Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 259 - Yi Yunrui’s Strange Behaviors

Chapter 259 Yi Yunrui’s Strange Behaviors

Hearing Lei Buyang’s words, Zhou Wenping sighs in her heart.

She thought Lei Buyang had found out the real purpose of her contacting with him. It turns out to be a misunderstanding. Lei Buyang thinks that Zhou Wenping makes use of him as a substitute.

He thinks that Zhou Wenping quarreled with Luo Zhen.

Luo Zhen slaps the window forcefully. Lei Buyang strokes his forehead, “Miss Zhou, if you don’t get off soon, I am afraid that I need to take my car for a serious repair tomorrow.”

Zhou Wenping rolls her eyes, “Mr. Lei. I am sorry to disturb you.”

Then, Zhou Wenping opens the door and gets off the car.

When Luo Zhen is just going to shout, Lei Buyang sticks his head out of the car. He says naughtily, “Pinging, I will come to see you again. Don’t forget me. I will miss you.”

Lei Buyang finishes his words. Before Luo Zhen turns furious and wants to tear him into pieces, he presses the accelerator forcefully. The car roars away.

“Don’t tell me that he also stole something from you and you came to take it back without eating your dinner!” Luo Zhen shouts loudly.

Zhou Wenping blinks her eyes. She was really thinking of using this reason again. However, Luo Zhen is not stupid this time.

Luo Zhen finds that Zhou Wenping doesn’t deny. He feels his heart aching, “Do you like him?”

Zhou Wenping glances at him, “Why do you follow me?” She didn’t seem to tell him where she was.

“I followed you to the bar.” Luo Zhen says. His voice is a little hoarse, “You kept looking at him in the bar. Do you like him? Who is he?”

Zhou Wenping is shocked suddenly. It is lucky that Luo Zhen is not smart, or he may have found out the truth.

“Colonel Luo, you and I are just normal friends. Whom I like seems to have nothing to do with you.”

“How can it have nothing to do with me?” Luo Zhen shouts loudly, “You are my woman! I am sure you are the one all my life.”

Zhou Wenping looks at Luo Zhen’s decisive expression. She feels a kind of moved. She is stunned.

The man…is so frank.

Aware that Zhou Wenping is looking at him blankly, Luo Zhen thinks that his voice has scared her. He takes a deep breath and says patiently, “Do you like him, or his money, or anything else? Pingping, can you tell me honestly?”

Zhou Wenping sees the passion in the deep of Luo Zhen’s eyes. She slightly turns her face away. Not knowing why, she feels very sad to see his expression.

However, this is her job, her mission. If Luo Zhen stays by her, it will be quite inconvenient for her and it will hurt him.

Thinking of this, Zhou Wenping turns to Luo Zhen and says word by word, “Yes. I like his money. He has got a lot of money. He looks handsome. He is a Prince Charming to many women, including me. So, I have been chasing after him. Colonel Luo, are you satisfied with the answer?”

Zhou Wenping’s words are just like sharp knives that stab into Luo Zhen’s heart. He feels so painful that he feels his brain blank.

That man has got a lot of money…

This is the most fatal disadvantage of him.

“Pingping, does…that man love you?”

Zhou Wenping feels stuck. She has just known Lei Buyang. They haven’t got anything about admiration, not to mention love!

Zhou Wenping curls her lips. In order to prevent Luo Zhen from blind guessing, Zhou Wenping holds her arms around her chest, “Yes, of course. If he doesn’t love me, I won’t get in his car…”

“Bullshit!” Luo Zhen angrily interrupts, “He doesn’t love you at all! That man is a ruffian. Pingping, you won’t be happy with him.”

Zhou Wenping frowns, “It is not your business. He is rich. It is enough for me.”

As if his wound is stabbed again, Luo Zhen clenches his fists tightly, “Do you like money so much?”

“In this world, who doesn’t like money? Money is never too much.”

“But I like you!” Luo Zhen stares at Zhou Wenping. He holds out his hands to draw her to him. When Zhou Wenping is stunned, he leans to kiss her lips.

Zhou Wenping feels it dark in front of her and her lips are hot.

After several seconds…

A clear crack is heard. Zhou Wenping pushes Luo Zhen away, “Are you acting the ruffian now!”

Luo Zhen’s face is imprinted with the mark of five fingers. But he still keeps staring at Zhou Wenping, “This is my first kiss.”


