Yu suggested them to ask, or else they would have failed the quest…

Of course, it was not easy to succeed. For this, it was quite pointless to have spent ten thousand gold coins. If they knew, they should have helped the God’s Punishment Army when in the dungeon. They would have gotten the sixth fragment for free.

After the quest had been completed, the designers still wanted to extort more money. They were indeed shameless on another level.

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