God Emperor

Chapter 852 - The Current Situation

Chapter 852: The Current Situation

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Hearing this, Han Qiu immediately understood that Lin Yue, pride of the Yin and Yang Sect, was actually Zhang Ruochen.

Both Lin Yue’s swordsmanship and Zhang Ruochen’s power of time and space were known throughout the world. The younger Talents and Conquerors could only dream of reaching his level.

But if these two were the same man, just how shocking could his talent be?

Han Qiu’s starry eyes grew even brighter. “I guessed that Lin Yue might be you, but I thought that it was too crazy, so I didn’t dare to ask you. If I’d known, I would’ve agreed when you pursued me.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled and shook his head. He wanted to tell her that the Lin Yue that had pursued her had already died.

Just then, Mu Lingxi walked out of an abandoned building. There was a playful smile on her delicate face. “Oh? Zhang Ruochen had pursued you before?”

Han Qiu was surprised to see Mu Lingxi.

The Saintess of the Demonic Sect appeared with Zhang Ruochen at the Yin and Yang Sect. Why had they come?

However, Han Qiu was quite strong mentally. She immediately recovered and held onto Zhang Ruochen’s wrist with a slender porcelain arm. “Yes!” she said, slightly proud. “When Zhang Ruochen pursued me, he competed with others and had battles too. Saintess, are you jealous?”

Mu Lingxi rolled her eyes. She knew how Zhang Ruochen was. He’d never voluntarily pursued anyone before.

Even she and Huang Yanchen couldn’t get this special treatment, let alone Han Qiu.

Zhang Ruochen cleared his throat and started with the important matter. “Miss Han, I came to find you this time because I have some questions. I also hope you can help me with something.”

With that, Zhang Ruochen took out a three-inch long coral from his spatial ring and gave it to Han Qiu. Strands of red blood swam in the coral. They were like tiny dragons.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t like owing people. Since he needed Han Qiu’s help, he would obviously pay her something.

Han Qiu released her Spiritual Power to check the strands of blood inside the coral.

“Blood of a dragon king… No, is it the legendary blood of the dragon emperor?”

Han Qiu’s finger trembled. She looked up at Zhang Ruochen in shock. Powerful dragon and blood Qi came out of the coral. It seemed to swallow her up.

“Yes,” Zhang Ruochen said. “It’s a drop of the dragon emperor’s blood.”

When Zhang Ruochen had received the divine dragon bone, he’d made a deal with the Divine Dragon and Half-Human clan. He’d exchanged it for 3 drops of dragon king’s blood and 20 drops of dragon emperor blood.

He’d used the 3 drops of the dragon king’s blood already. Of the 20 drops of dragon emperor blood, there were 15 drops left.

Unlike the divine dragon blood, the blood of the dragon emperor was easier to absorb for Monks of the Fish-Dragon Realm. It could greatly help a Monk with their cultivation.

If Han Qiu could refine a single drop, she could quickly enter the Eighth or even Ninth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm.

He’s giving away such a precious treasure so easily. Just how rich is he in cultivation resources?

Han Qiu was very smart, of course. Her expression grew serious as she said, “Zhang Ruochen, I already owe you. If you really need my help, you just have to ask. There’s no need to give such a lofty gift. Should I accept the dragon emperor’s blood or not?”

Zhang Ruochen stared at her. A moment later, he said, “Alright! Let’s be straightforward. I went to the netherworld during the months when I went missing. I learned many secrets that the outside world doesn’t know.”

“I can tell you confidently that within the decade, there may be another huge calamity. The entire Eastern Region, even the entire Kunlun’s Field, may cease to exist.”

Han Qiu’s expression turned serious. She knew that Zhang Ruochen wasn’t the type to joke around. He must have a reason for saying this.

Thus, she asked, “It has something to do with the netherworld?”

“Indeed.” Zhang Ruochen nodded. “Your physique is the Form of Darkness. A completed Form of Darkness can consolidate endless darkness and evil Qi. You can travel freely through the netherworld and Kunlun’s Field. You can summon ghostly spirits and dead spirits and turn saintly corpses into soldiers. That’s why I hope you can quickly complete your Form of Darkness.”

The Form of Darkness would continue gathering the power of darkness and become stronger and stronger.

Of course, a Monk with the Form of Darkness could die easily. Many of them would get killed by the power’s backlash before they could mature. However, Zhang Ruochen had high hopes for Han Qiu. After all, she’d already reached the Fish-Dragon Realm. She’d already passed through the most dangerous time and had completed the first stages of the Form of Darkness.

