I’m Really a Superstar

Chapter 1654 - I'll film it!

Chapter 1654: I’ll film it!

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On that night.


At a gym.

A car parked outside. Zhang Ye and Wu Zeqing stepped out with their daughter.

Old Wu asked, “What made you want to come to the gym all of a sudden?”

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “I wanted to train a little and also wanted to have Sisi learn how to swim since there are coaches here. I’ve already made the arrangements. There won’t be any outsiders around.”

Old Wu asked, “Who’s the owner?”

Zhang Ye said, “Xu Meilan. It’s not usually open to the public.”

Sisi was a little conflicted. “Daddy, I don’t want to swim.”

Zhang Ye patted her on the head. “Be good. When you learn how to swim, Daddy will buy you something nice to eat.”

Wu Zeqing smiled. “She’s been afraid of water since birth.”

Zhang Ye said, “That’s why I want her to learn. It’s best to conquer your fears.”

Someone was already waiting for them at the entrance.

That person came up and welcomed them. “Teacher Zhang, you’re here? My last name is Zheng. I’m a coach here. Sister Lan just called me and arranged everything. Please follow me.”

Zhang Ye said, “Thank you.”

Coach Zheng smiled and said, “You’re welcome.”

The gym wasn’t big, but it was very luxurious. As it wasn’t open to the public, there was hardly anyone around. Most of the people here were either employees or coaches. When they saw Zhang Ye, there was a noticeable commotion. Although Heavenly Queen Xu Meilan had opened the gym, and the people who came by were often celebrities and big shots they were used to seeing, they still reacted a little differently when they saw Zhang Ye. Zhang Ye was an international star.

Sisi went to learn to swim.

Sitting where the equipment was, Zhang Ye and his wife watched through a glass panel.

Zhang Ye suddenly said, “My classmate came to look for me today.”


Zhang Ye said, “CTV International approached me to make a show for them.”

Old Wu asked, “Have you accepted it?”

“I haven’t given them my word yet.”

“If it’s going to be for the international audience, it won’t be easy.”

“Yeah, I know that.”

“Do you a concept?”

“I do have some ideas, but I’m not sure if they’ll work. I still have to ponder over it for a bit. If I’m really going to make that show, I won’t be able to stay at home for a period of time again. That’s why I’m hesitating. I have to get my wife’s permission since I just finished making a movie.”

“What genre is it?”

“Wilderness survival.”

“Wilderness survival? Are there shows like that?”

“It’s precisely because there aren’t any that I wanted to give it a try.”

“Any danger involved?”

“Uh, no.”

“Do it if you think it will work. I’ll take care of matters at home.”

“Alright, I’ll think about it then.”

Wu Zeqing stretched her arms a little. “Let’s go and work out as well.”

Zhang Ye laughed and said, “Do your warmups first. Don’t pull any muscles.”

Not far away.

Several female trainers were arguing.

“I’ll take them, I’ll take them!”

“Sister Chen, you’ve already clocked out.”

“Can’t I apply for overtime today?”

“I’m the one who’s supposed to work overtime today. Don’t you all dare to fight with me over it!”

“Aiya, stop arguing already. Why don’t we all handle this together?”

Coach Zheng shook his head and said, “Look at you all, arguing over something like this! I’ll take Teacher Zhang. You all can go and guide Minister Wu.”

Two of the female trainers went over to help Wu Zeqing. However, their eyes turned to Zhang Ye every now and then.

Coach Zheng went over and said with a smile, “Teacher Zhang, what kind of workout would you like to do?”

Zhang Ye shrugged. “I’ll be fine with any workout.”

But Coach Zheng said sternly, “You shouldn’t be working out like that. You don’t usually come to the gym and work out with the equipment, right? You’ll need someone who can guide you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the full effects of the workout. It will also be easy to injure yourself that way. From your physique, you’re slightly on the thin side and don’t have much strength and muscle, so you’ve got to do a full workout.”

Zhang Ye said, “That won’t be necessary.”

Coach Zheng said, “You really should.” He raised his arms and flexed to show off his muscles. “Look, all this is a result from years of training. I know that you’re doing this for your movie roles, but it’s still your muscles or strength in the end. It’s not something that anyone would find too much of. Your physical fitness should be quite good, so let me think up a workout regimen for you. I’ll also suggest a diet that you can incorporate protein powder into. If you can stick to this plan for the next three to five years, you can also have nice muscles and be strong like us. I can guarantee you that.”

Zhang Ye waved his hands and said, “Protein powder? Count me out.”

Nearby, a female trainer also said, “You have to take it, or you won’t be able to increase your strength.”

Coach Zheng added, “That’s right.”

But Zhang Ye kept waving it off. He said with a laugh, “Forget it, I’m not really thinking of working out so hard anyway. Just put the focus on my wife and guide her well. You don’t really have to worry about me.”

Everyone was helpless.

Wu Zeqing had already started her workout.

Zhang Ye found a random machine beside her and started working out on it noisily.

The trainers were all shaking their heads. “Alright then, let us know if there’s anything you need.”

Zhang Ye’s mind was not on gym workouts at all. He had come out with Old Wu today mainly to get her opinion on a matter. He had been filming Wolf Warrior 2 for two months and then being busy for another month for the screening of the movie. During these three months, Zhang Ye was hardly at home, so he was afraid that his wife would mind if he were to be away again for his work. Fortunately, Old Wu had always been fully supportive of him when it came to work. This made Zhang Ye feel very grateful about his situation.

