Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 248 - Important Information

Chapter 248: Important Information

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The grips and risers of recurve bows usually only had stabilizing and shock reducing effects. It wouldn’t deform during the drawing of an arrow. As such, the grip could be made using either wood or metal.

However, what Zhang Che wanted to custom make was an unheard-of super-strong bow. If it was purely made using metallic materials, the grip would need to be alloyed with many rare minerals found in the beast world. The price would become too expensive as a result.

Using wooden materials was different. Although woods that could withstand such heavy forces were rare even in the beast world, their prices wouldn’t be too ridiculous.

That thousand-year Everlasting Wood was confirmed as the material for the grips. Next, the selection of the materials for the bows’ limbs was a little more troublesome.

This particular store didn’t display any exotic beast materials that satisfied Zhang Che’s requirements.

Or perhaps, since it was almost impossible for most to be able to use those super-strong bows with thousand-plus kilogram draw weights in this world, the suitable materials were all kept in other display rooms, sold as materials for other uses.

However, the customer was king. Since Zhang Che had the need, the material store very quickly sorted out the high-grade materials that were suitable for crafting into bow limbs that met his required draw strength.

Less than an hour later, Zhang Che saw what he wanted.

The horns of a seven-star silver-quality Arch-Horned Worm! Its elasticity was close to three thousand kilograms. The elasticity of the ribs of a six-star gold-quality exotic beast barely met Zhang Che’s own requirements, at around two thousand kilograms.

Speaking of which, there were still some of the Titan Python’s rib bones in the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s spatial pocket. It was also a top-grade material for crafting into bow limbs.

Regrettably, however, the Titan Python was a six-star dark gold-quality exotic beast. A bow that was made using its ribs for the limbs would be one that neither Zhang Che nor the frisky monkey could draw right now.

Zhang Che could only look forward to the day when his arms could draw ten thousand kilograms. At that time, he could use the Titan Python’s rib bones to make a genuine super-strong bow!

A super-strong bow with ten thousand kilograms draw weight; would the arrows it fired break through the sound barrier, going supersonic?

Zhang Che thought it was very possible. When he used the Fallen Star bow in the past, the speed of its arrows were already not far from the speed of sound.

Although it shouldn’t be as easy as he imagined to close the gap between “nearing the sound of speed” to actually breaking through it, a super strong bow with ten thousand kilograms draw weight, together with specially made arrows, should be able to accomplish the feat, right?

Thinking of that, his anticipation grew even deeper.

Of course, being able to draw ten thousand kilograms wasn’t something he could accomplish in the short term. Gods knew how much more exotic beast meat he had to eat before he could finally do it, unless he was lucky and managed to steal another bunch of things like the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon’s eggs to consume…

However, that was entirely up to chance. Most exotic beasts treated their eggs like they were more important than life itself. How could he find them so easily?

Zhang Che shook his head to himself. It was better to focus on making his bows for now. Future matters should be left for next time. When fate called, naturally he’d find what he needed.

Although the three wares were only materials, they cost Zhang Che the huge sum of close to ten million dollars in the end. Naturally his account didn’t have that much money. He didn’t dare to use the money in Sun Che’s account, either. Otherwise, wouldn’t others find out he was related to Sun Che once they investigated him?

Fortunately, Zhang Che had loads of beast cards. After learning that he could barter, he directly took out two four-star silver-quality beast cards and exchanged them for the materials he wanted.

After purchasing the materials, Zhang Che and Huang Tielan headed to a nearby large company that manufactured weapons. Similarly, he used a four-star silver-quality beast card in exchange for them crafting two recurve bows for him.

As the specifications for the bows Zhang Che wanted were too high, the craftsmen informed him that they needed five days to finish the job.


During the next five days, other than accompanying his mother at home, Zhang Che was almost inseparable from Miss Tienan, shopping through all of Bei Du City and buying all sorts of things.

After that experience with buying materials for his bows, Zhang Che purposefully went to look for a beast card store and sold off all the beast cards below gold-quality he had obtained during his latest trip to the beast world. The balance in his account instantly broke through the hundred million dollar milestone. With that, he wouldn’t have to worry about money matters for a very long time to come.

Of course, as for those items that he couldn’t buy with money, Zhang Che had no need for them for now. When the time came that he needed them, he still had over a ton worth of scarlet meteorite ores, which could be exchanged for over twenty million purple crystal points. That was also an incredibly vast amount of wealth on its own.

During those five days, Zhang Che wasn’t idling around at night, either. Huang Juyun gave him an encrypted chip which contained lots of information unavailable to ordinary beastmasters, greatly benefiting him.

In particular, information about the drop rate of beast cards!

Zhang Che realized that his theories from before were true. Once an exotic beast’s level and quality reached a certain tier, they were sure to drop a beast card.

There were two thresholds to this. One was a mid-tier gold-quality exotic beast, and the other was a dark gold-quality exotic beast. Exotic beasts that met either of the requirements were sure to drop a beast card.

This made Zhang Che understand why his luck was so good, and he had obtained beast cards from all the powerful exotic beasts he had encountered.

In addition, Zhang Che also obtained systemic information regarding an exotic beast’s quality, skills and other relevant information for the first time.

First was innate attributes. Exotic beasts had to be silver-quality at minimum to have an attribute, and gold-quality beasts were sure to have them.

Second was skills. Exotic beasts had to reach at least gold-quality to have a skill, and dark gold-quality beasts were sure to have one. Also, there was a chance for legend-quality beasts to have two skills, while epic-quality beasts had two skills for sure.

Third was a Halo. Exotic beasts had to reach dark gold-quality at minimum to have a Halo, and legend-quality beasts were sure to have a Halo attribute.

Fourth concerned epic-quality exotic beasts, which Zhang Che never had any information on before. There was a chance for epic-quality beasts to have a False Domain.

The range and effects of a False Domain were far superior to a Halo, and unlike Halo effects, which were almost all supportive in nature, False Domains mostly contained super strong effects that were both offensive and defensive in nature.

This immediately reminded Zhang Che of the giant stone man he had encountered. The gravity field from back then affecting him and the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon was probably the False Domain of that giant stone man.

Its effects were truly beyond powerful; he had almost failed to escape!

At the same time, Zhang Che also learned a piece of information that was very relevant to him.

That was… under normal circumstances, a low-tier exotic beast could only reach dark gold-quality at the most, while mid-tier exotic beasts could only reach epic-quality at best.

This gave Zhang Che a huge headache. Although many of his subdued beasts and pets could reach a quality tier exceeding epic-quality in the end, they were unable to break free from the constraints of their levels.

With no way to bypass the level restriction, even if he had the rainbow crystal, there was no way he could circumvent this rule. After all, it was a law of the beast world itself.

-I can only hope for my Miss Tienan to become a skilled beast card cultivator soon,-Zhang Che sighed inwardly. -I have to learn more about the spiritual herbs and cultivation ingredients if I want my subdued beasts and pets to grow to the limits of their potential.

-Otherwise, if I happened to chance upon the required ingredients to improve them and yet missed them due to my lack of knowledge, wouldn’t that be a huge loss?-

His brain hurt just thinking about it. No matter if it was this life or the last, Zhang Che was no good at studying at all. Asking him to memorize a library’s worth of knowledge and pictures, in addition to applying this knowledge for practical use, and from there, analyzing and researching the newly discovered spiritual herbs and ingredients’ attributes, was truly an insurmountable task.

Alas, there was no choice. If he didn’t want his subdued beasts and pets to be stuck at a bottleneck someday, Zhang Che had to work hard, as if his life depended on it!

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