Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 283 - Savage Gigantic Worm

Chapter 283: Savage Gigantic Worm

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Zhang Che’s spirits immediately rose upon thinking of that possibility.

As of now, he could only control the red sword to attack within a dozen meters or so. If the red sword was any further than that from him, there was a possibility of their mysterious spiritual link being interrupted. This greatly affected the sword’s effectiveness.

After a bunch of experiments, Zhang Che found out that the sword’s killing potential was not inferior to the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword at all. The only lacking part was having no skill attack.

Since this thing was obviously not a beast card equipment, the two were evidently two different types of objects.

However, if Zhang Che’s guess was right, and the mysterious energy he obtained from killing those strange creatures was the key to controlling the swords, then he might really be able to kill someone from a thousand miles away in the future!

With that, so what if it’s attacking power was slightly inferior? It would totally be as dangerous as a nuclear weapon! With such an unpredictable attack, did he still need to be afraid of any powerful foes?

To achieve this goal, Zhang Che neglected his meals and sleep, and had the Purple Jade Condor find every strange creature it could, then directed the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon and the Scarlet Flame Drake to go kill them, gaining every bit of mysterious energy he could!


Time flew by just like that.

Before Zhang Che realized it, he had slaughtered his way into the extreme depths of this mountain range. The pale grey mountains around him grew steeper and steeper, and the vegetation grew increasingly sparse.

During this time, the Purple Jade Condor was ambushed by flying creatures on multiple occasions. However, it was exceptionally observant and managed to discover the ambushers from extremely far away more often than not. Zhang Che went along with it, drawing all those flying creatures to him and turned them into target practice for the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon and the Scarlet Flame Drake, earning himself a large amount of mysterious energy.

Gradually, Zhang Che became able to control the red sword to attack up to thirty-something meters away, more than twice the range of before!

“If I continue hunting like this, a day will come where I can control the sword to attack my enemies from dozens, or even a hundred miles away!”

Killing someone from a thousand miles away was, after all, just a fantasy. Zhang Che didn’t know if he could ever achieve that in his life.

However, tens or even a hundred kilometers was still worth looking forward to!

The prerequisite was for him to be able to stay long enough in the secret plane to kill enough strange creatures to reach that level!

However, from what he learned from Huang Juyun, in the past secret planes’ appearances, it seemed the longest they allowed people to remain in there was half a year before collapsing, forcibly ejecting all the beastmasters.

“Hopefully the secret plane this time will last half a year, at least!”

As Zhang Che was thinking, he was riding on the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, flying towards a mountain peak ahead at the Purple Jade Condor’s directions.

On that mountain summit, the Purple Jade Condor had discovered a large number of strange creatures. The sheer numbers they had could only be described as thickly dotted.

This made Zhang Che anticipate what was coming next, unable to keep himself calm.

Just as the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon flew over that mountain summit, the pale grey earth under him suddenly stirred, scattering about, and a bunch of basket-sized holes appeared.

A bunch of pale grey worms covered in dense, tiny spikes over them quickly slid out of the earth. Their bodies arched and they sprang off the ground, pouncing towards the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon!

“Shit, there’s actually ambushers!”

Zhang Che received a small fright, but he didn’t mind it much. After killing so many strange creatures, he had already gained some insights about them.

Insect-type strange creatures were usually extremely weak, unable to withstand a single stream of frozen air from the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon and would instantly turn into a pile of ice.

A level above them were the crawling or mammalian creatures. They would be slightly stronger.

Among those two types of creatures, the more savage and eccentric their appearances, the stronger they were.

On his way here, Zhang Che had encountered a large, two-legged strange creature with a devilish appearance, its body covered in pale grey spikes. That type of creature was unusually powerful, and even the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon and the Scarlet Flame Drake’s normal attacks were ineffective against it.

In the end, Zhang Che had the Purple Crystal Tortoise use its skill and spat out a concentrated wave of bone spikes at it to first shatter the outer shell of the creature, then immediately follow up with the two babies’ skills and treat it to a skill-version of the ice and fire combo, blowing the strange creature into smithereens.

The soundless miserable cry it made before its death forced Zhang Che to rely on the rainbow crystal for help, preventing his spiritual sea from receiving damage.

At present, such low level insects wouldn’t even enter Zhang Che’s eyes.

Reality was like this, too. After realizing those insects had bounced off the ground to attack him, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon didn’t panic at all. He quickly lowered his head and shot out a few streams of frozen air at them, turning those insects into piles of deep blue ice, shattering to bits upon falling on the ground.

On their way up to the summit, these insects that came wriggling out from the ground appeared more frequently the higher they went.

Although Zhang Che didn’t keep count, by the time he reached the peak, he had killed over a hundred of them, contributing quite a bit of the mysterious energy.

After reaching the peak, Zhang Che suddenly realized that the densely packed strange creatures gathered here were actually not that different from the crawling insects he had fought on his way up here. The only difference was that the shells of the insects on the mountain peak were of a much deeper color, with faint traces of black on them.

Without a doubt, the insects up here were stronger than the pale grey ones below.

Zhang Che wasn’t alarmed at all. He was elated, in fact. This was a huge amount of experience for him!

To realize his fantasy of killing others with a sword from a thousand miles away, the more strange creatures of this level appeared, the better! Even if they came in a swarm, Zhang Che would welcome them with open arms!

However, in the next moment, Zhang Che’s gaze was drawn to a deep pond in the center of the mountain peak.

In that circular pond with a volcano-esque opening pit, and a thick black fog was spreading out of it. Within the fog, a fully black, savage gigantic worm several meters thick could be faintly seen.

“Heh, there’s actually a boss here!”

Zhang Che narrowed his eyes as he subconsciously directed the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon to raise their altitude. This subconscious action of his pretty much saved his life.

In the instant the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon rose higher, the savage gigantic worm that was originally lying quietly in the pool emitting black fog suddenly raised a section of its extremely ugly body. The single eye at the top of its head seemed to belong to a demon as it swept its gaze across Zhang Che. Afterwards, it opened its mouth and spat out a violent stream of black fog at him.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon failed to dodge in time. A small section of his tail was caught in the black fog. The crystalized area instantly disintegrated and turned into a mass of deep blue darkfiend aura.

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