Demon Hunter

Book 6 Chapter 34.7

Book 6 Chapter 34.7 - What Was

Serendela screamed out, her hands brandishing about, all of the radiance in this underground space suddenly dimming. Under an extremely powerful force field, everything began to distort. This wasn’t an interference towards one’s sight, but rather truly a distortion of matter! In that instant, Su felt as if his body became close to ten times heavier, as if he was going to sink. However, this had long appeared in Su’s predictions, his feet that pressed against the ground exerted force, already neutralizing the increased force field’s obstruction, to the extent where not even a reverse gravitational force field was activated. What was different from Gusglav was that Su’s body was now extremely light, only about twenty kilograms. Even if Serendela increased the gravity here by a hundred times, it still wouldn’t affect him that much.

Su’s fist was completely unaffected. It smashed down towards Gusglav, the bone spur carrying biological poison also extending out longer and longer. Even though he didn’t know Gusglav’s exact constitution, the biological poison Su secreted could directly sever strands at a genetic level, the effects several hundred times greater than normal genetic collapse poison. Even if Gusglav had ten levels of defense, he still couldn’t stop this type of poison.

Golden light appeared from Serendela’s eyes, two streaks of blazing radiance firing from her eyes, landing on Su’s lower back. If Su insisted on attacking, allowing the golden light to remain on his back, then he would be blasted through by the radiance. That was why Su had no choice but to take a step to the side, avoiding Serendela’s gaze. Meanwhile, in this instant, the bony spur suddenly extended, the tip still hitting Gusglav. Even though this wasn’t a full speed attack, as long as a bit of skin was broken, Gusglav’s end wouldn’t be good.

The bony spur scratched Gusglav’s thigh, and then with a crack sound, the tip fractured, the bits of fluorescent poison splashing onto his body. It instantly ate through the prisoner clothes, and as soon as it made contact with skin, large amounts of fine bubbles were produced, viciously eating their way  inside. However, Gusglav’s skin was like metal, Su’s biological poison not excelling at corrosion, which was why it didn’t invade his body at all, thus couldn’t display this use. Be that as it may, even if it wasn’t real poison, this drop of biological poison would still create a few holes. Gusglav’s defensive strength far exceeded Su’s previous judgment, definitely above ten levels.

Su was slightly stunned, this was not the foresight ‘Clairvoyance’ gave him. However, just like what Clairvoyance foretold, Serendela’s gaze couldn’t be restricted in time, directly shining on Gusglav’s body. The energy contained within this radiance could eat through all types of the sturdiest alloys, while Gusglav had just been struck by Su, momentarily unable to recover his mobility, so there was no way he could evade.

The light shone on Gusglav’s torso, yet it didn’t inflict the injury that was expected. His prisoner clothes burned under the extreme temperature, but the golden radiance instead added a layer of dark golden brilliance, making him look like a copper forged war god. Gusglav stretched out his limbs, and then broke free from the wall he was sent into, jumping onto the ground. He cracked his knuckles, an ear-splitting metal grinding sound unexpectedly sounding between his joints.

“Fuck, I just knew it wouldn’t be that easy!” Su cursed out, quickly moving to Gusglav’s other side, using his body to block Serendela’s line of sight, and then he sent a fist flying towards his soft waist and ribs. There was still a bone spur on his fist, this time, only a few centimeters long. Only a short and tough bone spur had a chance of piercing through Gusglav’s metal body. Su’s speed was extremely fast, before Gusglav even had the chance to turn around, Su already closed the distance, a slight pain felt from below Gusglav’s ribs! He released a low roar, right elbow moving horizontally. Even if he attacked Su like this, he still couldn’t dodge, only able to raise his arm to exchange a frontal blow!

A muffled noise immediately rang through the entire underground prison, several unlucky prisoners immediately collapsing after hearing the noise, unable to get back up, dark blood continuously flowing out from their mouths and noses.

It was as if Su was sliding on a water surface, quickly backing up. Gusglav left the ground, flying out once more from the tremendous backlash, smashing straight into the ceiling. In this exchange, Su actually suffered a bit of a loss, there was still a disparity in strength between him and his opponent, an entire level of disparity. A confrontation between ten and eleven levels, if it wasn’t for Su’s body structure reading the greatest degree of optimization, he would have been heavily injured this time.

Eleven levels of strength and eleven levels of defense? Su couldn’t help but frown. How could this type of vicious individual be unknown in the Blood Parliament’s history? Moreover, why would he be imprisoned here, willingly serving as an obscure and unknown prisoner? At the very least, in Su’s memories, in the Blood Parliament, aside from Bevulas who transformed into an ultra life form, as well as the Spider Empress, there was not a single person who could stop the man before him.

Su had to figure out his abilities!

As he backed up, Su thought to himself, his mind following along the divergence of Combat Domain abilities, a new ability quickly emerging.

Ultimate Offense and Defense, Combat Domain eleventh level ability, powerful physical strength as the final goal. Both strength and defense would be substantially increased, a terrifying ability that almost reached the level where spatial energy could be directly transferred. It was on par with the most powerful offensive ability ‘Multifaceted Offense.”

An enemy with Ultimate Offense and Defense definitely wouldn’t make one feel good, Su didn’t feel good either. This meant that only an eleventh level attack could deliver adequate damage, and at the same time, he couldn’t be struck back, because unless he had ten levels or higher defense, it was practically inevitable death.

However, when he saw the small hole in Gusglav’s waist, as well as the dark green poisoned blood that continuously surged out, Su’s mind finally calmed slightly.

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