Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love

Chapter 972

Chapter 972: Song Qingchun’s Su Zhinian and Su Zhinian’s Song Qingchun (24)

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Previously she had been afraid, afraid that getting a divorce would worry her parents, so she had come up with more lies to cover up the earlier ones that she made. But now, she was afraid, afraid that once he found out the truth, he would hate her… so she didn’t dare be honest with him, didn’t dare apologize to him.

Qin Yinan’s brow furrowed even deeper. As he helped Cheng Qingchong wipe away her tears, he kept consoling her gently. When the tears slowly dried up, she realized that he had been holding her face, and her heart started to race again. Her ears reddened, and her eyes lowered; a tear slid down her cheek following her movement.

When Qin Yinan used his thumb to wipe away that tear with a helpless sigh, he accidentally brushed against her lips, and a shock of electricity jolted through both their bodies. They both shivered in unison. Cheng Qingchong’s eyes turned upward to realize that Qin Yinan’s clear eyes had been looking at her.

The temperature in the car continued to rise. Qin Yinan’s Adam’s apple rose twice, and his head leaned in closer to Cheng Qingchong. Cheng Qingchong gripped his arm worriedly. Her head started to lean back, but she stopped. She looked at his eyes that were closed, and she also slowly closed hers before she felt his lips on hers.

His kiss was like his personality, soft and gentle.

Cheng Qingchong’s fingers that held his arm gradually loosened, and her whole person collapsed in his arms. His hands found their way into her shirt and her whole body froze. However, under his fingertips’ slow dances around her skin, she gradually relaxed.

Their clothes gradually fell off one after another, flying from the front seat to the back. His fiery skin stuck to her supply skin, causing their bodies to shake even more.

He kissed every inch of her skin, and when he felt her reciprocate, he pulled her deeper into the passionate embrace.

It was a night of unbridled passion on top of the nameless hill.

Back in Beijing, Su Zhinian snuck into Song Qingchun’s bed and pulled her into his embrace. His impatient fingers infiltrated her pajamas.

Song Qingchun groaned from annoyance before opening her eyes to see Su Zhinian’s handsome face before her eyes. Before she realized what was happening, his lips found hers.

The man had probably been holding it in for a long time because he was incredibly impatient. When he realized that there was a reaction from her body, even without removing the rest of the clothing, he wanted to rush toward the main event already.

His body was hot, so hot that she had trouble breathing. He kissed her face slowly and deliberately as he tore open the clothing that was between them and pushed them off the bed. He gritted his teeth to hold it in until he felt her body had gotten used to it before increasing in strength.

A barely discernible voice escape from her lips. It was light and weak, but it sounded like an explosion in Su Zhinian’s ears. Like the most effective aphrodisiac, he lost himself in the moment, and his force suddenly increased tenfold.

After the event was over, he didn’t hurry to leave her.

He lay on top of her, hugging her tightly as his warm sweat covered both of their bodies.

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