Demon Hunter

Book 6 Chapter 18.10

Book 6 Chapter 18.10 - Leaving

Scorpions of Disaster soldiers and tanks surged on wherever one looked, seemingly endless. Bullets poured down like rain, impossible to evade, bringing Li’s body stinging pain from time to time. Blood loss and near exhaustion of her stamina made Li’s line of sight a bit blurry, the world she saw also continuously rocking back and forth.

“Is there no way to break out?” This thought couldn’t help but emerge in her head. However, a wave of anger surged within her chest, as if new power poured out continuously from all different parts of her body. She released a long roar, and then the long blade flashed out, more than ten concocted soldiers instantly diced up into several dozen pieces.

Li’s shoulder leaned against the side of a tank’s side wall, her slender body knocking this tank off its path, thus breaking out of this interception line. However, up ahead, a new line of interception had long formed, waiting for her to run into.

Li’s movements were flowing and smooth, recovering her peak state again, only, her cheeks were flushed with an unnatural redness. Willpower wasn’t omnipotent, the price of this temporary burst of stamina was excessive consumption and damage to her body. Li was already risking it all, while the enemies still seemed endless.

Li clenched her teeth, bending her body at the waist, hatefully thinking, “Fuck! It seems like I really might die this time. Li Gaolei, I might not be able to get revenge for you. If there really is a hell, then just wait for me to treat you to a beer down there! Su… you fucker, damn it!”

This was a region where hills rose and fell, ruins of farms and commercial buildings laying about. The terrain was a bit complex, and that was why Li could persevere until now. The repeated explosions of war had long chased out the refugees of this region, these refugees still feeling an instinctive drive to survive, so who dared to wander about a battlefield? In the eyes of the army and the soldiers of those great powers, refugees were just like wild dogs, things that could be completely overlooked. They definitely wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger just because a refugee appeared in their path.

However, at the edge of the battlefield, a girl suddenly appeared. She looked to be about seven or eight years old, quite similar to a refugee child, having the body of a child but a big head. However, the faint blonde hair that fell down was as smooth as a mirror, the light from battlefield explosions from time to time producing a streak of brilliance on her long hair. While standing between the rubble everywhere in this highland, almost every one of these pieces of rock were even taller than her. On this battlefield of blood and flames, she was extremely out of place. The girl had a delicate and fine face, frozen on it a sweet smile. However, what was different was that the smile never changed in the slightest, as if it was drawn on her face.

The girl had a pair of amber eyes, the left eye like that of an ordinary person’s, but the right eye’s pupil was actually made up of three curved pupils that combined to form a perfect sphere. She stood on her tiptoes, trying her best to increase her own height, observing the battlefield covered in smoke and explosions. Her right eye’s three pupils began to spin about, and then they stopped in place.

In the girl’s eyes, the battlefield was currently brought closer, enlarged, and came into focus following a bit of blurriness. All of the smoke and flames were filtered out, revealing the beautiful and agile leopard-like figure that was fighting endlessly among concocted human soldiers. Her body suddenly squatted down, short maroon hair flying about. Even though there was still a great distance between them, the girl could still see her teeth clenched, her bitter and painful expression.

The scene immediately froze, and then it rotated about, enlarged. This time, what appeared before the girl’s eyes was Li’s pale, yet stubborn and obstinate face. This woman already completely exhausted her strength, might fall down at any time, yet the flames burning in her eyes only became more and more intense, never becoming unsteady or dying out!

This scene stopped in the girl’s consciousness for an entire second.

A bullet flew over, shattering this stillness and peacefulness. The scene produced ripples, soon after shattering and dissipating.

The girl’s body suddenly leaned backwards. This bullet seemed to brush past her nose as it flew by, even removing a few strands of her fluttering blonde hair. She turned around with mechanical and rigid movements, looking down from the hill, seeing that a concocted soldier was currently aiming a gun at her. His face carried the concocted human’s trademark blankness, not revealing any shock or surprise towards the young lady’s evasive movement, the assault rifle in his hands releasing tongues of flame again.

The girl suddenly dropped to the ground with inhuman flexibility, and then her four limbs made contact with the ground, her hands and feet completely defying human physiology, starting to move about with high frequency like a four- legged spider, rushing down the highland with inconceivable speed and nimbleness!  The concocted soldier frantically pulled the trigger, but the rain of bullets was completely evaded by the girl. In the blink of an eye, she already rushed before his eyes, and then with a jump, a pair of fine and white hands was pressed against his neck!

The girl’s body possessed a weight that definitely didn’t match her figure. Under the tremendous momentum, the concocted soldier suddenly rose into the air, and then crashed into the ground with the force of an aircraft! Following a muffled boom sound, his body instantly fully deformed. However, the instant he flew up, his neck bone had, in fact, already been forcibly snapped.

When the concocted soldier’s body had just flown into the sky, the girl was already several dozen meters out, rushing towards the group of concocted soldiers. In that instant, it was as if this group of soldiers touched high voltage electricity, continuously twitching and jumping about before collapsing one after another. When they fell, their bodies were all limp, as if they didn’t have bones. The girl’s pull, pinch, bump, every part of her body became a weapon. Meanwhile, under the terrifying weight, just a single collision would shatter half the bones in a concocted human’s body. She released a beast-like roar from her throat, and then with a jump, already reached three meters into the air, her body then accelerating towards the ground with a speed that defied physics, crushing a second class commander ruthlessly below!

Concentrated bone fracturing sounds were produced from the commander’s body, the girl’s single strike crushing at least ten of his ribs. However, concocted humans’ feeling of pain was quite sluggish, their degree of pain tolerance even more exceptional. When she saw that blank and expressionless face, she suddenly felt a bit of hesitation. The commander’s body released a faint type of aura that made her instinctively feel extreme fear, the degree of fear only second to when she faced her father. The existence of this type of aura made her want to scream out, and then run as fast as she could.


The girl raised her head, looking at the tanks that were rushing over one after another in front of her. At the other end of where these tanks were rushing towards, was a Li struggling between life and death.

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