Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 15: More money brings more trouble

Chapter 15: More money brings more trouble

“Xiao Ru, do you have any silver?”

Chen Ning touched her own pocket and found it was completely empty. She had quickly left the king’s palace and actually forgot to bring some money.

Xiao Ru took out her purse and shook her head in frustration.

“I have no silver pieces, I only have six bronze pieces. I gave the rest to young miss earlier.”

Six bronze pieces?

It was only enough to buy a white mantou. It probably wasn’t even enough for a meat bun.

Chen Ning stared at the copper in her hand and swallowed her saliva. She was prepared to pull Xiao Ru and leave.

“Young miss, quickly look!” Xiao Ru suddenly pointed at the second floor of the restaurant, “It’s that lots of money.”

“What lots of money?”

Chen Ning turned around and looked in the direction the Xiao Ru was pointing. She saw through a window on the second floor, there was the black clothed man sitting by the window and the blue clothed youth standing beside him.

Although they only briefly met, Chen Ning did not forget about them. She recognized the black clothed man who had thrown away fifty silvers without even blinking an eye.

She remembered that the black clothed man back was very good looking, but he had a very flat face. He had no expression, just like a wood board.

He had a pair of sharp eyes that glowed cold.

“Xiao Ru, why do you call him lots of money?” Chen Ning thought it was very funny.

“Because young miss said that foolish people have more money.” Xiao Ru honestly said.

“Ha, ha, this nickname is really good. Xiao Ru is really smart.” Chen Ning patted Xiao Ru’s shoulder to praise her.

As the master and servant stood at the door joking around. They were completely unaware that the dialogue between them had all been heard by the black clothed man sitting on the second floor.

Even the blue clothed youth had heard it all.

What kind of people had this kind of courage? They actually dared to talk about his master behind his back! They even created a nickname for his master!

Lots of money…..It was truly a vulgar name.

The blue clothed youth bit his lip. He looked downstairs and saw Chen Ning.

He gave an “ah” and said in a low voice, “Master, it’s that girl!”

The black clothed man didn’t even spare a glance to look down. He kept drinking his wine and eating his dishes. His cold eyes suddenly looked up and he gave a look to the blue clothed youth.

“Meddlesome.” The man coldly said.

The blue clothed youth went silent and then knit his brows. He poured more wine for the black clothed man and stood respectfully at the side.

Downstairs, Xiao Ru was still twittering.

“Young miss, that lots of money seems to be very rich. Why don’t we ask him to treat us to a meal?” Xiao Ru smelled the delicious scent of food drifting through the air and her legs couldn’t help moving forward.

“We are not acquainted with him, why would he treat us to a meal?” Chen Ning smiled and asked.

“Because young miss has helped him save fifty silvers. If it wasn’t for you revealing that swindler, he would have been completely fooled.”

Chen Ning smiled and shook her head, “I won’t go.”

“Young miss.” Xiao Ru pitifully stared at Chen Ning as she rubbed her stomach, “This servant is so hungry she can’t move.”

“They’re selling buns over there. I’ll go and buy a meat bun for you to eat, alright?” Chen Ning weighed the six coppers in her hand.

“It’s not alright. How are buns tasty? Young miss, have a whiff of this smell, that is lotus root cooked beef. Ah, there are even seasoned pork ribs. Aiya, there’s even my favourite chestnut chicken!”

Xiao Ru was desperately sniffing the fragrant smells coming from the restaurant. She was drooling as she described all the dishes she smelled.

Chen Ning’s stomach also began to growl, but she shook her head and calmly said, “We can’t.”

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