Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I’m Not a Good Person?

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Not wanting to disclose the strange tattoo on him, Hao Ren Immediately withdrew his hand.

Suddenly, the pretty little girl reached out her hand again and placed it on Hao Ren’s stomach as if she was trying to feel for something.

“We are in public, is it really necessary for you to be touching my stomach?” Smacking her hand off, Hao Ren seemed helpless.

At this time, the crowd had not completely vanished yet. Many were still waiting for more to happen. For a little girl at that age to use such startling measures to find someone in a university would make others think of all kinds of stuff.

“You two, whatever your problem is, resolve it somewhere else.” Since he was unable to fully break up the crowd, Zhao Jiayi was trying to find another way to help Hao Ren out. “Little girl, you have found Ren now. I think there must be some misunderstanding between you two. He is Hao Ren, what is your name?”

“First off, do not call me little girl! And humph, he is a good person? I don’t think he looks one bit like a good person!” Glaring at Hao Ren, the pretty little girl demanded, “You’re not leaving until you give me back what is mine!” (Reminder, the pronunciation of ‘Hao Ren’ is very similar to the pronunciation of ‘good person’ in Mandarin Chinese.)

“Fine, fine. Let’s talk somewhere else!” Hao Ren grabbed the pretty girl by her wrist and rushed towards the academic building.

Since the excitement and interest had died down, no one tried to go after them. After a short while of jogging, Hao Ren let go of the pretty girl’s delicate small wrist and said, “Oh please, why did you have to cause such a big commotion? I really didn’t take anything from you.”

“Who are you trying to fool? How do you explain the patterns on your wrist then?” Her eyes locked onto Hao Ren. Her expression showed no sign of willingness to give up.

“This has got to be the so-called generation gap, gotta be…” Looking at this unreasonable little girl who was apparently four or five years younger than him, Hao Ren felt that there was no way for him to get through to her.

“First, I did not take anything of yours. Second, I saved your life yesterday – not only were you not grateful, you hit me. Third, you alerted the whole school and caused an uproar to find me, how am I supposed to live here after this?” Hao Ren argued.

“Just give that thing back to me and all of this will go away,” she continued to stare at Hao Ren as she restated stubbornly.

Her continuously repeat of the same demand had driven Hao Ren to the edge of insanity.

“Ay… whatever. I am going to go eat.” Deserting the girl, Hao Ren turned to Clear Stream Cafeteria which was closest to the academic area.

However, the pretty little girl followed him closely and maintained her persistent facial expression.

After he entered the cafeteria, Hao Ren stood in line to buy food. Still, the pretty little girl was stuck onto him like a nougat, following his every step.

Even when Hao Ren took out his Prepaid Cafe Card to order, she had her eyes glued to him.

“I really don’t know what to do with you…” Taking out his Prepaid Cafe Card again, Hao Ren sighed, “Chef, one more order of the beef combo, please.”

As he carried his tray of food to the table, the pretty little girl also carried her tray and followed right behind him.

As he sat down, she sat down right across from him.

She was now copying his every move. She would take a bite of the food if he did; and when he stopped eating, so did she.

“Big sister… I’ll call you big sister, how is that? I really, really did not take anything from you.” Hao Ren couldn’t help but look at her helplessly. He certainly did not expect such trouble to stem from his attempt to save a life.

“Your tattoo is saying otherwise. It is the best proof for what you took.” Refusing to take her eyes off Hao Ren for even a second, the pretty little girl insisted.

“And why is that?” Hao Ren asked.

“Well, I can’t state my reasoning with you… Anyway, I know for a fact that you have my bead. Which pocket did you put it in? It should be close to your stomach, right? Humph, you’d better not make me search you.” She asserted.

“Search me? How is such a little girl talking so big?…” Hao Ren shot her a glance and carried on with his meal.

It also seemed that she had starved herself while waiting for Hao Ren this morning as she devoured her meal at a fast speed.

Seizing the chance, Hao Ren raised his head and observed her quietly. He found that the white shirt she was wearing was not a common white shirt. Even though the shirt indicated vigorous spirit of a middle-schooler overall, it was more of a retro style shirt. The lace knot on her chest was butterfly-like and adorned her petite body perfectly.

Also, the bottom of her shirt was tucked into her jeans, displaying a nice contour of her slim waist. Along with her idyllic style floral patterned wooden sandals, Hao Ren was convinced that this girl must have come from an extraordinary background.

Particularly, for someone who was at the age of a middle-schooler, her casual gesture of throwing out 500 Yuan so carelessly was definitely not a common gesture among ordinary middle-schoolers.

At this moment, the pretty little girl abruptly lifted her head. She seemed to have noticed that Hao Ren was studying her. To conceal his interest and thoughts, Hao Ren quickly put his head down.

Needless to say, the appearance of such an adorable little girl in a university cafeteria had attracted attention from many of the university students.

“Ay, they must just think this is my little sister…” Hao Ren reassured himself.

“You’d better leave as soon as you finish eating. Since you came all the way here by yourself, your parents must be worried,” Hao Ren said to her.

“As long as you return to me what is mine, I will be able to go home with ease. I’m warning you, if my parents find out what I have lost and decide to come to you for it themselves, you will be in very serious trouble.” With her eyes on Hao Ren, she suddenly spoke in a calm and mellow manner.

Nonetheless, her words obviously hinted at the underlying threat.

This time, her remarks almost caused Hao Ren to break down. He honestly had no clue what she was talking about. “Kids at this age, whatever small matters they run into, always like to involve their parents so they could just conveniently hide behind them. With that being said, if her parents do get involved, this would become a very sticky business for me.” Thoughts were running wild in his head.

Yet, Hao Ren still didn’t think that he had taken anything that was hers. He came out with nothing on him yesterday. After the encounter with her, all he brought back to the dorm were two decks of cards.

As for the bead that she kept on babbling about, Hao Ren was wearing pocketless pajamas and a pair of slippers at the time. How could he have possibly brought anything away with him? She must have dropped it somewhere else.

As for the round of green patterns on his skin, they were an allergic reaction resulted from his overconsumption of seafood from a while ago according to the doctor.

However, judging from her stubborn character, he was afraid that her family would also believe that he had taken something from her. By then, there would be no way for him to explain himself anymore. Thinking of this, Hao Ren felt that he was developing a mild headache over the trouble he got himself into from trying to save someone.

“Stop following me. I said I didn’t take anything from you, and that means I didn’t take anything from you. Even if you get your parents to come with you, I would still say the same thing,” Hao Ren declared as he stood up and grabbed his tray.

After that, he returned the tray and walked out of the cafeteria. Yet, when he turned his head, he found that the little girl was still following him.

Hao Ren decided to stop paying attention to her and walked right into the library building while drawing out his student ID.

Beep… Verification was approved by the card reader and the entrance to the passage had opened.

She wanted to follow him inside but was denied access as the entrance quickly closed off.

Standing on the other side, Hao Ren gave her a small wave and walked into the lobby of the library without any hesitation. He was relieved that he finally got rid of her.

“You will come to me yourself.” standing outside the passage, the pretty little girl confidently stated.

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