Demon Hunter

Book 6 Chapter 41.5

Book 6 Chapter 41.5 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

It was unknown when Snow awakened. She looked at her surroundings blankly and only then did she realize that a lot of time had somehow passed, the sky was already dark. Madeline and Su were no longer in the cave, only the cracks covering the cavern walls and ground telling of their existence. When she thought of Madeline and her paternal body, Snow immediately became vigilant, immediately casting her muddled thoughts aside. At this time, a new piece of information appeared from the depths of her consciousness, which was the second mission Helen left for her, as well as her final mission.

Snow flew over, her jointed limbs drawing out a string of sparks on the cavern walls. She rushed out from the cave like an arrow, disappearing into the boundless night.

In the east, the former Dragon City long vanished from existence, to the extent where no buildings over three meters tall could be seen. The entire city melted under extreme temperature, the powerful blast wave even more so enough to destroy the toughest of alloys. At the center of the revival of the olden era human civilization, the forward position of the modified nuclear winter, Dragon City, had already become a giant spherical shallow crater. The bottom of the pit was covered in a layer of black crystallized mixture, layers of wave-like ripples extending towards the edge of the pit. This was an incomparably great vestige, when humans stood at its border, they would be completely overlooked. Even from above, if there were no clouds of radiation covering everything, one could clearly see this glaring scar with the naked eye. From a scar like this, one could see just how cruel of a world ending disaster it was.

Meanwhile, standing at the edge of the scar was a small group, in the lead were O’Brien, Persephone, and Eileen, while behind them were four war hardened iron-blooded soldiers, all of their abilities exceeding seven levels. O’Brien’s complexion was deathly white, there was already a somewhat messy beard covering his face. War, smoke, and pain had left many marks on his originally radiant face. Even though only three years had passed, it was enough to turn the former radiant young man into the current experienced and profound man.

They were already standing at the edge of the crater, before them a five meters tall black crystallized wall. If they just jumped up, the great disaster would be completely visible before their eyes.

With a wave of O’Brien’s hand, he stopped Eileen and Persephone who wanted to move forward. Then, he jumped over the crystal wall himself. He was always like this, whenever there was danger, he would always be at the very front.

When he saw the scar hidden behind the crystal wall, even O’Brien couldn’t help but hold his breath! Eileen and Persephone leapt up the crystal wall one after another, the two similarly shocked by the unimaginable great scar, becoming momentarily silent. Just what kind of great explosion was it that could leave behind this type of scar?

They were all exceptional ability users, when the explosion happened, they sensed something, even more so sensing the terrifying information transmitted from the distance. This was a decisive battle between two ultra life forms, the greatest explosion of all of history precisely the result of this battle. Just from looking at these remains alone, they could tell that if even one of the two ultra life forms survived this battle, then no one on this planet could be its opponent. What was even more frightening was that no one knew the true appearances of those two ultra life forms.

At that time, Eileen had previously blurted out ‘could that be Su’, only, she immediately stopped following Persephone’s retort. If it really was Su, then things definitely seemed grim for him. Even if he survived, such a great disparity in strength would make every human develop a strong feeling of uneasiness, and then there would be some incidents that originally shouldn’t happen. In all of human history, there had never been any lack of instances where the masses wiped out different or excessively powerful individuals, because the number of possible future threats was even more so as numerous as the stars.

Fortunately, due to Persephone’s sudden indisposed feeling, the troop from Arthur Family that headed towards Dragon City stopped for a night, and then that great explosion happened the second night. If it wasn’t for stopping for one night, when the explosion erupted, their troop would have already approached the outskirts of Dragon City. Everyone who saw the remains of the explosion continuously released cold sweat, just from the traces alone, they knew that once they were caught up in the blast radius, not a single person could survive, not even O’Brien an exception!

Perhaps this was another reflection of Persephone’s Transcendent Luck ability, or else it would be rather difficult to explain her feeling out of sorts.

After the great explosion erupted, O’Brien immediately had the fleet stop in place. Then, he only brought the most elite troops to scout out the explosion.

