Demon Hunter

Chapter 11.4 - From the End to the Beginning

Chapter 11.4 - From the End to the Beginning

Su made a simple inspection of the equipment and then pressed a bullet from the sniper rifle bullet case into the Barrett barrel. Without even aiming, his right hand simply shook, and the muzzle of the gun immediately soared up, sending a streak of flames straight through the chest of the military officer that sent in the equipment.

An enormous cavity immediately appeared in the military officer’s chest. The residual force of the anti-material bullet tore open a huge hole in the opposing wall.

Su watched the stunned military officer’s corpse fall to the ground and then said indifferently, “Next time, remember to get rid of the tracking device on top of the bullets.”

Li Gaolei and Fazir’s faces gradually became pale. They didn’t dare to make any excessive movements. At this moment, any action might incur another terrifying anti-material bullet. Even an idiot could feel the tremendous anger Su’s calm outer appearance represented.

Su walked over to the side of the bed and opened the window and looked into the chilly night. He calmly said, “Tell Li that this time, the one I destroyed is my own pistol. If there is another time, then the one to shatter will be her head.” After speaking, Su equipped his entire set of equipment before directly jumping off the fifth floor.

The moment Su’s silhouette disappeared, Li Gaolei suddenly felt as if all of his body’s energy disappeared without a trace. He didn’t even have the desire to see if Su had accidentally fallen to his death. Su obviously wouldn’t die from falling, and injuries weren’t possible either. After remaining silent for an entire minute, Li Gaolei snapped back to reality and jumped up. He shouted, “Doctor, doctor!”

Only when the sky brightened did Roxland headquarters building’s chaos slowly subside. When Li walked out from her room with her slightly blurry vision, she was immediately shocked to find how many fully armed soldiers there were in the corridor. She casually grabbed one of them and asked about what had happened. In front of his biggest boss and dream-like idol, that soldier obviously wouldn’t hide anything.

As a result, Li became no different from most of the company’s people. She found out that the hunter had attacked headquarters again last night, and this time, the crazy and incomparably strong hunter not only held Fazir and Li Gaolei hostage, he even killed Lawston and one of Li’s favorite military officers. This hunter was rather young, and his attire was unusual. What left others with the deepest impression was the sole left eye he had. Despite hating this hunter to the bone, the soldiers all unknowingly thought that it was a fascinating eye.

The reason this hunter attacked Roxland was to seize a set of equipment, a set of considerably pricey equipment. Among them was the newest model sniper rifle, expensive special bullets, newly developed composite armor, and other items.

“General… general?” The young soldier looked at Li’s lifeless eyes and suddenly felt an incomparably type of distress and worry. He gathered his courage and shouted a few times.

Li forced a smile and waved her hands for the soldier to leave. She herself walked towards the balcony. After lighting a cigarette, she stood while facing the incoming wind.

“...Just for the sake of a few guns?” Li seemed to lose the strength to even curse. It seemed like it took everything she had just to stop herself from crying, however, a single tear still managed to struggle free and roll down her face.

Li also had experience of struggling for survival in the wilderness. She knew that for one’s survival, a good gun was more important than one’s life. A pretty, recently matured girl would at most exchange for an ordinary assault rifle. From that sniper rifle, she could already tell that Su wasn’t well-off in the slightest. All of his equipment added together couldn’t even exchange for a sheet of the composite armor. Su’s actions from a hunter’s standpoint was correct. Companies robbed those in the wilderness most of the time, but sometimes, they would be robbed from as well. One always had to pay the cost. In this era of turmoil, if one didn’t eat, they would be eaten.

However, Li still wanted to cry.

Ever since she took a life for the first time at the age of ten, Li had never cried.

The plaza could be seen from the balcony. A vehicle squadron was already armed and ready to go, and just like before, there were two armored vehicles, two trucks with soldiers, and three black limousines. However, of the three individuals that came, only Fazir returned. His right hand was wrapped in an eye-catching and glaring plaster cast.

Before getting into the limousine, Fazir gave the headquarters building a glance, just in time to see Li. With his vision, he could still see that Li was a bit preoccupied. Fazir gave Li Gaolei a glance and asked, “Hiding things from Li like this, aren’t you scared that she might find out one day?”

