Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 30 Characters from the Fiendgod Age

Chapter 30 – Characters from the Fiendgod Age


It was a sunny day.

In the practice grounds of the first years in White Deer Academy.

“I would never have thought that you were able to reach the sixth stage of the ordinary martial stage in such a short time. Motherfucker, you little bastard, how were you able to do this?” After inspecting Ye Qingyu’s cultivation when the lesson was finished, the burly teacher could not help but swear.

“Eh, I just practiced and practiced and then it just naturally became like this…” Ye Qingyu had an innocent face, trying to be endearing.

Wen Wan suppressed the impulse to strangle Ye Qingyu’s neck.

He suddenly suppressed his voice, sneakily looking around, then said, “Hey, speak the truth. That madman Liu Lei, did you take care of him? Don’t worry about me telling everyone and tell the truth. In reality, your father and I have long disliked that crazy person!”

“Its not me.” Ye Qingyu honestly shook his head.

Wen Wan was taken aback, then he let out a hmph.

But very quickly, he thought of something and said, “Its best if it wasn’t you. But, the Liu family will not let you go so easily since you are the one with the greatest suspicion…”

Ye Qingyu casually shrugged his shoulders.

Wen Wan was again irritated by his bland attitude, saying, “This time, you really have to thank the person called Blue Sky…”

“Him?” Ye Qingyu was slightly perplexed.

Wen Wan gave him a look of scorn, saying, “What? You don’t know? At that night in the wilderness, Liu Yuancheng since he couldn’t find the killer or the corpse of his son, he was driven crazy with anger. Under his rage, he wanted to place you under torture and interrogation with the intention of completely breaking you. He would rather mistakenly kill off ten thousand, rather than let one get away. In the end, it was the wild Blue Sky who insisted on protecting you no matter what. Ultimately, this made both parties fight each other…”

“Ah?” Ye Qingyu was completely astonished.

Did this really happen?

“Ah? Ah your fart! Young man, you are really too inexperienced and have underestimated the dangers of this world!” Wen Wan with an exaggerated expression of disappointment, sighed theatrically. “Liu Yuancheng is a noble appointed by the royal family. In his anger, both the city leader office and the academy needed to give him an answer. If he really was determined to cripple you, you would really have been finished. But who knows what medicine that lunatic Blue Sky ate that day, he was like a king eating a weight*. He resolutely decided to protect you, and in a moment of anger, he killed three experts from the government and injured Liu Yuancheng till he spat blood and fled. Only through doing this were you protected…”

“Ah?” After hearing what had happened behind the scenes, Ye Qingyu was incomparable shocked.

“Ah your father! Apart from ah do you have any other phrases?” Wen Wan covered his face with his hand and scolded Ye Qingyu. “After explaining so much, do you finally understand?”

“Understand what?” Ye Qingyu continued to be in a state of blankness.

“I. Fuck. You…” Wen Wan continued to swear exasperatingly. “Your current situation is very dangerous. So during this time, be on your best behaviour and don’t give the Liu family any chance at all.”

“En.” Ye Qingyu nodded his head absently.

Wen Wan was completely speechless.

He regretted saying so many things, it was basically akin to playing a lute to a cow.**

But he could be certain that the little bastard Ye Qingyu was extremely deceitful. On the surface, he pretended to be in a daze, but underneath he was even craftier than a ghost.

“Oh, that’s right, who would have thought that this teacher Blue Sky was such a fierce person…” Ye Qingyu said, deeply moved. “As the person in charge of supervising the students he not only did not take care of his duty but also refused any responsibility for the death of Liu Lei. Who would have thought, that instead of apologizing to their family, he would beat Liu Lei’s father until he spurted out blood. Isn’t this too tyrannical?”

“Him?” Wen Wan pressed his lips together. “You really don’t understand him. Compared to the things that he did in the wildness, what he did here was just child play…”

Ye Qingyu was suddenly extremely curious about this fake teacher.

“But what he has done, won’t the academy punish him?” Ye Qingyu said worryingly.

“Of course they’ll punish him. The Dean of the academy has already taken care of it, he is punished to be confined in the [Grievance Hall] for three days…” Wen Wan said with a chuckle.

“Eh?” Ye Qingyu was blank for a bit. “Although I don’t really know what the [Grievance Hall] is, but this punishment seems far too light!”

“It’s more than just light.” Wen Wan had a similar sentiment. “It’s so light that it makes one’s hairs stand up. The Dean is evidently protecting that child. The [Grievance Hall] is the bedroom of Blue Sky, the Dean only grounded that lunatic in his bedroom for three days. Hahahaha! That is too shameless!”

“Fuck.” Ye Qingyu was completely shocked by the unprincipled actions of the Dean to protect Blue Sky. “This really is too shameless, too shameless!”

Wen Wan patted Ye Qingyu on the shoulder and said with a laugh, “Are you jealous? Work hard, you little bastard. Wait until the day where you can shock everyone in the battle between the ten academies like Blue Sky. Wait until the day where you can enter the Bitter Sea stage before twenty like Blue Sky. If you are known as the number one genius in the entire history of White Deer Academy, then the Dean will also protect you no matter what happens.”

“So it was this.” Ye Qingyu suddenly understood the actions of the Dean, then said in a perplexed tone, “Then why did Blue Sky protect me?”

“This…” Wen Wan held up his hands to the air. “When you have free time, go personally ask that lunatic!”