Zhou Wenping feels very embarrassed.

She suddenly has the feeling that it is her who is acting ruffian.

“I don’t care whom you like or love. Anyway, you are the woman I have chosen. Before you get married with anyone else, I will be by your side.” Luo Zhen goes directly to make the confession, “My heart is yours. My body is yours. You can make use of me as you like.”

Make use of him as she likes… Zhou Wenping mildly twitches her lips.

Zhou Wenping feels her heartbeat increasingly rapidly and her face is hot, “Wait. Aren’t you afraid that I may play tricks on you?”

“If I am tricked by you, I will accept it.” Luo Zhen says. He reaches to hold her back again, “I am a frank man. Many people say that I am stupid. However, I never change if I make the decisions. Pingping, you are my woman, no matter you love me or not.”

Zhou Wenping gives a sigh. She feels like being defeated by Luo Zhen.

Can there be someone so stupid in the world?

“You are not full, are you?”


Zhou Wenping rolls her eyes at him, “You haven’t had enough food for dinner. Yes?”

“Hum.” Luo Zhen nods. But he shakes his head at once, “I want to stay with you. Don’t kick me away.”

“That’s silly!” Zhou Wenping gently scolds, “I am not full, either. Let’s go home. I will prepare the late dinner.”

Luo Zhen is glad. But he becomes nervous again, “Will you leave in the middle again?”

Zhou Wenping thinks for a while, “I will turn off my phone.”

The clock alarms. It is right at half past seven.

Hearing the loud alarm of the clock, Xia Ning feels her brain heavy. She is so tired that she feels as if her body collapses. She leans on the bed and doesn’t want to move at all.

She doesn’t want to move, but the clock doesn’t stop ringing. Helplessly, he lifts her arm and wipes the clock off to the floor.

Her head…feels very heavy.

She is really tired.

The alarm clock cracks and is broken into two pieces, while the ringing is stopped.

The whole world becomes quiet.

Wait! Xia Ning suddenly opens her eyes. She tries all her strength to take up the phone by her side and glances at the time.

It is half past eight.

God. How can it have been half past eight so soon!

She doesn’t remember how she fell asleep last night. She only remembers that Commander Yi had sex with her several times, and then…

The pillow beside her is empty.

Seemingly, Commander Yi has gone back to the military region.

God. Didn’t he feel tired? He was so horrible last night.

The scenes of their making love in the previous night keep popping up in her brain. Xia Ning blushes at once. She covers her head with the quilt.

Last night, he says again and again, “Ning, let’s have a baby.”

Isn’t it said that army men attach great importance to their promises? Why does he suddenly draw back?

They haven’t finished the three-month inspection time!

Xia Ning helplessly gives a sigh. She grits her teeth and tries all her strength to get up.

She feels very dizzy…

God. How can she go to work in this condition?

She doesn’t know how she climbs to get up. Xia Ning instinctively feels herself become a mollusk. She feels everything rotating when she walks. Her two legs are out of control and tend to quit their job.

Her foot kicks at something unknown. Xia Ning cries and falls forwards.

Shit! It must hurt to fall down like this.

Xia Ning closes her eyes. She is unwilling to see herself fall with the face down to the floor.

Suddenly, she feels a gentle wind blow. In the next second, Xia Ning falls into a warm embrace.

Xia Ning feels surprised. She opens her eyes and right sees Yi Yunrui’s deep slanted eyes looking at her with worry.

“Are you hurt?” He opens his thin lips and asks. He directly holds his wife up.

Xia Ning is surprised, “Why are you here? Didn’t you go back to the military region?”

Yi Yunrui carries Xia Ning to the sofa and gently puts her down, “From today on, I will be responsible to drive you to work.”

Xia Ning is confused, “You have to go to the military region. How can you have time to drive me to work?”

“It doesn’t matter to spare one or two hours.” Yi Yunrui carelessly says, “I have just called Gu Luan and asked for a leave for you. You are going to rest at home today.”

“Ask for a leave?” Xia Ning shakes her head, “I can’t ask for a leave today. It is on Friday. We are going to have the conclusion meeting. In addition, I have something not finished yet in the company…”

“I told Gu Luan that you were very tired last night and you were unable to work today.” Yi Yunrui directly interrupts her. He reaches to hold Xia Ning and walks straightly towards the bedroom, “Go to have some more sleep. Don’t get up until you feel it enough.”