Li Gaolei didn’t turn around. In a calm voice, he said, “I know that she will hate me at that time. However, this is for her own good. It is impossible for them to be together. Su belongs in the wilderness, while she is already no longer adapted to life in the wilderness. Roxland is her home.”

“Alright, I’m old already. I don’t have any advice to give on this matter.” Fazir shrugged his shoulders and entered the limousine.

As the engine started, Fazir lowered the window and said towards Li Gaolei, “I still want to add a sentence. The relationship between you two really is weird”

Li Gaolei spat out his cigarette and fiercely said, “Hurry and go, you old man! Be careful not to die from an explosion along the way!”

Fazir raised his right hand that was wrapped lightly and said with a slight smile, “Don’t worry for my sake. No matter what happens, it can’t be worse than this.”

From beginning to end, the two intended to keep what kind of choice they were going to make between the Black Dragonriders and Su from Li. It might be that they believed that whatever Li would have chosen would definitely be the worst one.

Li didn’t know what words the two men exchanged. She only knew that the cigarette was at its end. She tossed the cigarette butt from the seventh floor balcony and turned around. Along the way, those she encountered were shocked to discover that Li’s face was devoid of all emotion. In the past, Li was like a flame where sometimes, she would be happy, and other times she would erupt in anger; everything would be clearly written on her face.

From that day forth, Li began to frantically train herself, as well as frantically train her troops.

The setting sun disappeared over the west, and soon the sky darkened. Nocturnal rotting wolves were already roaming about in twos and threes around the wilderness ruins. Even though they were nocturnal creatures, under the urge of hunger, they had no choice but to leave their nest and forage for food under the brightness they loathed.

This was an extremely spacious wasteland. Apart from a few exposed highway pavements and an isolated electrical tower, no traces of the olden era life could be seen.

The rotting wolves in the region seemed to turn around at the same time. Their sharp eyes caught a figure emerge from the horizon. It was a single person, and an enormous shadow extended out from behind him. His entire body was covered in a thick cloak, and behind him was an enormous Barrett sniper rifle.

The wandering rotting wolves hesitated, not knowing whether or not to attack this individual. From his body, the nocturnal rotting wolves smelled the scent of danger, as well as a feeling that they were similar. They drew back and roamed about this individual. They began to feel more and more uneasy.

Meanwhile, this individual advanced forward at uniform speed, as if he didn’t see the dozen or so wolves that had already gathered around him.

Night finally descended. A few nocturnal rotting wolves that were the most hungry finally couldn’t hold themselves back and approached this person. Moreover, they began to growl lowly. The characteristics of the nocturnal rotting wolves were a bit different from the wolves of the olden era. Their bodies were huge, and they were more robust and more wild. Rotting wolves liked to attack from the front of their prey. Even though this often brought about injuries, for the quickly breeding nocturnal rotting wolves, injured or dead rotting wolves were also food.

A rotting wolf with a build that was clearly superior to its peers stood in front of this individual’s path. It lowered its body and got ready to attack. Just before this rotting wolf pounced to attack, this individuals suddenly raised his head slightly. Under the cloak’s darkness, a dark red light lit up.

The nocturnal rotting wolf was given a fright and forcibly stopped its jumping momentum. Then, it began to whimper and turned around, running with its tail between its legs! When the head wolf fled, the remaining nocturnal wolves also dispersed in confusion.

Su surveyed his surroundings, but he only saw an endless darkness. The overbearing nocturnal wolves had all disappeared without a trace. He laughed to himself. The red light gradually faded from his left eye, returning to its deep and green color before he continued forward.

Su liked rotting wolves and creatures of the wilderness, because they understood fear and when to escape. Meanwhile, the majority of the human race would oftentimes act so fearlessly to the point of ignorance.

Su, was also like this.

In the wilderness, ten streaks of dazzling light tore through the deep darkness. More than ten off-road vehicles advanced at a fearless speed straight towards the enormous city ruins where Su had fought with Laiknar and O’Brien previously.

These city ruins, due to the Fabregas family’s proposal, were already labeled on the Black Dragonriders’ map as Setting Sun City.

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