Right when the three of them were shocked and inwardly feeling blessed, Eileen suddenly discovered that there was a small speck of light in the distant crystal wall that began to quickly move about, moreover currently rushing in their direction. Her sharp combat intuition immediately noticed that even though this little fella’s figure was small, it possessed a threatening feeling that didn’t match its size, most likely an ultra life form ability users were now familiar with. For an ultra life form to appear in these remains now, don’t tell me it was related to the battle that day?

The powerful feeling of danger made Eileen’s hair fly everywhere, almost about to fight with everything she had. As soon as she was about to attack while disregarding everything else, just as she was about to raise her hand, Persephone held her back, saying, “Don’t be in a rush to take action. I sense an extremely familiar aura from its body. Let me think… it’s Helen!”

After crying out Helen’s name in alarm, Persephone immediately rushed over. This gave Snow a fright, her sharp jointed limb stabbing into the crystal matter, drawing out eight long streaks, and like this, only after rushing out several meters did she stop. Persephone also stopped, looking at Snow with a complicated expression. She could clearly sense Helen and Su’s aura from Snow’s body, meanwhile, Snow’s outer appearance verified her thoughts. Even though she already erased her past memories, when she saw Snow, she immediately recalled the child she abandoned with great suffering. That child, when it was first born, didn’t it also have a similar appearance? The current Persephone already experienced the beauty perception of quite a few ultra life forms, so she could obviously tell that Snow was exceptional, also knowing that her own child was already an ultra life form from the moment of its birth. She knew that she herself was only an ordinary human girl. Even though she was stunning among humans, that was only when compared to other humans.

In reality, when she saw Snow, Persephone’s mood was also a bit complex. Su and Helen, when did they get together to make Snow?

Snow similarly observed Persephone, she knew that this woman was her mother’s best friend when she was alive, which was why she felt an indescribable feeling of closeness. After her mother left, Snow smelled an intimate feeling from Persephone’s body, and as such, she felt a type of dependence urge. However, Snow knew that her outer appearance was frightening for ordinary humans, and as such, she could only hide this dependence deep within her heart.

Snow also saw O’Brien and Eileen, the information her mother left behind was precisely for these three.

“Mother wanted me to pass this message onto you all.” Snow said.

“It’s from Helen? What does she want to tell us?” Persephone asked somewhat urgently. Meanwhile, O’Brien and Eileen watched quietly from the side, secretly still taking precautions. Snow’s body carried a type of faint aura that made them uneasy and nervous, unable to relax in the slightest. Moreover, this little fella’s blades could clearly cut them to shreds, forget about those blades, even those limbs could easily penetrate the sturdy crystal matter, so stabbing through their Magic Domain ability user bodies which weren’t all that strong wouldn’t be that difficult either.

Snow laid on the ground, her complex eyes flickering. However, this time, she didn’t go to sleep, it was clear that Helen didn’t plan on hiding this piece of information from her. Apart from this, Helen also didn’t feel too reassured around one of them, not willing to let Snow lose the ability to defend herself.

Helen’s holographic image was constructed. Her customary pleasant and mechanical voice sounded. “What I am about to tell you, is related to the source of this battle and ultra life forms. It is extremely important, but as for what you wish to do, it will depend on yourselves, your own choices. It is because I cannot see the future clearly either, which is why I cannot give you any advice. Right now, I will start from the apostles and Su…”

The three of them listened quietly, their expressions calm, but they were greatly alarmed inside. Even though they were already experts at the peak of the human race’s ability users, they were still humans, possessing human hearts. Even though they longed for the stars, they never truly thought that they would be able to step foot on a distant planet. What they never expected was that at a certain moment before the war erupted, this ordinary little planet actually unexpectedly became the center of the world.

As for how they were going to respond to the following situation, this was something everyone had their own thoughts on. Moreover, they were all extremely intelligent people, their hearts even more resolute, they wouldn’t easily let others tell them what to do. From start until now, O’Brien, Eileen, and Persephone never gave each other a look, seemingly all concentrated on the message Helen left behind.

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