Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love

Chapter 1067 - Memory (6)

Chapter 1067: Memory (6)

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Jin Ze‽

It was a name that Qin Yinan couldn’t have been more familiar with. In fact, even now, he would still quite often see the owner of the name, but when the name left Song Qingchun’s mouth, he was stumped. He held his phone with a blank expression like he couldn’t remember who the name belonged to.

Song Qingchun waited for a while and when she didn’t hear anything from Qin Yinan, she repeated what she had said. “Jin Ze, the CEO of Golden Wings Investment.”

It was Jin Ze who offered to save the company two years ago, and Cheng Qingchong has ended up together with Jin Ze… Qin Yinan’s already confused mind was shattered into pieces.

Even though Song Qingchun had not said anything really incriminating, his heart was gripped with fear, afraid that what Song Qingchun would reveal was similar to what was on his mind.

His heavy breathing made Song Qingchun realize that he was listening to her and also his emotions were all over the place. She gave him half a minute to digest the news before continuing slowly. “Brother Yinan, I hear from Zhinian that Jin Ze came to know Qingchong many years ago when she was still working for him. At the time, he showed interest in Qingchong, but his advances were firmly denied.

“However, about two years ago, when your company met the financial crisis, Qingchong, who had shown consistent disdain toward Jin Ze, suddenly agreed to be with him, and then Jin Ze provided you with monetary support. So… Brother Yinan… don’t you think there are simply too many coincidences?”

If not for Su Zhinian’s superpower, this would still have remained a secret. Song Qingchun really wanted to tell Qin Yinan the truth; it was indeed Cheng Qingchong’s sacrifice that saved his company. However, this had been discovered when they ran into Cheng Qingchong at the mall, and during the chit-chat, Su Zhinian accidentally brushed up against her hand when he was passing her a glass of water. Su Zhinian read all this information from her mind, but she couldn’t reveal all that to Qin Yinan.

Afraid that she wasn’t being obvious enough, Song Qingchun thought about it before adding, “Brother Yinan, Zhinian has told me before that Jin Ze spent a lot of money to purchase a mistress. I fear, that woman is Qingchong… Perhaps you should investigate…”

Before Song Qingchun could finish, Qin Yinan ended the phone call. His hand that held the phone was shaking badly. He clicked multiple times on his phone before he managed to get his secretary’s number.

“Help me pull out the phone records and message history of this number from one year ago…”

Qin Yinan gave Chen Yang the phone number Cheng Qingchong was using when she was in Beijing, the number that she had already disconnected. After hanging up, Qin Yinan didn’t know what word could even describe his feeling then.

A desire to run appeared in his mind. Like an ostrich, he wished to stick his head in the ground, to pretend like all this didn’t exist because he was afraid of knowing the truth. He was close to calling his secretary back to tell him to stop the investigation because his instincts told him that the truth might be too difficult to handle.

Half an hour later, the secretary finally called him back. He said that the message history and phone records had been sent to his mailbox.

Qin Yinan replied with a grunt and ended the call. Holding his breath, he froze beside the computer for some time before pulling the chair out to sit down.

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