Long Live Summons

Chapter 37 – Barbarian Cow Shadow

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Chapter 37 – Barbarian Cow Shadow

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Yue Yang struggled to get up, forcing himself to stand as he was a little dizzy from exerting too much Qi energy. It felt as if he had no energy left in his body. Reaching out, he hugged the pale Little Wen Li who was swaying around on the ground. Her doe-eyes that were filled with exhaustion closed slowly as her six arms hugged Yue Yang back tightly. In the end, she turned into a ball of red light as she entered Yue Yang’s body.

If she grew a little more, maybe fighting against the terrifying demon wouldn’t be difficult, but she was still just a small kid right now.

Being capable of chopping off the terrifying demon’s arms was the limit of Yue Yang and Little Wen Li’s abilities.

“Good girl, rest well.”

Yue Yang breathed a sigh of relief when he received the notification that Little Wen Li had gone to sleep.

Although Little Wen Li was his Guardian Beast and would never truly die, Yue Yang had unconsciously regarded this little lamia as his own ‘daughter’. Yue Yang couldn’t bear to see her get injured. Now that he knew she was okay and was only sleeping due to exhaustion, the heavy burden in his heart was finally lifted. Entering into the Copper Grimoire’s red Halo Shield again, Yue Yang saw that the bright-eyed thief was still deep asleep. Due to the protection of the Halo Shield, she wasn’t affected at all by the intense battle just now.

There were several times where Yue Yang had thought of pulling down the bright-eyed thief’s mask to see her face, but he gave it up in the end. There were some things in this world that would be more beautiful if left as a mystery. If you forcefully poked a hole in a paper door, you would lose something to look forward to in the future instead.

Yue Yang knew that the bright-eyed thief was a girl since the beginning, but he didn’t know that she not only had a Silver Grimoire, she had also managed to become a Level 4 Champion. How much human capital and material resources would you need to raise such a girl? Yue Yang couldn’t even imagine it. However, it was certain that she did not come from an ordinary family, and she was most definitely not a simple thief.

Disguising herself as a thief, maybe she had her own difficulties.

If she was really a little thief, then it would be okay for him to take a few liberties with her. But she was clearly someone from the Valley of Thousand Flowers and Butterflies. The Valley of Thousand Flowers and Butterflies had a complicated relationship with the Imperial family. If he wanted to make it out on his own, he couldn’t afford to get involved in the fight between them and the royal family. Then he shouldn’t get involved too deeply with this girl.

Yue Yang sighed slowly and recalled his Spitting Thorny Flower.

Opening his Copper Grimoire that had increased by a sub-rank, Yue Yang had only found out that he could only get experience by summoning the Copper Grimoire out too.

Like that time when he defeated Rock and Tie Kuang, he didn’t even get a single experience point.

Now, a few lines of words appeared on his Grimoire page:

In the battle just now, you have used the ability of a Level 1 Apprentice to defeat a Level 3 Hero without incurring any losses. You have defeated all of your opponent’s summon beasts. You have shown an extraordinary fighting talent in this battle. You have obtained the [Four Stars – Outstanding] evaluation and received 16 battle experience points.

In the same battle, you have also defeated a level 5 [Grandmaster]-Beginner. You have obtained [Five Stars – Perfection] evaluation and received 25 points.

You have successfully protected your battle partner’s safety, thus receiving another 5 battle experience points.

In the end, in a battle that was impossible to win, you have successfully defeated and injured a level 8 Demon King. You have achieved a miraculous victory in this world. You have obtained [Seven Stars – Miraculous] evaluation and received another 49 battle experience points. Even while fighting amidst the destructive battle, you have, yet again, protected your partner. You have received 7 battle experience points. The Copper Grimoire’s battle experience has reached 102 points. Copper Grimoire will automatically rise to intermediate-rank from beginner-rank. The Ancient Law will now grant your beast a unique ability from the Gods…

Flipping to the next page, I saw that Phantom Shadow, my Guardian Beast, had really obtained a new skill, [Possession].

[Possession] – Phantom Shadow can take over any beast’s body and possessed it like it’s its own body. The target must not be of the same gender as the Phantom Shadow’s master. Furthermore, during the implementation of [Possession] skill, the target must be alive. The success rate of implementing the [Possession] skill depends on the strength and willpower of the target.

“What the heck? Doesn’t this [Possession] skill have too many limitations?” Yue Yang was slightly speechless.