Hearing the reasons of Yi Yunrui’s asking for a leave, Xia Ning feels as if she hears the thunder right from the sky which bombs on her. She feels her face is red and her ears are hot.

Based on Commander Yi’s words, every human being will understand what he means!

“How can you say so…” Xia Ning feels she is going to cry.

God. How embarrassed she will feel when she meets Gu Luan?

“What I said was the truth.” Yi Yunrui says seriously, “We are husband and wife. It is the most natural thing.”

He means that he said that to Gu Luan on purpose.

Xia Ning rolls her eyes, wondering why Commander Yi doesn’t feel shy!

“I made soup and some food to eat. You can have a good rest at home today. I will go to the military region and come back soon.

Xia Ning curls her lips and nods.

Yi Yunrui stands up. As if he remembers something, he goes back to sit by Xia Ning and carries her up again, “Let me help you take a bath, so that you will have a more comfortable sleeping.”

Xia Ning’s face turns red. She shakes her head, “No. No need. I can do that by myself. Are you going to the military region? You may leave.”

“One or two hours make no difference.” Yi Yunrui responds. He holds her to the bathroom and puts her into the warm water in the bathtub.

Xia Ning suddenly realizes that she is naked.

Oh. Her clothes were torn away by Commander Yi last night!

Xia Ning feels so shy that she doesn’t lift her head. She turns her face away, “Rui, I can have the bath by myself. You may go out…”

“No. I am your husband. I help you.” Yi Yunrui says tenderly, but irresistibly.

Xia Ning feels helpless. She can not but give up resistance. When Commander Yi makes up his mind, it is impossible for her to resist.

Yi Yunrui carefully wipes Xia Ning’s body. Xia Ning blushes. She lowers her head and holds the edge of the bathtub tightly.

Her body is tightened. As if she is a kitten, who is afraid of water, but has to obey its master’s order.

“Do you feel cold?”

Xia Ning shakes her head. She lowers her head all the time.

“From now on, I will drive you to work and pick you up from your company in person. If you need to work overtime, I will wait for you downstairs. I will call you every day at ten in the morning, twelve at noon, and two, four and half past five in the afternoon. You may pay attention to your phone.”

Yi Yunrui speaks very slowly, as if he is giving instructions for something very important and he is worried that Xia Ning may forget.

“Actually, there is no need to do so. We are both busy. We should concentrate on the real business….”

“My real business is you.” Yi Yunrui interrupts decisively, “Xia Ning, you are the real business of Yi Yunrui.”

Xia Ning feels her heart jump. She finds Yi Yunrui very strange today.

It feels a little tense in the bathroom. The sound of the water is heard. Xia Ning doesn’t speak. Yi Yunrui doesn’t speak, either. He carefully helps her wash her body.

After quite a while, Yi Yunrui brings a big towel and wraps Xia Ning as if she is a dumpling. Then, he holds her and puts her on the bed.

“You are having a holiday today. Have a good rest at home. I will come home once I finish my work. I will call you at ten to check what you like to eat. I will bring that back to you when I come home.” Yi Yunrui covers Xia Ning with the quilt and says slowly.

Xia Ning twitches her eyebrows. Yi Yunrui is really very “abnormal”.

She glances at him stealthily when he is looking tenderly at her. Xia Ning takes a cold breath. As if she has done something wrong, she buries her head into the quilt.

Yi Yunrui’s eyes gleam. He stands up and looks at Xia Ning quietly. After quite a while, he says, “I am going to the military region.”

“Hum.” Xia Ning responds from the quilt.

Then, she hears him close the door.

Xia Ning puts down the quilt and gives a sigh of relief loudly. She finds that a gentleman can also be frightening, especially someone as charming as Yi Yunrui.

To be honest, she is really very tired. She is unsure whether she can manage to go to work if Yi Yunrui hasn’t asked for the leave for her.

However, Yi Yunrui gave such an embarrassing reason for the leave.

Xia Ning blushes. She buries her head into the quilt again.

When she is just going to close her eyes to sleep, her phone rings. She takes it up to check and finds that it is Li Baoer.

“Ning, why haven’t you come to the office? Don’t you feel well?”

“Kind of…I asked for a leave…” Xia Ning responds in a vague voice.

“You asked for a leave?” Li Baoer sounds quite nervous, “Listen to me. I heard something bad about you. We are going to have the regular meeting. You are not here. What should I do?”

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