Demon Hunter

Chapter 10.1 - Luck

Chapter 10.1 - Luck

Only the third day after O’Brien’s party left did Su depart from these city ruins.

This city was absolutely tremendous in size. During its greatest years in the olden era, the main city was situated in the center, while the southeast, southwest, west, and north edge cities surrounded and protected it at its sides. Roads, canals, and high-speed rails weaved about the city like an enormous spiderweb. Despite the fact that the buildings had now collapsed, the canals dried up, and the roads broken apart, the parts that remained gave one a glimpse of how magnificent it was at its prime.

The main city resembled an enormous dormant beast lying within the wide plains. Both the east and west city stretched continuously for almost a hundred kilometers. Even the series of life and death struggles that took place during the past few days only allowed them to explore a fraction of this city. The heart of the city, as well as further regions still had great dangers hidden within them. Su had carefully avoided these regions even during the battle’s most difficult times. Meanwhile, O’Brien didn’t have any intentions of fighting in those regions either.

Inside a high building that reflected the red clouds of morning, Su had already sat there for three days. When night passed, day would come. When day ended, night would return.

When the third night descended, Su left this enormous and strange city. Until he left, he always felt as if there was a pair of eyes observing him.

After three days of tranquility, all of the wounds on his body began to close, and a large part of his hearing ability was restored. As Su moved in the darkness, his green eye had a vague red radiance at its center. This was the sign of infra-red sight, and what this signified was that from this day forth, Su possessed true vision in the darkness. It was also from this point where darkness truly no longer became a hindrance.

The night wind blew gently.

Su’s light blond hair lightly fluttered about. His strangely beautiful eye and the black eyepatch over the right side of his face formed a stark contrast. Most of his face was also hidden under layers of bandages. Meanwhile, the tattered and ruined bandages around his body could only cover most of his body. The skin that was exposed was sparkling and delicate. Under the night sky, it emitted a faint glow, making it look just like ivory.

Even though he was walking barefoot through the ruins that were covered with rubble and steel bars, he wasn’t injured at all.

The band that carried the modified rifle had long been broken. Right now, it was being held in Su’s hand with the muzzle pointed at the ground. It swung back and forth with a seemingly uniform motion.

Su departed from this reinforced concrete forest at a constant speed. As the glow of twilight illuminated his back, a distinct silhouette was cast in front of the city ruins.

The wind blew about his hair and the cloth strips on his body. The endlessly extending road in the darkness did not have a beginning, nor did it have an end.

When Li Gaolei arrived at the top floor of the general headquarters building, he took two deep breaths of cigarette smoke. Then, he raised his leg, and with a single kick, he kicked open the deep maroon-colored hardwood door in front of him.

This forceful method of entering clearly left everyone in the room shocked. Fazir was holding a pile of documents in his hand, and they were currently frozen above his briefcase. A pair of muddled eyes behind a pair of tortoise shell styled eyeglasses stared at Li Gaolei from a slanted angle. There was not the slightest bit of expression on his face. However, it was this lack of expression that was the most wonderful expression.

The decorations in this office were extremely luxurious, completely replicating the style of a large company’s executive office from the sixties. Every piece of furniture and every decoration were extremely precious and uncommon, to the point where there were even classic economic hardcover books lining the bookcases.

There was a total of three of such offices, and they were specially arranged by Li Gaolei. They were to be used by the higher level figures of the parent company when they came. Growing up in the wilderness made Li Gaolei clearly understand just how important it was to make crucial figures happy.

At this moment, Li Gaolei seemed to completely forget this doctrine that had allowed him to quickly climb the ranks. He took a forceful breath of his cigarette. After walking up two steps to reach the spacious writing desk, he forcefully put out the cigarette butt on Fazir’s favorite alligator skin briefcase.

Fazir continued to stare at Li Gaolei’s eyes and didn’t give his briefcase a single look. However, his cheeks drooped slightly, and his face that had become unknowingly older trembled a bit, revealing his true feelings.

“I’ve returned.” Li Gaolei stared into the pair of bluish gray eyes twenty centimeters in front of him without the slightest intention of cowering. The strong smell of the other party’s cologne became even more prominent at this distance.

“I’m aware,” Fazir replied. He could also smell the muddled mix of blood, cigarettes, body odor, and an indiscernible stench. Even though this tormented his nose, Fazir did not show any signs of backing up.

“Then you also know the result?” Li Gaolei smiled as he asked. The smile was forced through clenched teeth.

“Of course! Laiknar died, but the Black Dragonriders will quickly send more people.” The tortoise shell styled glasses slid a little further down his nose.

“We’ve provoked a vicious wolf!” What came out through Li Gaolei’s clenched teeth was not only this sentence, but flying spittle. Of course, quite a bit of it landed on the face of Fazir less than twenty centimeters away.

“Not even the most ferocious wolf can remain savage for long! Laiknar wasn’t a simple figure. In a world that is impossible for you all to contact, the Fabregas name is extremely well-known!” Fazir also raised his voice, returning three times the amount of spittle back at Li Gaolei.

“When the people those old nobles send crawl over from who knows how far away, this vicious wolf will have already torn us to pieces!” Li Gaolei began to fumble through his pockets for cigarettes, but all he found were cigars. He sliced off the tip of the cigar without the slightest hesitation.

“But I gave you all five hundred fully armed soldiers!” Fazir grabbed a small bottle of cologne and fiercely pressed down on the nozzle, spewing the dense perfume on the cigar’s open end.

“Those five hundred sheep, no matter how you arm them, they won’t become lions!” Li Gaolei brought out a large match from who knows where and fiercely struck it on Fazir’s alligator skin briefcase. The glaring scratch was just like a blazing flame.

“Pah! Even a hundred sheep with first to third level abilities can overturn a group of vicious wolves! Are you trying to prove your own incompetence?” Fazir began to spray at Li Gaolei’s nose.

“There is a famous saying from the olden era. It isn’t that my army is incompetent, but rather the enemy too cunning!” Li Gaolei began to light the cigar.

“That is one of the olden era’s most famous jokes!” Fazir unscrewed the cologne’s cap.

“This isn’t a joke! I grew up in the wilderness and know what kind of people cannot be provoked!” Li Gaolei’s cigar began to burn. The cigar that had been sprayed with cologne produced an especially strong and sharp smell.

“But we’ve already provoked him!” Fazir was trying to prove that if the remaining lesser half bottle of cologne was poured smartly, it could extinguish the large cigar.

Li Gaolei bit down on the ridiculously strong smelling cigar and laughed maliciously. When he was about to say something, a large flame suddenly erupted between the two with a bang sound, and the nose stinging smell immediately diffused in all directions. This small explosion occurred too quickly. Forget about Fazir without any abilities, not even Li Gaolei could react in time and was struck head on.

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