Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 212 - Auntie, I’ll Bring You to Bei Du

Chapter 212: Auntie, I’ll Bring You to Bei Du

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[Rotten Ent Prowler]

Level: Three Star (Level 28)

Quality: Gold

Type: Weapon Type

Characteristics: Tough, Not Easily Cut. Its Barbs Contains Deadly Poison.

Weakness: Vulnerable to High Temperature

Innate Attribute: Extends and Retracts at Will, Possesses Extremely High Ductility

Skill: Poison Drill. When Activated, Its Tip Section can Transform into a Spiral Shape, Spinning as it Stabs Out, Bringing Strong Penetrating Powers to its Attack. Lasts 5 Minutes, Cooldown Time: 25 Minutes

Potential: D Rank

Cultivating Directions: …


After seeing the newly-advanced gold-quality Rotten Ent Prowler whip’s attribute, Zhang Che was speechless for a long while.

It seemed that this weapon-type beast card was developing straight towards the shameless path no matter what, and it was no longer possible to correct its way…

Thinking of the changes to the whip’s tip after activating its skill, with countless barbs spinning violently at the end, Zhang Che felt deep sorrow for his future enemies.

Luckily, that thing should only be very useful against non-scaly enemies. After all, its composition was made up of metallic materials, and its range of use wasn’t that high. Otherwise, when Zhang Che thought of when he had to brandish this whip as his weapon, he could feel his hair standing on end…

“Hoo, another day is about to be over. Let’s get ready to sleep.”

Zhang Che held a fruit in each hand, sitting on the platform at the mountain summit, taking large bites of the fruit, looking bored stiff.

As he had lost all his belongings previously, there weren’t any spices, either. So, these few days Zhang Che had been feeling sick of eating the tasteless roasted meat and started eating fruit again.

Even the frisky monkey and the Cold Abyss Flood Dragon was no longer eating roasted meat. They’d rather hide in Zhang Che’s spiritual sea and absorb the rainbow crystal’s energy.

Only the king of appetite, the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus, didn’t care whether there was any taste. He’d eat any cooked exotic beast meat, even without any spices. It tasted much better than raw meat anyway, and he’d never get tired of it.

For that matter, the frisky monkey had a lot of opinions on it. Alas, he wasn’t a match for the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus, and had no choice but to be a roasting chef for him twice a day, spending his time working on piles upon piles of meat.

It truly was working non-stop; that appetite king had to eat two tons worth of meat at every meal!


In the morning of the thirty-sixth year of the new age, second of July…

A passenger plane landed on the Qian Wei City’s army base airport under the escort of a convoy consisting of several fighter planes.

The cabin door opened. A young woman over a hundred and eighty centimeters tall, her body shape slightly chubby and her face an oval, walked out of the cabin expressionlessly.

After walking out of the airport, the young woman directly boarded an army vehicle and it drove off towards the city area under the escort of a few armored vehicles.

Sun Lan woke up early in the morning and had a short, slow jog in the district as per her doctor’s instructions. After greeting a few middle to old-aged acquaintances with a smile and a thin layer of perspiration having gathered on her skin, she headed to the breakfast shop in the neighborhood, bought some simple breakfast goods and returned to her home.

Just as she exited the elevator, she saw a tall young woman standing in front of the doors to her home, her back facing Sun Lan, knocking lightly on the door.

-Hmm? Which Miss from which family is that? I haven’t seen her before. Did she get the wrong door?- Sun Lan suspected inwardly. A short moment later, she thought that maybe this woman was her boy’s girlfriend?

-Aiya, this is bad! What is this boy coming to? Isn’t he going out with little Miss Huang already? Why is there another miss now?-

-This can’t do. When he returns from Bei Du, I’ll have to give him a good talking to!-

While her imagination ran wild, the tall miss ahead heard Sun Lan’s footsteps and suddenly turned around. She bowed slightly with a faint smile, greeting, “You’re back, Auntie Sun. I thought you were home.”

