MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Complete Victory!

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“Motherf**ker! This isn’t logical at all! Your father is unmatched under the heavens! How could I be the weakest link… Fearless is way weaker than me…”

As Ming Du angrily whined, he rolled out of the way of Wharton’s attacks and towards Wang Yu.

“You’re not weak man. You’re just f**king ugly!” Fearless leisurely commented from atop his boulder.

Seeing that Ming Du had managed to dodge his [Charge], Wharton angrily roared as he used [Mountain Shattering Blow] and launched himself towards Ming Du again.

“F**k! I’m coming!”

Having lost any chance of escape, Ming Du just stood still and waited for his impending demise. However, right at this moment, Wang Yu jumped in front of him and blocked him.

“Brother Bull… You really are my guardian angel…” Ming Du happily exclaimed.

Ignoring Ming Du, Wang Yu reached out both arms and dragged Wharton into his embrace. After viciously kneeing him twice in the stomach, Wang Yu then flung him aside.

At this time, Ming Du had also managed to crawl up.

With a wave of his saber, Wharton used [Tornado Slash] and chopped towards Ming Du yet again.

Wang Yu quickly flourished his hands and activated [Void Seizing Palms] to pull the still stunned Ming Du to safety.

Luckily using skills on party and guild members would only have the effect and not the damage. Otherwise, with how squishy Ming Du was, Wang Yu’s [Void Seizing Palms] would have at least have put his health in the red.

“The f**k are you staring for? Zap him!!!!!!” Wang Yu growled at Ming Du.

After finally regaining his senses, Ming Du swung his staff and shot out lightning bolt after lightning bolt at Wharton.

Wharton was wearing a full body metal armour, this caused his magic resistance to be very low and even made him weak to lightning element attacks! As a Lightning Wizard, Ming Du was his natural counter and even managed to blast Wharton so much he got stunned!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Wang Yu closed the distance between him and Wharton and was tried to find an opening to strike at.

When Wharton finally managed to raise his saber and was about to chop Ming Du, Wang Yu waved his hand again and pulled Ming Du to safety again. Being a job that depended on combos for damage, the Pugilists naturally had a much lower cooldown on their skills.

With Wang Yu’s assistance, Ming Du didn’t need to worry about his positioning and could completely focus on attacking Wharton. Ming du continuously spammed [Lightning Blast] at Wharton, occasionally throwing a few [Fireball] his way. Under Ming Du’s constant barrage, Wharton’s health started to drop significantly.

On the other side, the four attackers had also slowly started to get used to slaying Wharton’s minions. With their buffed attack and lowered defenses, as long as the Quan Zhen Sect members could keep up with the healing then this fight would be a walk in the park.

Fearless’ healing abilities were definitely top notch. He had completely grasped the cast times and cooldowns for all his skills. His use of the healing spells were accurate and precise with absolutely no waste. Boson and the rest didn’t even need to worry about their health at all and could completely focus on killing the rest of the Dusk Bandit Gang.

Standing atop the boulder, Fearless directed Boson and the rest to quickly dispatch any of the Dusk Thieves that could harm him.

Out of the entire Dusk Bandit Gang, the Dusk Thieves were the highest priority to be killed since they were the main DPS. Now that they were completely wiped out, not only was Fearless no longer in any danger, the pressure on him to heal the rest had also greatly dropped.

With the enemy’s main DPS gone, even the pressure on Spring Halo to tank was also greatly lifted. From just passively being hit by these monsters, he could now even command his ghost to attack the Dusk Bandits here and there.

The spectators above the valley were already long since shocked speechless by the scene of the Quan Zhen Sect fighting.

They really were a group of monsters!!

The system only had a fixed number of patterns that the monsters would use. Once they had grasped the timing, the quest really wasn’t as hard as they thought.

Although it was an A rank quest, there were no other sudden twists or changes and the rest of the Duck Bandit Gang were slowly being whittled down. Seeing this, those that bet on the Quan Zhen Sect could finally breathe easily.

At the same time, Wharton let out a pained and unwilling roar before transforming into a bright flash of light and a pile of items.

At the moment, Wharton could be considered the most pitiful boss in the entire <<REBIRTH>>. From the moment he spawned until his death, he didn’t even manage to deal any damage at all… This could have been considered as a kind of talent as well in some ways.

After Wharton’s death, everyone received the same system notification.

<System Notification: Please do not log off within the next 10 minutes. <<REBIRTH>> will not be responsible for any loss of progress during this time.>

“F**k me! That’s it? Did we kill the boss just like that? I really am a f**king genius!” Ming Du started madly laughing as he immediately reached forward to pick up the drops. He would have never imagined that just the two of them would have been able to slay a boss that was more than 25 levels above them!

