Long Live Summons

Chapter 50 – Silencing Scepter

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Chapter 50 – Silencing Scepter

Translated by: Zaza, TaffyGirl13

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TLCed by: Zaza

On the wall of the side chamber, there were 3 Silencing Scepters hanging side by side, each with a line of characters separating them.

These three lines of characters were hints to the riddle’s answer. Yue Yang needed to find the correct answer, but if he answered incorrectly, the mechanism for the trap would be set off.

Seeing that the time left for the Shield of Absolute Defense was running out, he inwardly grew frantic. However, this was the law in Tong Tian Tower. Everyone was tested this way; there was no other option. Of course, they could give up on the Silencing Scepters, and return to fight the Three-Headed Chimera…but that would be looking for more trouble.

“Isn’t this just a riddle-solving game? I’ve played these things all the time. Don’t tell me that my title as ‘Riddle Solver Prince’ is just for show?” Yue Yang consoled himself.

He looked at the leftmost sentence and read: I am a flyswatter, a flyswatter. Whenever I see a buzzing fly, I smack it to death.”


Would this flyswatter be able to swat the Three-Headed Chimera to death?

Yue Yang began to sweat profusely. He felt that it was much more likely that the Three-Headed Chimera would swat him to death instead.

The middle sentence said: “I am an awe-inspiring leader. Anywhere I appear turns into a silent hall. I am the only one who speaks, no one dares to chatter on in front of me. Without my permission, no one may speak.” Seeing this, Yue Yang inwardly cursed. Would a leader even appear in this kind of place? As expected, the leader was arrogant.

The sentence on the right side was the complete opposite of the previous two. It didn’t have any hint of arrogance, rather, its tone carried hidden bitterness and sentimentality. It was like the lamentation of a woman that had been widowed for many years: “My heart wants to tell you, my eyes want to tell you, my entire body wants to tell you, but you just don’t understand.”

“Aunt Qiong Yao, I hadn’t imagined that you would even have fans in the godly programmers that designed the games in Tong Tian Tower.” Yue Yang felt great admiration.

He could only make one out of three choices. Which would should he choose?

Yue Yang knit his brows. He felt that all of them had a slight possibility of being right, but they also didn’t seem to be the exact answer either. Exactly what was he supposed to choose?

The flyswatter? The leader? Or the widow?

Time passed as seconds turned into minutes. It was not an easy choice. Even if he found the real Silencing Scepter in the end, if the time for his Shield of Absolute Defense reached its limit, he wouldn’t have its protection for defense, and the situation would most likely grow worse. Yue Yang was prepared to randomly choose one, like the extremely aggressive flyswatter. Maybe, it would turn out to be the vaunted Silencing Scepter.

Yue Yang was just about to leap forwards and grab the flyswatter.

Just then, he saw Hui Tai Lang suddenly get struck by a goat-antelope, sending it flying backwards until it heavily smashed into a wall.

Yue Yang unintentionally caught a glimpse. He suddenly discovered that there were four trap mechanism control levers surrounding the wall that had just been revealed to him.

It was strange.

He flew forwards at high speed and ran towards the control lever in the east. The word ‘Wood’ was carved on in, and the one in the south was ‘Fire’. Yue Yang wildly looked at the one in the east, which had ‘Earth’ on it. The north one had ‘Water’. Among the five elements, the only one it was lacking was ‘Metal’. This made his heart race wildly; where could the Metal lever possibly be?

There were no other long levers on the ceiling on the floor.

At that moment, Yue Yang came to a sudden realization. He had really been so stupid.

He swiftly ran to the entrance of the side chamber, and stopped in front of the two large Sheep-head Monster sculptures. There were spears in each of the guarding sculptures’ hands.

The words carved on the left spear said: “I am a mute…”

Carved on the right one was “I am Metal”.

Yue Yang reached a hand out to grab the spear on the right and cried out, “It’s you!”

At the same time, his Shield of Absolute Defense began to flicker. Ignoring everything else, Yue Yang took the completely ordinary-looking spear and ran outside. His time now was limited. He could choose two paths; one was to hurry up and leave while his Shield of Absolute Defense was still present; the other was to face the Three-Headed Chimera head on.

Yue Yang clenched his teeth and shot towards the exit. No, he couldn’t leave.

If he left, it would be the same as losing the fight, and he wouldn’t gain anything from it.

If he stayed behind to face the chimera, his Shield of Absolute Defense would run out. However, he’d finally be able to get the Silencing Scepter…In any case, he’d at least gain a treasure. How could he not try it?

The current Yue Yang was very experienced with the stress Ultraman faced. On the outside, it seemed like Ultraman spent every day contently playing with girls, discussing love, and fighting some small monsters. However, he could at most last three minutes before using up all his power and losing all strength in his body. This made him feel self-abased, and he normally hid himself, not daring to face others. He did this for an extremely long time. If Ultraman could persevere for 3 hrs, then how could be afraid of the small monsters? He would’ve long since gone to bed, no, gone to battle, and burst all of the small monster’s asses before killing them.