-Crap, some other miss really came knocking on our door!- Sun Lan’s heart thumped, cursing inwardly. Afterwards, she felt something amiss.

-Why does this miss’ voice sound so familiar? Right, it’s not just her voice; even her appearance looks somewhat familiar!-

“Auntie, you don’t recognize me? I’m Tielan.”

The miss smiled brightly, like the most beautiful flower, making Sun Lan feel the dark weather today had even turned a little brighter.

“You… you’re Miss Tielan?” Sun Lan stared wide-eyed. She scanned Huang Tielan’s body from head to toe and said in disbelief, “Aiya, it’s only been a short while since we last met, why have you slimmed down so much? No, slimmer is better. It’s better to be slimmer…”

Sun Lan was elated! -It turned out that Miss Tienan is actually this gorgeous after slimming down!-

Please forgive her for using the word “gorgeous”. Although this little miss Huang before her wasn’t too old, her facial features were sharply defined on her oval face, coming together perfectly. It truly showed an unconcealable sense of gorgeousness.

Her beauty wasn’t like the cheap attractiveness those women found soliciting others on the street had, but the kind which oozes a sense of nobility from the inside, leaving one simply unable to look down on her.

It was like a newly-blossomed pink peony, at the peak of its beauty.

Facing Sun Lan’s nonsensical words, Huang Tielan smiled faintly, not saying anything in return.

“Aiya, look how forgetful I am. Hurry, let’s talk inside.” Sun Lan finally reacted to the situation. She hurriedly fished out a card key and unlocked the anti-theft door, inviting Huang Tielan in. She even attended to her by bringing out some utensils and split her breakfast into two portions.

“Here, here, Xiaohuang, have you eaten your breakfast? If you haven’t, come have some with auntie.”

“Thank you, Auntie!” Huang Tielan didn’t reject her. She picked up the bowl and chopsticks and started eating while they chatted.

“Right, Miss Tielan, are you here to look for Xiaoche? Aiya, what a bad coincidence. He went to Bei Du to take the entrance test. It’s been a few days since he last contacted me. Who knows how he’s doing now…”

As she spoke, Sun Lan suddenly fell silent.

Huang Tielan, sitting opposite her, was showing a sorrowful look. It was unknown when she put down her utensils, her eyes were already filled with tears.

Sun Lan’s heart thumped heavily. Thinking that Zhang Che hadn’t called her for a few days now, her face suddenly sank. She hurriedly asked, “Tielan, did something happen to Xiaoche?”

Huang Tielan forcibly held back her tears. She didn’t conceal anything from Sun Lan… because she would learn about it all sooner or later. It was better to tell her the truth from the start. Thus, she told her all about what had happened to Zhang Che.

“You don’t have to be too worried, Auntie. I believe Zhang Che will be fine. You have to take care of yourself. If not, he’d feel bad when he saw you looking haggard from worrying about him when he comes back some day.”

As she spoke, Huang Tielan finally couldn’t hold it in any more. Two hot trails of tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Xiao… Xiaoche…” Sun Lan mumbled. Her face was now ghostly pale, feeling as if the sky had collapsed on her, nearly fainting from the shock.

However, when she saw the resolute faint smile on Huang Tielan’s thinned face, she felt that she needed to be strong, too.

-Miss Tienan is right. What if my Xiaoche is fine?

-If I don’t stay strong, wouldn’t he get worried when he sees my sickly appearance on his return?-

The two faced each other in silence. After a long while, Huang Tielan spoke up, “Auntie, I’ve returned here to bring you to Bei Du. I already passed my written test for Bei Du University’s beast card cultivation major. When I pass the practical test in the near future and enroll into Bei Du University, I can ask Professor Sun Qilong to help cure your illness with his healing-type subdued beast.

“Auntie, we have to live on well and wait for Zhang Xiaoche to return. So, we both have to stay strong.”

Sun Lan’s tears kept flowing, and she nodded heavily after hearing Huang Tielan’s words…

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