Demon Hunter

Chapter 13.1 - Coarse Heart

Chapter 13.1 - Coarse Heart

After receiving Luthor’s order, the subordinates removed boxes of equipment out from the off-road vehicle one after another, constructing a simple camp right before the eyes of the residents of Saratoga. The structure was assembled in front of this larger inhabited area in less than an hour.

Luthor looked at his tactical map and pointed at three separate locations. Without any superfluous words, three dragonriders brought their subordinates and took off to initiate their search. Luthor and Justin stayed behind, standing next to each other in front of the command vehicle. Justin wanted to sense Su’s position from this place, while Luthor could provide support for the other three dragonriders from this position and also protect Justin whose fighting prowess was almost a bit too weak to be a dragonrider.

The two stood straight like spears, with the dragonrider uniforms covering their bodies not tainted by a single speck of dust. Together with the crude, cold, and metallic feeling the off-road vehicle behind them gave, they gave off a new type of feeling for this desolate and defeated region.

Outside of Saratoga, a strong-looking youngster with red hair shoved his way through those blocking his line of sight. After just a glance at the dragonriders’ camp, he immediately became dazzled by the off-road vehicles, boxes of equipment, and the camp that came out from seemingly nowhere. He had no idea how much all of these items were worth, but it definitely wouldn’t be hard to purchase all of Saratoga. He looked at the side and noticed a middle-aged man who silently smoked a cigarette.

“Hey, boss! It seems like we’re going to get great business!” The red-haired youngster lowered his voice and said.

Kane remained perfectly calm and collected as he said, “The business truly is great, so great that it could turn your stomach into mush. If you are interested, why don’t you go do it yourself? Please do not come looking for me. I still have goods to take a look at in Pelago.”

After speaking, Kane didn’t even turn around and left. The red-haired youngster continuously shouted a few times, but Kane still didn’t turn around, so he had no choice but to stop. He gave the off-road vehicles another reluctant look and muttered, “Fine, boss said that these people can’t be provoked. However, they might need our information, right? This is also money.”

He suddenly smacked his own head and said, “I’m so dumb! If they needed information, wouldn’t they have sent someone over a long time ago?”

A wave of clamoring suddenly sounded not far away. The red-haired youngster immediately turned around, and he saw that a Saratoga resident was arguing with one of the Black Dragonriders’ subordinates. Turns out they were going to do business with the nearby inhabited lands, but because the route they were accustomed to was 100 meters from the Black Dragonriders’ camp, they were prevented from entering. The subordinates told this group of five individuals to take a detour, and as such, an argument broke out.

Those seeking survival in the wilderness all respected strength and forcefulness, and the inhabited land’s residents were powerful even among powerful individuals. These five individuals were all individuals with fiery tempers. After quarreling a bit, their innate natures were demonstrated, and guns were pulled out. They were pointed straight at the overbearing subordinate, threatening to pull their triggers. The subordinate might be stronger than them, but they believed that five guns were stronger than one no matter how you thought about it.

The subordinate’s face changed slightly. His upper body quickly leaned backwards, and his legs bent slightly. An ashy silver radiance flickered by his hand, and an automatic rifle immediately popped up. Then, flames that were so faint that they were almost unseeable surged.

Pu pu pu, this unique rifle’s shooting sounds were softer than a pistols, yet its firing rate was terrifyingly high. With movements that Saratoga’s residents couldn’t see clearly, the gun made a semi-circular motion, and the five individuals in front immediately twitched before falling onto the ground. Each person had at least four or five bullet holes in their bodies that simultaneously poured out blood.

The spectators in the distance only saw the subordinate back up slightly and the five individuals fall over from being shot. They didn’t even see how the subordinate fired his weapon!

After killing those five individuals, the subordinate’s face remained just as calm as before as he returned his gun to his back. He grabbed an individual’s leg with each arm and dragged these two corpses away. Only when they were outside of what he himself determined to be the cordon they set up did he throw the corpses down. This subordinate’s strength was far greater than that of an ordinary individual’s, as picking up two corpses seemed to be extremely easy for him.

Five corpses were quickly piled up, clearly depicting the limit of the 200 meter cordon. When Saratoga looked at the Black Dragonriders, apart from jealousy, envy, and fear, there was a bit of animosity as well. However, that subordinate was still casually walking about, and no one dared to collect those five corpses.

A while later, the inhabited area’s leader, a tall man with a full-bearded face, pushed apart the people in his way and summoned the courage to walk towards Luthor and Justin. He stood three meters in front of them. Luthor was carefully looking at his tactical map, while Justin stroked his own lips and stared into the fog-filled distance, with no one knowing what he was thinking. Saratoga’s leader who was over a 190 centimeters seemed to have become empty air, not causing those two dragonriders’ expressions to change in the slightest.

“Hey, I said that we should have a chat.” The leader’s voice was extremely hoarse, allowing one to see that these words took quite a bit of his courage to utter. “It is just a few small matters. You all killed my men, you can’t be like this…”

Bang! A loud gunshot sounded. The leader’s face immediately blossomed with blood. It was as if his brains had been completely blown apart!

Justin slowly lowered his arm. The golden magnum revolver’s muzzle was still emitting white smoke. He fired at an inconceivable speed, but the speed he put away the gun was quite slow. The magnum’s tremendous power was proven once again. Justin continued to stare into the distance, his expression vague and peaceful, as if he hadn’t fired to kill someone at all. Two subordinates walked over and dragged the leader’s corpse away, placing it together with those other five individuals.

There was no longer anyone willing to talk to these overbearing outsiders.

Luthor raised his head and brought out a snow white handkerchief to slowly wipe the few drops of blood that had splashed onto his uniform. Upon seeing the traces of blood on his handkerchief, Luthor immediately threw it onto the ground. He looked at Justin’s golden magnum and said discontentedly, “Can’t you use something more advanced? That old thing always turns things into a complete mess.”

Justin lightly caressed the Magnum and said with a sigh, “You don’t use guns, and your way of thinking is also inflexible, so how could you understand the benefits of my gun? The camp’s smart pistols are all too quiet, as if they are tender women! Only this old era golden magnum is rough enough!”

Luthor shook his head and continued to look at the tactical screen. He no longer paid attention to that crazy weirdo Justin.

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