God Emperor

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Chief of Moon Worship Demonic Sect

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While walking out of the refining room, Zhang Ruochen saw the Ninth Commandery Princess Zhang Yuxi and Shan Xiangling. Both of them were the startling beauties of Yunwu Commandery and looked slim and pure, displaying a sense of pleasure.

At that moment, they were scrambling to play with Blackie.

“Blackie, I know that you want to play with me, right?” the Ninth Commandery Princess said with a threat.

Shan Xiangling, however, talked to Blackie in a soft voice with her red lips shining and eyes blinking, “Blackie, let’s go to enjoy the best cuisine in the commandery!”

The Ninth Commandery Princess grabbed Blackie’s ears, while Shan Xiangling grasped its tail. They both kept dragging Blackie toward themselves, as if they were going to tear it apart.

The pain of being a toy between two pretties was unspeakable. Yet, Blackie was frightened that Zhang Ruochen would send it back into the wooden graph. Otherwise, it would have killed them for what they had done to it.

“This is absolutely absurd!

“I once was King of Slaughter! From when have I become two women’s toy?”


The iron door of the refining room opened.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen and Zuo En walk out of the room, the Ninth Commandery Princess and Shan Xiangling let Blackie free almost at the same time. In a second, they returned to elegant ladies.

The Ninth Commandery Princess slightly fixed her sleeves and dress, looking classic and elegant, while Shan Xiangling softly touched her long hair, presenting a feminine and pure image.


Blackie lost its bearings, falling on the ground heavily with its eyes were full of stars.

No one could imagine that two of the four beauties in Yunwu Commandery would scramble for a cat if one did not see it in person.

Were they scrambling just for a cat?

It was the fact that both of the Ninth Commandery Princess and Shan Xiangling were beautiful and known as unrivaled beauties of the world. Any warrior would be honored to meet one of them. They wished they could dedicate all their assets just to see them smile.

Whether or not they were one of the four beauties, it did not bother Zhang Ruochen. “My ninth sister, please accompany me to Qingxuan Pavilion. I need to buy a weapon refining stove.”

“Sure! Let’s go!”

With delight, the Ninth Commandery Princess instantly lifted Blackie up, who was lying on the floor. She blinked at Shan Xiangling as if she was demonstrating her victory of having either Blackie or Zhang Ruochen.

“Your Highness, I also need to go to the Qingxuan Pavilion. Can I join you both?” Shan Xiangling’s voice was always soft and displayed a sense of spirituality.

“Sure, why not?” Zhang Ruochen did not think too much about it and let her join them.

The distance between the Federation of Inscription and Qingxuan Pavilion in the weapon market were quite close. Therefore, they did not ride in the carriage, but walked toward Qingxuan Pavilion.

Then, something that Zhang Ruochen did not anticipate happened.

Everyone knew that both the Ninth Commandery Princess and Shan Xiangling were exceptionally beautiful and were goddesses for lots of warriors. The people who followed after them were countless, as the line for waiting to meet them had extended from the Federation of Inscription to the gate of Yunwu City.

It was as difficult as climbing into the sky for one who wanted to meet any one of the four beauties. Yet, two of them were following behind a young man today. It surely caused quite a sensation in the Martial Market.

“Isn’t she the daughter of Master of the Red Cloud Sect, Shan Xiangling, one of the four young beauties in Yunwu Commandery? She is exceptionally beautiful as if she were a fairy coming out from the graph!”

“How about the lady beside her? Her splendor is more or less the same as Miss Shan!”

“How can you not know the Ninth Commandery Princess, Zhang Yuxi? She is called a beauty of Yunwu Commandery, just like Miss Shan. There are numerous followers wanting to approach her in Yunwu City. Most of them are superior with a strong martial cultivation.”

Not far away, there were two young men sitting opposite each other on a pavilion. They also glanced at Zhang Ruochen, Zhang Yuxi, and Shan Xiangling as the three of them just walked by.

Liu Chengfeng looked cold-blooded and stared at Zhang Ruochen. “I can’t believe both Shan Xiangling and the Ninth Commandery Princess are accompanying him to the market! When did such a young man get so popular in Yunwu City?”

The man sitting opposite Liu Chengfeng was called Situ Ge, Situ Linjiang’s elder brother.

Situ Ge chuckled. “Oh my brother! Don’t you recognize him? He is Yunwu Commandery Prince’s ninth son. Not long ago, he obtained first place in the Year-end Assessment. He is now the hottest genius in Yunwu City! Well… what beauty doesn’t love a genius? Not to mention his superior status. He has surely become the idol of young women!”

Liu Chengfeng giggled. “I know who he is. Being first in the Year-end Assessment… so what? He’s just the first among the Royal Family and their relatives in the younger generation. Compared to the entire young generation in Yunwu City, I guess he can fairly make into the top 10. Yet, I bet ranking in the top 20 in Yunwu Commandery will be too much hard work for him. It makes sense though! His cultivation has just reached the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm. Haha!”

Liu Chengfeng smirked slightly and looked contemptuous.