Han Qiu wasn’t as optimistic as Zhang Ruochen. She sighed softly. “It’s not easy to complete the Form of Darkness. If not for the Taichi Natal Way of the Yin and Yang Sect to balance the powers within me, I would’ve been devoured by the dark power by now.”

“If you come with me, I can help you,” Zhang Ruochen said. “I can help you quickly complete the Form of Darkness.”

Han Qiu was slightly shocked. Her clear eyes peered at Zhang Ruochen. Her red lips curled into a smile. “Today, I learned that you’re an ambitious man too. Speak! Are you trying to win me over or are you trying to lure an innocent girl?”

Mu Lingxi, standing on the side, rolled her eyes again.

There was no mirth on Zhang Ruochen’s face. “I just think that one person’s power is limited. I should unite more people to try and do something meaningful.”

Zhang Ruochen had been thinking about this in the netherworld. Chi Yao could invest so many resources in training the nine Heirs. Since he also had a lot of resources, why couldn’t he find some top geniuses to develop strong cultivators comparable to the Heirs?

He had the sapling of the Divine Sky-connecting Tree, the Universe Spiritual Map that provided more time, and large amounts of divine blood. He shouldn’t just use them for himself. He should also create a force that belonged to him.

In the future, when the calamity really arrived, he wouldn’t be forced to fight alone either.

Bu Qianfan, the Orange Star Emissary, Ao Xinyan, Han Qiu, and Le all had unusual physiques. They would accomplish great things as well, so Zhang Ruochen considered them all.

However, Bu Qianfan and Ao Xinyan both had large families behind them. Uniting with them wouldn’t be easy.

On the other hand, Han Qiu and Le should be easier. In addition, they’d interacted before. If Zhang Ruochen could provide them with enough cultivation resources, he believed he could win them over.

Seeing that Han Qiu was hesitant, Zhang Ruochen chuckled. “You don’t have to answer me now. Think about it clearly before giving me an answer.”

After all, Zhang Ruochen was still a wanted criminal. He had many enemies and couldn’t compare with the well-established Yin and Yang Sect. Why would Han Qiu leave somewhere as prestigious as the Yin and Yang Sect to cultivate with a criminal on the run? Who knew if Zhang Ruochen would get captured and executed someday?

Han Qiu nodded. “It’s fortunate that you’re not forcing me to reply immediately. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t know how to answer. Tell me! Why did you come this time?”

“I want to know what exactly had happened in the months I was gone,” Zhang Ruochen said.

In the following hours, Han Qiu told Zhang Ruochen many things.

Firstly, the Yin and Yang Sect had defeated the various Ghost Kings, but dozens had still escaped. They brought the remaining shadow soldiers into the vast East Divine Region and East Satanic Region.

The entire Eastern Region was now in chaos. It had created a huge disaster and the unrest wouldn’t be settled so quickly.

Secondly, the Death Zen Sect had established bases in the Southern Region, the Vampires in the Northern Region. They’d returned to fight directly against the imperial court and had caused huge troubles.

Nowadays, only the Central Region and Western Region were relatively peaceful. However, darkness surged in the background. Some evil forces and ambitious families had contacted the Death Zen Sect and Vampires secretly. They wanted to overthrow the First Central Empire.

That was why the Central and Western Regions weren’t very peaceful either.

If the Kunlun’s Field was in a golden era one year ago, it was now in the dark ages.

Technically, Zhang Ruochen should be excited about this day. After all, this was the only way he could take revenge on Chi Yao and reestablish the Sacred Central Empire.

However, he couldn’t get excited when he thought of the threat in the netherworld. He wished that the Kunlun’s Field could unite and face the huge calamity in the future instead of fighting amongst themselves.

“The Empress has the highest cultivation in the world,” he said. “Where do these people get the courage to fight directly against her?”

Han Qiu’s expression turned strange. “I heard a rumor,” she whispered. “I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

“What rumor?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“I heard that the Empress can no longer attack anyone,” Han Qiu said cautiously. “If she does, she’ll be killed by the rules of the Celestial Way.”

“Since the middle ages, no one could become a god. Anyone who became close all died. Right now, the Empress is like that. However, she used a secret spell to hide her cultivation from the eyes of the Celestial Way. But if she attacks, the Celestial Way will discover her and kill her.”

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