“Hm? Old Li you’re still alive?” Seeing Ming Du still alive and so lively after being chased around by a boss for so long, the rest could only sigh dejectedly.

“Heh! Of course! Your father’s positioning is f**king god-like! Let me tell you scrubs, your father over here didn’t lose any health at all just now!” Ming Du boasted.

“Cough cough” Wang Yu wordlessly coughed next to Ming Du.

“Of course what was most important was that Iron Bull and I could coordinate very well” Ming Du hurriedly added.

“Cheh!” The rest simply looked at Ming Du disdainfully. Everyone knew that if it wasn’t for Wang Yu, Ming Du would have died an uncountable number of times!

“So what did the boss drop?” What everyone was most interested in after all was the items that a Gold grade boss dropped.

Ming Du immediately took out all the items that Wharton had previously dropped.

<Flowing Sunset (Warblade) (Obsidian)>

Physical Attack: 115-150

Magical Attack: 42-75


[Bravery] (Passive): Normal attacks have a 30% chance to cripple targets, reducing movement and attack speed by 35%.

[Divine Strength] (Passive): Melee attacks have a 25% chance to be a heavy blow, stunning target for 0.5s.

[Berserk](Active): Increases attack for all party members for 30s

[Mountain Shattering Blow] (Active): Deals damage in a 500 radius and moves the users to target, deals damage equal to 120% of the user’s physical attack. Effective in a 300 radius, costs 100MP, 8s cooldown.

Job Requirement: Warrior, Knight

Level Requirement: 30

<Titan War Armour (Silver)>

Physical Defense: 110-130

Magic Resistance: 22-35


[Titan’s Strength] (Passive): Health is increased by 500.

[Titan’s Heart] (Passive): Ignores damage by players for 5s, automatically heals 2% of max health per second.

Job Requirement: Warrior, Knight

Level Requirement: 20

[Triple Chop]: Uncommon skill

Job Requirement: Weapon’s Master

[Backstab Mastery]: Uncommon Skill

Job Requirement: Assassin

Lastly, there was still a crafting recipe for “Medium Grade Recovery Medicine”. Job requirement: High Grade Pharmacist, Alchemist.

Taking these items out, Ming Du’s face immediately froze. These were all meant for close range classes! These was absolutely nothing that he could use!

However, such a situation was also within expectations. Wharton was a Warrior after all so how could the system be so brazen as to let him drop something like a staff? He was a bandit so how refined could his treasure hoard be anyway? It would naturally be items that suited himself!

Although Ming Du was unhappy, this didn’t mean that Boson, Frost Blade and Crotch Lord were as well. Staring at these items, the three of them could barely stop themselves from drooling.

“How should we divide these?” Wang Yu asked the rest.

Wang Yu wasn’t a greedy person who just tyrannically monopolised everything. He knew that if it wasn’t for the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect holding off Wharton’s minions and Ming Du helping out, then he naturally wouldn’t have been able to kill Wharton. Since everyone had contributed, it wouldn’t have been right for him to claim all the loot.


Everyone knew how Wharton had been killed. Since Wang Yu himself had not even taken the first item then how could the rest of them dare speak up?

Finally, Fearless stepped up as the guild leader and suggested to Wang Yu: “Since your contribution this time is the greatest, then why don’t you choose what you want first? For the rest we’ll just buy them based on what we need at the market price!!”

Hearing this, Wang Yu nodded and took the “Middle Grade Recovery Medicine” recipe and said: “Since there’s nothing that’s suitable for me I’ll just take this.”

Seeing that the rest didn’t have any objections, Fearless said: “We’ll just buy the rest at market price and then split the money. Frost Blade, you determine the prices…”

The Titan Armour was a high grade tank equipment that had high physical defense as well as two decent passive skills. Hence, it naturally went to Crotch Lord.

[Triple Chop] was an uncommon skill for Warriors. Since Boson was the only Warrior in the entire Quan Zhen Sect, it naturally went to him. Though the price wasn’t cheap, it wasn’t as if Boson lacked the money.

[Backstab Mastery] was an even more obvious choice. Just the name made it clear that it was an Assassin’s skill. Since Frost Blade was not lacking money either, he immediately bought it.

The Flowing Sunset was a level 30 weapon and even and Obsidian tier equipment. Since it’s price wasn’t something that they could determine at this point, no one dared to covet it. Finally, they decided to sell it at the auction and split the profits.

Those who didn’t get any skills or equipment got money in return. Hence no one was left out at all.

At this time, a world announcement suddenly rang.

<Global Message: Quan Zhen Sect’s Fearless, Boson, Spring Halo, Frost Blade, Iron Bull, Ming Du and Crotch Lord have successfully completed the Headquarters Defense Quest! Being the first to do so in <<REBIRTH>>, their names will be forever recorded in the annals of history!>

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