Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Chapter 034 – Myriad Transformation Lizard

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-There is nothing on the tree; why would a group of data flash before my eyes?-

Zhang Che almost thought he was hallucinating. He shook his head forcefully, and blinked his eyes, then looked at the huge tree once more.


[Myriad Transformation Lizard]

Level: Two Star (Level 18)

Quality: Bronze

Characteristics: Skilled at Transforming, Able to Perfectly Simulate Most Inanimate Objects, Hiding From Enemies’ Detection. Fast Movement Speed

Weakness: Weak Defenses

Potential: C Rank: 50% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 3 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


-Oh shit, there’s actually such an overpowered exotic beast!-

Even though Zhang Che confirmed that there was only a two-star beast known as the Myriad Transformation Lizard on the tree, his eyes couldn’t discern where it was.

As expected of perfect simulation; there wasn’t a single flaw.

Zhang Che was greatly interested, immediately standing up from the stone slab.

Just as he was about to move into action, he suddenly recalled the attribute he saw moments ago; the Myriad Transformation Lizard had a ‘Fast Movement Speed’ characteristic. He shouldn’t move thoughtlessly.

Otherwise, once this fellow ran away, it would be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack; it was practically impossible to find it again.

Then, how should he hunt this exotic beast?

Zhang Che sat back down and pondered to himself with knitted brow.

-Should I get my four beasts to corner it from all sides?-

That was obviously not feasible. Once the Myriad Transformation Lizard was alarmed, all it had to do was run in a direction and transform after leaving his sight, leaving him unable to find it again.

Then, get the Brown-Haired Boar to aim at the tree and use its Mane Projectile attack?

This solution seemed feasible. After all, the Myriad Transformation Lizard’s weakness was its poor defenses. Once it got struck by the hair projectiles, it would suffer substantial injuries and be forced to reveal itself.

However, this method didn’t seem very secure.

Zhang Che wasn’t able to guarantee that the Brown-Haired Boar’s Mane Projectile would be able to bring it down with one hit; as long as it remained alive, there was an extremely high chance of it escaping from his sight.

Then what should he do?

Zhang Che’s brow furrowed even deeper.

Suddenly, his gaze swept past the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly perched on some bushes at the side, and his eyes lit up immediately.

In the next moment, the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly slowly fluttered into the air, flying increasingly higher, until it was several tens of meters above ground and slowly flew above the huge tree.

As the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly was fluttering over, Zhang Che stared at the tree where the Myriad Transformation Lizard was, afraid that it would be alerted by the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly’s presence.

When the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly finally reached the crown of the tree, Zhang Che let out a silent sigh of relief as a hint of joy flashed in his eyes.

However, now was not the time to be happy yet.

Whether they succeeded or not depended on the effects of the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly’s hallucination powder.

As Zhang Che issued his command, the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly immediately fluttered its wings, and countless motes of powder that were invisible to the naked eye floated down, shrouding the entire tree.

Following that, Zhang Che watched as a piece of tree bark slowly separated from the tree, falling to the grass patch below. It turned into a lizard not even a meter long with colorful patterns all over its skin.

He succeeded!

Zhang Che was overjoyed; the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly’s hallucination powders pulled through and knocked out the Myriad Transformation Lizard.

In order to prevent the Myriad Transformation Lizard from waking up, Zhang Che didn’t delay for a single moment. With a thought, the Fiery Scorpion crawled over to the tree hastily.

As if it heard the commotion, the Myriad Transformation Lizard suddenly twitched, seemingly about to sober up at any moment.

Alas, it no longer had the chance to.

The distance of ten meters was covered in a flash. The Fiery Scorpion scuttled up to the Myriad Transformation Lizard successfully, its pincers pushed forward accurately and clamped down on the latter’s head and tail.

This exotic beast’s defense was extremely low, indeed. Fresh blood flowed out from both its head and tail the moment the Fiery Scorpion’s pincers gripped it.

Under the tremendous pain, the Myriad Transformation LIzard immediately woke up and struggled violently. Alas, it was unable to break free from the Fiery Scorpion’s pincers.

In the next moment, the Fiery Scorpion’s tail swung forward at lightning speed, piercing its stinger into the lizard’s body and injecting a large amount of fire toxin into it.

The Myriad Transformation Lizard’s body froze for a moment, then struggled even more fiercely.

A red glow gradually spurted out from the Myriad Transformation Lizard’s body, and its struggles abruptly turned weaker. In just the space of a few breaths, it turned into a streak of light.

==[You Killed a Myriad Transformation Lizard. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force. Obtained Myriad Transformation Lizard Card!]==

When that beautiful notification chimed in his mind, Zhang Che was finally unable to hold back his excitement and laughed out loud.

A beast card really dropped for him!

The god of fortune had unexpectedly smiled upon him!

Zhang Che made his way towards the base of the tree with big strides, still smiling. He reached out for the two-star bronze card on the ground and focused his gaze on it impatiently.


[Myriad Transformation Lizard]

Level: Two Star (Level 18)

Quality: Bronze

Type: Fusion Transformation Type

Characteristics: When Using This Beast Card, One Can Freely Transform Their Facial Features

Potential: C Rank: 50% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 3 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


A fusion transformation-type!

It was actually a type that was unheard of!

Zhang Che knew that this time that he had really struck it rich!

Without a doubt, the fusion transformation-type beast card should be an extremely rare type. Perhaps you wouldn’t even find one of them among ten million beast cards!

One was able to freely transform their facial features after using the card; didn’t that mean that he could turn into another person as he wished in the future?

This was simply a must-have item for committing crimes and starting life anew!

Zhang Che felt ecstatic. He immediately held this beast card in his palm and triggered a spiritual resonance with it, then kept it in his spiritual sea and branded it with his spiritual imprint.

When this beast card appeared between his fingers once more, it turned into a ray of light and enveloped his entire head at his will.

In only a second or so, the light faded and Zhang Che looked like an entirely different person.

He hurriedly ran to the rivulet and stuck out his head out over a relatively calm part of water. In the reflection, he saw the familiar yet strange face of a man in his twenties.

In the water mirror, the ordinary-looking young man’s face reflected Zhang Che’s appearance from his original life.

Looking at his previous appearance, Zhang Che felt all kinds of emotions welling up in his heart.

Since he could no longer return, he’d use this appearance for his second identity. This could be counted as the only memento from his previous twenty-some years of life!

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