Situ Ge had watched the fight between Zhang Ruochen and Situ Linjiang. He clearly knew that Zhang Ruochen was indeed magnificent. “Although his cultivation is in the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm, he is able to defeat the young geniuses in the Final State. He is not someone to mess with! When he breaks through to the Medium State of the Yellow Realm, I guess he can still barely confront the warriors in the Completion.”

Liu Chengfeng said, “How is that possible? The Meridians inside a Completion warrior’s body are all fixed. It’s called succeeding the body of Martial Arts. It’s incomparable to the warriors in the Final State of the Yellow Realm. Even if he breaks through to the Medium State, he will be defeated by the Completion warriors within three moves.”

Situ Ge giggled. “With your martial cultivation, it’s more than sufficient to make it to the top three among the young warriors in Yunwu City. Moreover, you’re in the Peak of the Completion of the Yellow Realm. No matter how talented the Ninth Prince is, he won’t be strong enough to compete with you until he makes it to the Completion Stage.”

The so-called young generation referred to the warriors who were under age 20.

Liu Chengfeng had reached the Completion of the Yellow Realm at 17 years old. Excluding the Seventh Prince, who had incredible talent and had always been ranked ahead of him, none of the other geniuses were capable of withstanding any of his moves during a fight.

There was a delighted smile on Liu Chengfeng’s face. “It’s just a pity that the Ninth Prince is still so weak. Otherwise, he’d be classified as one of my strongest opponents. To be honest, I’m totally not concerned with his cultivation.”

Situ Ge chuckled. “You’re only interested in Miss Shan, aren’t you? Unfortunately, she feels like she is more into the Ninth Prince. If you do like her, I suggest you take the initiative and talk to her. Otherwise, she will soon become the Ninth Prince’s woman!”

“Hmph! My status in the Martial Market Bank is almost the same as the Ninth Prince’s. Is that still a matter if I want a woman?” Liu Chengfeng said with arrogance.

Liu Chuanshen, Liu Chengfeng’s father, was the chief of the Martial Market Bank in Yunwu Commandery. The Martial Market Bank was financially powerful and had lured numerous strong warriors to support them.

Liu Chuanshen was seen as having a massive control over Yunwu Commandery’s economy.

Being Liu Chuanshen’s son, Liu Chengfeng was certainly a famous person in Yunwu Commandery.

If he really loved Shan Xiangling, what he had to do was to express his feeling toward Master of the Red Cloud Sect, who would certainly be more than ecstatic to marry his daughter off to Liu Chengfeng. It would only be beneficial if the Red Cloud Sect could socialize with the Martial Market Bank.

However, Liu Chengfeng did not want to marry Shan Xiangling. He just wanted to have fun with her and treated her like a prostitute.

With his status and talent in Martial Arts, he had already found someone better for marriage. To Liu Chengfeng, Shan Xiangling was just a Master’s daughter and was only worth spending a night with. Afterward, he was going to dump her away.

Qingxuan Pavilion was located in the weapon market.

Qin Ya was naked and her snow-white body was comfortably lying in a pool carved out of a jade stone.

There was a creamy white liquid in the pool, emanating a vague icy air that completely wrapped her exquisite embossed figure. Her plumpy breasts and buttocks, tiny waist and slim, long legs… all were partly visible within the air. It was exceptionally attractive.

If any men were to see such a beautiful scene, blood from their nose would surely spurt non-stop.

At this moment, Mo Hanlin was sitting outside the pool with his whole body clenched tightly. He did not dare to look toward the pool as he asked with a faltering voice, “My hostess, we’ve eroded half of the financial affairs of the Martial Market Bank. They are no longer our competitor. Shall we start working on Liu Chuanshen and dispeling the entire Martial Market Bank in Yunwu Commandery?”

Qin Ya squinted her shining eyes, glistened her long eyelashes where drops of water fell from, one by one.

Her crystal clear red lips slightly moved. “There’s no rush! The power of the Martial Market Bank is still strong. It’s not as easy as it seems. Moreover, if we take down the Martial Market Bank, the official power of Yunwu Commandery will also get involved. It’ll only make things complicated.

“Yunwu Commandery Prince will never allow us to take control over the economy of Yunwu Commandery. On top of that, the Black Market is longing to dismiss the Martial Market Bank. Let them fight first! We’ll wait for the perfect moment and take them down!”

Mo Hanlin nodded in agreement.

“Tip, tap!”

The sound of footsteps resounded.

A maidservant came inside and bowed toward the pool and said, “My hostess, the Ninth Prince has arrived at Qingxuan Pavilion. He wants to buy a weapon refining stove, which is a seventh-class Genuine Martial Arm.”

Mo Hanlin sat there freezing with his sweat. He had to seize this opportunity to leave the pool, so he stood up and said, “My hostess, let me welcome him!”

“Wait! Since it’s the Ninth Prince, how can I not greet him in person?”

Qin Ya opened her attractive eyes. She walked out of the pool, took a red, thin yarn and wrapped her seductive body. Water dropped on her white back and glided on the jade stone.

Zhang Ruochen was the first ever man who was able to deal with her seduction. His Spiritual Power and determination were far greater than anyone else’s, hence Qin Ya was very interested in him.

Furthermore, she suspected that there was a superior warrior helping Zhang Ruochen. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to reach the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm within three months.

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