Should he make the show or not?

Could it work?

No matter how much Zhang Ye thought about it, he found it to be an enormous risk.

Just as he had said to Yu Yingyi, it was almost impossible for a show from China to get accepted by the entire world’s viewers. Be it the region, language, or culture, all of those factors would have already made this path an unwalkable one. But a wilderness survival show was different. This type of show was not limited by international boundaries of any type. It just needed one person and a film crew, and they’d be able to film the show in the wilderness anywhere in the world. Then the show would just have to be translated into English or another language, and everyone around the world could watch it. The method for survival would also be scientific, so it isn’t limited by cultural differences either. In addition, Zhang Ye was an international star now, so he had a certain influence on the international scene. Therefore, it didn’t really matter much whether the person who hosted the show was Chinese, English, or American. The most important thing was: this kind of show didn’t exist in this world.

An hour.

Two hours.

Wu Zeqing checked her watch. “It’s about time, isn’t it?”

“Alright, let’s get going.” Zhang Ye smiled and got off the equipment.

Wu Zeqing smiled and said to the trainer beside her, “Thank you for your guidance.”

The female trainer smiled and said, “When you come here next time, do look for me again.”

Old Wu said, “Alright.”

Another female coach said, “It’s just that Teacher Zhang didn’t really do much working out.”

Zhang Ye laughed. “Didn’t I just work out for two hours?”

The female trainer covered her mouth and laughed. “That weight you were working out with, even us female trainers find it to be too light. We’d only lift that during our warmups.”

Zhang Ye said in amusement, “That’s because you’re all professionals.”

The female trainer pointed to the side. “Coach Zheng is the most professional one here. Look at him.”

Coach Zheng was bench pressing some weights.

A few trainers were standing around him.

“He’s increasing the weight.”

“It’s already at 180 kilos!”

“How impressive!”

“That’s twice his weight.”

When Coach Zheng saw so many people watching him, he felt even more motivated. He probably didn’t lift this much normally. Letting out a shout, he braced himself until his veins were showing. With great effort, he unracked the bar and pushed it upwards with his arms trembling mightily!

Everyone cheered.



“He lifted it!”

The trainers were all clapping.

Zhang Ye and Wu Zeqing did not pay much attention to that. They just smiled and prepared to go and fetch their daughter.

But at this moment, just as they were walking past, a loud voice rang out. “Aiyo!”

The bar in Coach Zheng’s hands slipped. His left hand couldn’t grip it and he lost control momentarily as 180 kilograms of weight came crashing down towards him!



“Old Zheng!”

Several of the female trainers paled!

The male trainers rushed up, wanting to help, but none of them dared to even stretch out their hands out to catch the bar. It contained 180 kilograms. For such a load to fall downwards, they wouldn’t be able to catch it unless all three of them caught it at the same time. However, none of them were prepared for this.

Coach Zheng was so terrified his face turned green!

At the very last moment, a hand suddenly appeared above Coach Zheng’s head.

Zhang Ye was happening to pass by when he turned his head and noticed the situation. With just a look, his reflexive response caused him to stretch one hand out and grab hold of the bar.

He stopped it from falling!

It was stopped just 2 centimeters above Coach Zheng’s eyes!

Zhang Ye asked, “Are you OK?”

Coach Zheng was stunned!

The trainers around were all dumbfounded!

Coach Zheng said, “Ah, yes, I’m fine.”

Zhang Ye nodded before lifting the barbell up with one hand and placing it back onto the rack with a loud clang. Throughout all of this, he did not even blink at all. “Don’t push yourself too hard. Take it easy.”

Then he left together with his wife.

The two of them chatted as they walked off.

Old Wu asked, “So how’s your thinking coming along?”

Zhang Ye replied, “Hur hur, I’ve already thought it through.”

“What’s your decision?”

“I’ll film it!”

“That’s good.”

“If I miss this opportunity, there won’t be another chance like it. I definitely have to seize it. It’s just that there’s some difficulty to it. I haven’t even climbed a mountain or lived in the wilderness before. I’m just afraid that my fitness isn’t good enough.”

“Work out more then.”

“I will.”

After picking up Sisi, the family of three walked out of the gym.

Leaving the coaches in the gym nearly vomiting blood at what just happened!

Everyone looked at Zhang Ye as he left. Then they turned to look at that 180-kilogram barbell on the equipment rack. Beads of sweat formed on every one of their foreheads. They looked at Zhang Ye like they had seen a god!

A female trainer gulped. “180 kilos?”

A male trainer grunted, “Mhm.”

Another female trainer said, “H-He caught it with one hand?”

Another male trainer said, “He did.”

Everyone knew what this weight represented.

They knew even better what it meant to be able to catch that with one hand.

And it looked like he did not even put in any effort?

What left them even more speechless was that before leaving, Zhang Ye actually said, “I’m only afraid that my fitness isn’t good enough,” while speaking to his wife.

Your fitness isn’t good enough?

Then how fucking good does it have to be before it can be deemed good enough!


It was so silent that it was awkward.

It was so awkward that they could feel their faces flushing.

They thought about how they even suggested to Zhang Ye earlier to take protein powder to increase his strength.

Protein powder? You couldn’t fucking train to that level even if you took 50 kilograms of protein powder every day!

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