Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 235 - Capture Alive!

Chapter 235: Capture Alive!

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The moment that Unicorn appeared, it began healing the bloodied man as commanded by the beastmaster.

A splendid milky white ray shot out from the Unicorn’s spiral horn, falling on the test subject. In the next moment, the bleeding stopped, and his fissured skin quickly grew back together. Even his strange skin color quickly reverted back to normal.

In just a few breaths’ time, the test subject’s appearance fully returned to normal. Due to loss of blood, he fell on the ground limply, but his life was no longer in danger.

Zhang Che was shocked beyond words watching this. His feet hastened.

Due to the many test subjects wailing in pain from the genetic medicine’s stimulation, their cries concealed the sound of Zhang Che’s footsteps. Otherwise, the researchers would have immediately noticed his presence the moment he ran out from the corner.

However, although those people didn’t sense Zhang Che’s arrival, the Unicorn suddenly turned its head in his direction after it finished healing the man.

-Shit! This fellow’s senses are actually so sharp!-

At the same time, the beastmaster spiritually connected with the Unicorn also noticed this. He too, turned to look in Zhang Che’s direction and immediately yelled out, “Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

In an instant, the entire area erupted into chaos.

The researchers here were basically all ordinary humans who couldn’t fend for themselves. Facing the ambush of an unseen enemy, how could they possibly keep calm?

On the other hand, that mid-tier beastmaster kept his cool. The Unicorn was not only able to heal others, its attack wasn’t weak, either. Although its attack wasn’t too impressive compared to other legend-quality beasts, it shouldn’t prove difficult to deal with an infiltrator who had to hide himself, right?

However, what happened next told him that not only was it difficult, but very, very difficult!

The Unicorn, having received its orders, immediately shot out a streak of electrical light at Zhang Che.

A ray of five-colored light suddenly shone, materializing into a translucent deep blue dragon in mid air, blocking that electrical light with his body.

Crackling noises rang out. Countless tiny electrical snakes flashed over the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s scales, but he wasn’t hurt in the least. His slender body suddenly shot forth, breathing out stream after stream of darkfiend arctic air at the Unicorn.

There was a star-tier difference between the two beasts, and the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon was even a combat-based beast to boot! How could the Unicorn possibly defend against his attacks? It was enveloped in the deep blue darkfiend arctic air, and its flawless white body immediately grew stiffer, like a rusty old machine unused for years. Moving even a muscle was difficult!

That mid-tier beastmaster turned silly watching this unfold. This infiltrator was so strong that he could probably force his way in. Why did he even try to sneak about? Really…

He immediately thought of running for his life. However, he had to make things difficult for Zhang Che a little before escaping. Otherwise, how could he ensure his safe retreat in front of a legend-quality beast?

After issuing a command, the Unicorn, having basically lost all its mobility, raised its head and let out a long neigh. Suddenly, dazzling electrical light gathered on its spiral horn. In the next moment, a ray of light that could nearly blind everyone here enveloped the entire experimentation area.

Thunder rumbled. The resplendent electrical light shot directly towards Zhang Che.

After completing this attack, the mid-tier beastmaster didn’t even bother to see if it worked. He directly recalled the Unicorn with a wave of his hand and dashed off deeper into the secret base.

However, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon quickly gave chase and breathed out a tiny mouth of arctic breath at the beastmaster, freezing him on the spot.

“Damn it, that terrifying subdued beast caught up! Why didn’t that guy get blasted to death from the Unicorn’s skill?”

As his body stiffened, he fell uncontrollably to the ground and rolled over twice. In his peripheral vision, he saw Zhang Che, now wearing a silvery armor that covered from head to toe. No signs of injury could be seen on him.

Zhang Che naturally was injury-free. Since he already knew the Unicorn’s attributes, how could he be unprepared for the attack? He immediately summoned the Purple Crystal Tortoise, blocking off the blinding electrical light in mid air.

Although the Purple Crystal Tortoise smashed into the ground as a result of the lightning strike, it didn’t sustain much injury. After all, it was a beast that excelled in defense… well, after acquiring the bone spikes, this fellow’s attacking strength had risen to a similar height among mid-tier beasts of the same quality. An attack of the caliber of the unicorn truly couldn’t cause any severe injury to it.

The entire area had plunged into chaos. The staffers were running everywhere, screaming for help.

Zhang Che strode towards that frozen mid-tier beastmaster, a faint smile on his face.

This fellow was truly cooperative. If he hadn’t recalled the Unicorn, Zhang Che really could do nothing against him. Well, although Zhang Che was similarly unable to do a thing to him now, when the gold-quality Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly’s skill cooldown was over, he could do whatever he wanted.

That mid-tier beastmaster was on the ground, watching Zhang Che quickly closing in on him with his head turned, his eyes filled with fright. He roared, “Who are you!? What are you planning on do-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Zhang Che came up and chopped down on the beastmaster’s neck with his hand, knocking him out.

“You don’t have to care who I am. I only wish to borrow your subdued beast.”

A wave of footsteps rang out behind him. The secret base’s guards finally arrived, each of them armed with weapons, aiming at Zhang Che from afar. Someone yelled out, “You are already surrounded. Surrender yourself!”

Perhaps because they were afraid of injuring the unconscious beastmaster, the guards weren’t immediately given the order to fire.

Zhang Che’s lips curled up into a slight smile. As he willed it, the silver armor on him turned into a dark golden ray of light and flew back into his spiritual sea. At the same time, the Purple Crystal Tortoise activated its Purple Crystal Armor skill, enveloping Zhang Che and turning him into a human-shaped purple tortoise.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon picked up the mid-tier beastmaster with his claws and used his body to shield the fellow, ensuring that no attacks would hit his fragile body.

The person in charge of the secret base probably knew that it was impossible for Zhang Che to surrender himself. As such, he could only give the order to open fire. “Fire!”

An intense wave of gunshots rang out. However, how could these weapons penetrate the Purple Crystal Armor’s defense? They were like firing a toy gun’s plastic bullets onto a superalloy metal, not leaving a single mark on it.

“Show them your might!” Zhang Che instructed the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon as he summoned the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword into his hand.

A dragon’s roar rang out clearly in this sealed space, shaking the walls. An intense wave of deep blue icy breath suddenly shot out from the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s mouth, instantly spreading out and enveloping all of the guards within.

The gun firing sounds ceased instantly. All the guards were turned into faint blue ice sculptures,still standing, but no longer showing any signs of life.

Towards these people who took the side of evil-doers, Zhang Che felt no mercy for them, killing them all!

“Now, what happens next depends on your luck!”

Sweeping his gaze across the steel cages around him, Zhang Che suddenly sprang into motion, cutting these sturdy cages open effortlessly with the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword.

In less than a minute, all the steel cages were cut open. Afterwards, he strode forth with long strides, heading towards the elevator with the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon by his side.

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