Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Chapter 2360 - Return to The Spirit World (4)

Chapter 2360: Return to The Spirit World (4)

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The Spirit Lord remained silent and Qin Song could only let out another sigh. Long Jiu’s mouth… Just ran off on its own… They were simply helpless against it.

“The Spirit Tree is the creator of all the souls, its fruit can be turned into a soul and although it is also possible for its seed to turn into a soul, but it’s possibility is extremely small. Moreover, the Spirit Tree only produces one seed in every ten thousand years. If you want to cultivate it into a soul, it would need a span of thousands of years and if the seed in Miss Jun’s body is just an ordinary seed, we would not need to be so worried. It’s just that… That particular seed, is the very first seed that the Spirit Tree produced and it was specially reserved to be its successor.”

There are millions of existences in the world and everything has a fixed number, predetermined or some call it destiny. Even for the existence of something that had been in the world for a time immemorial cannot determine whether it would survive on forever. In order to counter any what ifs, when it produced its very first seed, it consumed a great deal of power and condensed out a golden seed. This seed had been carefully taken care of by the Spirit Tree, protected carefully to prevent any catastrophe to the Soul World from happening if it ever started to wilt…

Thereafter, the seeds produced by the Spirit Tree were all blue, which was just any ordinary seed. The souls cultivated from these seeds were extremely powerful but they were still ultimately inferior to the very first seed – the golden seed. Even though it was not possible to cultivate a soul, it was nevertheless an existence that could not be replaced.

It was also because of this that they had spent countless years in search of it.

“…..” Rong Ruo was completely speechless, even if you killed her, she would never ever have thought that the seed in Jun Wu Xie’s body was actually that golden seed! It had such astounding origins, no wonder the Soul World would be so restless over it.


They were all incredibly curious as to how Jun Wu Yao had gotten his hands on it and even brought it out of the Soul World?

“I didn’t think that the golden seed would….” The Spirit Lord sighed, he had been by the Spirit Tree’s side longer than any of them and had seen that seed many times as well. Never would he have thought that it was taken away by Jun Wu Yao…

Moreover, he himself was the seed of the Spirit Tree and it would be reasonable to say that he was part of the Spirit Tree. He should be able to sense that seed’s existence but it was very strange that if not for Qin Song and the rest mentioning it, he could not feel a sliver of aura of the Spirit Tree. Even now, he still could not sense it.

“Are you certain that the golden seed is in Miss Jun’s body?” The Spirit Lord could not help but ask.

“Yes, we are sure of it. Although it is not possible to perceive its existence now, however when Miss Jun was severely injured, the seed had used its own strength to repair Miss Jun’s soul. Hence it’s aura became extremely dense and only after Miss Jun’s soul had stabilized did it revert back to normal and you can no longer sense it.” Qin Song was very clear on the phenomenon that happened back then, otherwise, they would have already found her long ago, why would they need to wait only until five years ago?

That seed in Jun Wu Xie’s body was usually very calm and people could not detect its existence. Only when Jun Wu Xie’s soul was wounded did it exert its power.

The Spirit Lord nodded his head thoughtfully.

Situ Heng who was seated at one side had on a gloomy face from the beginning to the end. It was as if everything that happened in the Soul Spirit Loft had nothing to do with him. Even the wine that was placed before him had not been touched at all. All he did was to sit and stare intently at every move of Jun Wu Xie’s.

Even the Spirit Lord had noticed that Situ Heng was behaving oddly but it was just that the Spirit Lord had left the Soul World much earlier on and had never met him before.

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