After saying this, Wen Wan shook his head. “I think you must attract crazy people. One madman wants to kill you and ends up dying. One lunatic wants to protect you and ends up being confined. Ahaha…”

Ye Qingyu, “…”

Wen Wan continued to tease Ye Qingyu for a bit, before becoming serious. “Fine, let’s speak of other things. What do you plan to do from now on? There is only a couple of days till the monthly examination of the first years, do you have any ambition?”

Ye Qingyu shook his head. “I have none.”

“What? You really don’t plan to participate in the monthly examination?” Wen Wan was taken aback.

“I will participate, but I won’t be in the spotlight,” Ye Qingyu said.

Wen Wan blinked, then rapidly understood. He nodded his head. “That’s fine, lie low for a bit… But, I’ve heard that both Qin Wushuang and Yan Xingtian received huge benefits from the wilderness training. They have both broken through, and have now stepped into the Spirit Spring stage. And as for Song Qingluo and the others, they are also improving rapidly. If this continues on, I fear that the people of the academy will soon forget about you…”

Ye Qingyu laughed. “Why are you so concerned about me?”

Wen Wan laughed. “Because I like you.”

“Disgusting,” Ye Qingyu said flatly. “That’s right, I have three pearls here that I obtained from killing a clam. It’s a little strange, can you help me find out the origins of it?”

Saying this, Ye Qingyu passed over the three pearls that he had obtained from the golden clam in the river.

Wen Wan fiddled with it for a bit, his expression becoming more serious. “This is quite interesting, even I don’t know what it is. How about this, I’ll bring it to my friends in the [Rare room], those people interact with strange and rare items on a daily basis!”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

“Then it’s decided, wait for my news, haha…” Wen Wan suddenly laughed loudly like someone with a mental illness. Then his figure quickly flashed, with the same agility as a startled dragon. He stepped on the statues at the edge of the practice ground as if they were branches, fleeing lithely away.

“Sigh, every time he has to show off his lightness skill*, is he unable to walk normally?” Ye Qingyu criticized.


The second day.

Waiting till the queue of first years exchanging academic points had died down a little, Ye Qingyu brought the [endowment bones] he had obtained to swap for academic points. In this trip, he had managed to reap a lot, obtaining over fifty [endowment bones].

This number, when compared to the average of three or four that other students obtained, was as if Ye Qingyu had gotten rich in one quick day.

But Ye Qingyu was careful and cautious. This time, he only brought out six bones to be swapped, and adding to the items he harvested from the golden python like scales and fangs, he managed to obtain twenty academic points.

Accompanied by the envious gazes of the other students, Ye Qingyu nonchalantly left the administration area. He headed for the martial library of the first years, wanting to investigate something.

The library was the place where White Deer Academy stored scriptures, ancient books and martial manuals. It was one of the most important places of the academy.

And the martial library within the first year district was a white pagoda with two floors, ancient and unadorned. The scale could not be counted as large, holding less than ten thousand books within, with the majority being some low class training manuals. But from the perspective of the first years, this was already enough.

It was said that there was once an abnormal genius who managed to memorize every book within this library. In the end, he managed to amaze the world, become one of the most powerful people in the region.

This was the first visit of Ye Qingyu to the martial library.

The teacher in charge of guarding the library checked the nameplate of Ye Qingyu before allowing him to enter.

Within the stone pagoda, the lighting was extremely bright. On the stone shelves were all kinds of different books and scrolls. There were different types of martial manuals, there were memoirs about training in the ordinary martial stage, there were spirit herbs encyclopedias, there were historical records…

In a world where the martial path was prosperous, everything was related to the martial way.

Ye Qingyu searched carefully, finally arriving in front of the shelf written [Ancient Characters and Rare Items], located at the second floor.

Comparatively speaking, this was a section that was neglected. Not many people read books from this shelf. In total, there were less than a hundred books and the books were covered with a fine layer of dust. It looked like it had been many years since anyone had opened these books.

Ye Qingyu could vaguely hear the lonely sighs of these books.

“En… [Illustrated Handbook of Strange Characters], it’s this one!”

He finally had a book that suited his needs.

Ye Qingyu took out the book that was three fingers thick. It was a handwritten, string-bound book and was not printed. On the front of the cover was written [Illustrated Handbook of Strange Characters] and on the spine of the book, there were words saying ‘Compilations of Gao Shenghan’.

It looks like there was only one copy.

It was a pity that the contents of this book did not have much relation to cultivation, causing very little people to be interested in it. The only reason that Ye Qingyu was interested in this book was because he needed to investigate the words on the Bronze book and what it meant.

Ye Qingyu had an intuition that the book he obtained from the golden clam was definitely not simple.

“Eh, this [Illustrated Handbook of Strange Characters] is really detailed in splitting things into category, there is even an index… It really is a dictionary for all strange characters. The one who wrote this book, Gao Shenghang, just what kind of person is he, to be so knowledgeable?”

After only looking at a few pages, Ye Qingyu could not help but marvel at this book.

“It looks like, the words on the Bronze book belongs to… En, it’s from the ancient… No that’s not right, its characters are from the Fiendgod Age. Heavens, how can it be from such an era that long ago!”

*Err I would like to say I know what this means. I don’t. 王霸吃秤砣. Anyone knows that this actually means and translates to? **Means that you are doing something to an audience that done not appreciate it.

***轻功 A term really common in wuxia novels, basically refers to their techniques to escape or move

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