With so many limitations and requirements, could it be a useless skill?

If Yue Yang could choose by himself, he would definitely ask for an additional ability for Little Wen Li. Although Phantom Shadow was not a bad Guardian Beast, it had its own limitations.

When the time limit was reached, after ten days, the shadow acquired through [Possession] would also disappear along with the Phantom Shadow. He would need to use [Possession] again on the same beast if he wanted to get its shadow. That required a lot of effort. It was already hard to fight a Beast, and now the beast must be of female gender. Furthermore, [Possession] needed **, it was not enough to simply kill it. This was too difficult.

Strong, alive and kicking beasts; Which of these beasts would stay silent watching its body being possessed by another?

It would definitely try to retaliate. Only one word could describe this [Possession] skill, ‘difficult’.

Yue Yang felt that this ability was really useless…However, it was still better than nothing. Yue Yang forced himself to receive it.


The Bronze Barbaric Bull that had cuts and bruises all over its body suddenly came out from amongst the pieces of the fallen Rock Golem. Forcing itself to get up, it struggled to stand straight. It was still alive even after such a heavy attack. Its tenacious vitality made Yue Yang extremely surprised.

A thought quickly passed through Yue Yang’s mind. Looks like this Bronze Barbaric Bull was actually a Bronze Barbaric Cow. Could he possibly take over its body with [Possession]?

Observing closely, it was indeed a female cow.

“Excuse me, this female cow here, can I borrow your body?” Yue Yang walked to the front of the Bronze Barbaric Cow and asked in a courteous manner. The Bronze Barbaric Cow’s reply was a nod of its head in preparation to knock Yue Yang over. If it wasn’t for the severe injury in its hind legs, it would have already charged forward and knocked over this shameless boy and trampled him to death.

The Phantom Shadow appeared from Yue Yang’s body and opened it’s arms, immediately embracing the Bronze Barbaric Cow.

Immediately, the Bronze Barbaric Cow struggled and jumped around in pain, its huge body twisting and turning. It suddenly flew up midway into the air and then dropped heavily to the ground, causing a small earthquake on the ground. Following its fall, the Bronze Barbaric Cow howled miserably.

During the implementation of [Possession], Yue Yang couldn’t help the process at all.

He could only watch the Phantom Shadow and the Bronze Barbaric Cow battling each other. He had no confidence whether this [Possession] would be successful or not…With regards to the end result, if the [Possession] was successful, he actually didn’t really want the Bronze Barbaric Cow at all, but he wanted to experiment on this new skill. He wanted to determine if this [Possession] skill was indeed a useless skill or not, and how to implement it.

“Mooo, MOOOOO!”

Before long, blood suddenly burst out from each of the Bronze Barbaric Cow’s orifices. It looked extremely frightening.

As its will was slowly taken over by the Phantom Shadow’s, it’s soul disappeared slowly. Finally, the Phantom Shadow had successfully taken over its body. The Bronze Barbaric Cow’s enormous body transformed in an instant, as Yue Yang watched with his mouth agape, dumbstruck. The Bronze Barbaric Cow had turned into a 3 metre tall female giant. A spotted, weird looking cow leather armor covered her ample breasts. The previously thick cow’s hooves had turned into a pair of human arms, but they were muscular and thick. With regards to the cow’s hind legs, they almost didn’t change at all as she stood up straight. The two horns, on the other hand, including the horns that had been broken by Yue Yang just now, re-appeared on top of the female giant’s forehead. They twisted upwards, looking intimidating and savage.

The long cow’s tail was also retained.

Looking at this beast that was 90% human and 10% cow, Yue Yang’s chin almost dropped to the ground…This, this was the result of [Possession]?

“Avatar?” Yue Yang saw that the female giant looked very similar to the characters in the movie Avatar, but it was ten times more muscular than them. The Avatar giant had a slender and shapely waist, but this Barbarian Cow’s waist was thick and shapeless as a bucket. Her body was eight-feet tall, but her waist was also eight-feet wide.

Flipping to the Copper Grimoire’s second page, Yue Yang found that there was an extra unique-looking shadow amongst the other Phantom Shadows.

Barbarian Cow Shadow: humanoid-type beast, bronze-ranked level 3 half-entity. Guardian Beast with an obstinate character. Owned the skills [Trample] and [Doom’s Eyes].

When Yue Yang saw this, his mouth opened so wide that a fist could be stuffed inside, “My goodness…”

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