(TLC Note: The author uses 凸凹曼, but as he describes the character to have a 3 minute limit, we’ve decided to use Ultraman because that’s the only character Zaza can think of with a 3 minute limit that fights monsters. Update: 菊花 – instead of using anus, I’ve decided to use ass instead.)

Similarly, if his Absolute Defense’s golden shield could last for 10 hrs instead of 10 minutes, then Yue Yang could have unhurriedly gathered the Silencing Scepters and the Blindness Rune. In addition, he could’ve drank a cup of tea, eaten a meal, and even taken a nap before fighting the Three-Headed Chimera with no rush at all.

The problem was, the Shield of Absolute Defense could only last for one more minute.

Yue Yang was driven mad to the point where he was about to grip his head from frustration.

Why was it that he was unable to fight once the shield disappeared? By the time he had raced out of the exit and entered the side chamber on the right, his shield had already disappeared. Yue Yang then smirked; even without this shell, he was going to take part in battle. However, he hadn’t thought that after raising his hand, his body felt as if it was sealed by some incorporeal force….his power hadn’t been diminished but he couldn’t release it, so he couldn’t attack. Yue Yang wanted to swipe his fist outwards to attack, but he discovered that he couldn’t move his fist at all. It was as if an invisible hand was pulling his arm back.

The law stated that at Star’s Domain, within Aries’ Temple, any ranker that has lost his Shield of Absolute Defense could only rely on their own power to protect themselves, and was unable to attack.

Only beasts could initiate attacks and participate in battles….

“If I die, I die.” Yue Yang couldn’t be bothered to go and search for the Blindness Rune since the spear-like ‘Silencing Scepter’ in his hand also had a time limit.

Yue Yang flew upwards and then thrust the spear down into the ground.

Instantly, the spear flashed with a white light, and in the blink of an eye, the entire arena was lit up with a brilliant light, making it look as if it were daytime.

Finally, it dispersed in all directions forming a circular shock wave.

The Three-headed Chimera’s left dragon head opened its mouth, but was unable to spit out any of that green acid. A ton of the acid pooled out of its mouth, spilling onto the ground, but the head was unable to shoot it towards Yue Yang. The dragon head shook back and forth. It looked as if something had bound its mouth, and was currently trying to struggle out of its hold. But despite its struggles, it was unable to escape its predicament.

Yue Yang was inwardly delighted. This spear was indeed the real Silencing Scepter.

Spirals of white light were being released into the surroundings one wave after another by the Silencing Scepter….Yue Yang could sense that its greatest time limit was only 10 minutes. In other words, if he wasn’t able to defeat this Three-Headed Chimera within 10 minutes, he would be in danger. Hui Tai Lang had long since come out, but it hadn’t dared to charge at the Chimera. Instead, it was hiding somewhere at a distance, lowly growling at the chimera the whole time.

The Barbaric Cow rushed forward fearlessly.

The Three-headed Chimera’s great, flaming lion head in the middle spat out scorching flames at the Barbaric Cow. However, the Barbaric Cow didn’t know how to evade. Instead, she directly charged through it. She jumped high in the air, her hands forming fists, and then fiercely smashed down on the blazing lion head’s nasal bone.

The blazing lion head roared out in anger and pain.

The Giant Shadow’s support of adding a hundredfold strength had already disappeared because of the time limit. Otherwise, the flaming lion head would’ve suffered from a much more serious injury after receiving the Barbaric Cow’s attack.

The dragon head was unable to spit out acid any more. It immediately turned around to help attack, trying to bite the Barbaric Cow. However, it didn’t realize that Yue Yang was waiting for that moment, the instant it would change its target.

Little Wen Li understood his thoughts, and amidst a burst of brilliant light and a nice fragrance, she transformed and flew out as a rainbow.

Two of her hands were carrying dual ice blades that she used to slash down at the dragon head’s long neck, inflicting a shallow wound. However, the freezing air around the blades had exploded, filling the air in the arena with snow. Completely sealed by the freezing ice, the struggling dragon head’s movements grew sluggish, and its biting actions gradually diminished as well. Before it could bite the Barbaric Cow, its entire head had been sealed by the ice, and had turned into an ice sculpture.

These dual ice blades had frightening power. Even Hell’s Demon King Ha Xin wouldn’t have been able to prevent its arm from freezing and becoming as slow as a snail, let alone a level 6 Gold-ranked Three-Headed Chimera.

Yue Yang was extremely excited by the sight of Little Wen Li’s attack.

As expected, she was definitely worthy of being called the Diamond-rank loli; she was really amazing. Even though she was still in the Larva state and only level 1, she was able to seal the dragon head of the Gold-ranked Level 6 Three-Headed Chimera in a single attack. She was even more useful than the Silencing Scepter. If Yue Yang had known this earlier, he wouldn’t have needed to bother with expending effort to look for the Silencing Scepter. With this time, it would be better to look for the Blindness Rune on the right side.

Yue Yang glanced at the sheep’s head on the right, even though it hadn’t yet tried to attack.

However, Yue Yang had a faint feeling that this sheep’s head with absolutely no intention of attacking was actually the most powerful and terrifying existence… Without the Blindness Rune to control the sheep’s head, how would this battle end?

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