Cthulhu Gonfalon

Chapter 508

Chapter 508: Chapter 48

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Compared with the Cambrona couple, who had little family property and could travel freely and easily, it took Tu Ya’an and his sister nearly half a month to finish all the things on their plate. Then they finally came to Void City.

Having decided to serve His Majesty, the Void Mask from now on, Tu Ya’an even gave up his magic tower. Apart from some very important and memorable objects, he left almost everything in the magic tower to the wizard who inherited it—one of his brothers.

Originally, he wanted to give the magic tower to his teacher, Master Mill, a legendary mage. But Master Mill went out to explore other worlds and could not return for at least a year and a half, so he had to transfer the magic tower to Master Mill’s oldest disciple.

That disciple was an advanced mage who had lived for nearly 300 years, and he was Tu Ya’an’s older brother. In order to prolong his life, he sealed up his body and boarded up his soul in a statue, so he was called the “magician of the statue.”

Knowing that his younger brothers who came up from behind were planning to go to Void City, the oldest disciple was dissatisfied at first because this meant that there would be no legendary mages sitting in Mill City. Even if he did not take the security issue into account, this would make him lose face.

But when Tu Ya’an told him that he would transfer the whole magic tower to him, he immediately changed his mind and praised Tu Ya’an’s wisdom and vision. He claimed that Tu Ya’an would have great achievements in the future.

It was obvious that he was just in it for the legendary magic tower!

Tu Ya’an did not want to talk more with his aging older brother and led him directly to the magic tower. He counted all the facilities in the magic tower and all kinds of materials in the warehouse one by one. Then he explained all the magic spells and robots to his brother without any reservation, except for the magician’s “secret tunnel.”

His older brother would be very satisfied if he got an empty magic tower. He did not expect that Tu Ya’an would leave all kinds of things in the tower and the materials in the warehouse to him. He suddenly felt uneasy and asked if Tu Ya’an was going to do anything dangerous.

In his view, this was not just transferring the magic tower but also entrusting all his relics!

Tu Ya’an wanted to laugh and weep all at once, but he was also moved by his older brother. After all, he had met some good friends over the years.

It was just that his older brother really made a mistake.

He repeatedly explained to his older brother, but his brother was still doubtful. Eventually, he had to guarantee that he would often contact his brother after he settled down in Void City so as to reassure him. However, before he left, his brother came to see him off and told him to pay attention to his safety.

Tu Ya’an’s brother also knew that in Tu Ya’an’s family, they had an idea of “men managing external affairs and women managing internal,” so when he found out that Tu Ya’an did not take his words to heart at all, he turned to Tessa and told her to take good care of Tu Ya’an and not allow him to do any dangerous things.

“If necessary, you can break his legs. It’s much easier to treat broken legs than to recover from death!” He told Tessa like this.

After hearing that, Tu Ya’an felt very frightened, especially when he saw Tessa taking a pair of white crutches from his brother secretly. This crutch was made by his brother to celebrate Master Mill’s millennial birthday. He had made two crutches in total. The second one that was much better than the first one was sent to Master Mill, while the first one had been treasured by him over the years. He did not expect that his brother would send it to Tessa.

This crutch seemed ordinary and plain except for the fact that it could emit white light. In fact, it could trigger seven or eight different spells when necessary, among which the most ferocious one was “Great Disintegration.” That was a spell that any caster would be afraid of.

There was a saying that said, “When disintegration comes, gods will hate, and ghosts will cry.” The Great Disintegration Spell could not only destroy the effect of any other spells, but it could also destroy all kinds of magic props. In front of it, any protective magic and magic armor would become useless.

Even a legendary mage like Tu Ya’an would suffer serious injuries if he was beaten by the crutch. He may even be dismantled by a single blow.

Thinking about this, Tu Ya’an really wanted to use his most powerful spell, “Death Finger” to beat up his brother.

In the end, he did not do as he thought, but he was laughed at several times along the way by Tessa.

Therefore, when he arrived at Void City, he really felt a little exhausted. He wanted to find a place to lie down immediately and sleep for a day or two.

Sui Xiong met him in the great temple of the church of the Void Mask. At the same time, the high levels of the church also took some time to see him. The scene was very big and grand, and it fully showed that the church of the Void Mask really paid great attention to him.

Although Tu Ya’an was a necromancer who was unpopular among ordinary people, he was also a legendary mage after all. What’s more, he was not the kind of newcomer who had just stepped into the Legendary Realm; he had stepped into the Legendary Realm for nearly a hundred years, and he had almost reached the mid-legendary level. Facing a powerful mage like Tu Ya’an, any country or any organization would show their utmost sincerity and enthusiasm to welcome him.

If one didn’t take Tu Ya’an seriously and treated him casually, it was not only insulting Tu Ya’an, but also insulting to themselves.

The high levels of the church of the Void Mask were not prejudiced against Tu Ya’an for being a necromancer. They believed in Sui Xiong’s vision. Compared to necromancers, which were unpopular among ordinary people but were at least orthodox mages, demon beasts such as Slim, Big Birds, and Sea Monkeys were obviously much more dangerous and evil.

How could the church of the Void Mask discriminate against Tu Ya’an if they could treat those demon beats as their partners?

Tu Ya’an was so happy that he couldn’t even speak well after feeling the friendliness and kindness of the church of Void Mask. Of course, he was not good at talking to begin with. No one would expect a man who usually only talked to his sister to be good at face-to-face communication.

Therefore, the person in charge of negotiation became Tessa again. She was much better than her brother. With her lovely appearance and tragic life experience, she quickly gained the love of the compassionate and kind-hearted people, like Madame Teague. People who were knowledgeable but not very kind, like Leon, would not deliberately engage her. In the end, she was much more popular than her brother, and she quickly got along well with everyone.

After the welcome meeting, they went to the welcome dinner. At the dinner party, Big Bird Favnier and the Sea Monkey, Ling Ming, who belonged to the evil camp in theory, also welcomed their new friends from the evil camp. They sincerely invited Tu Ya’an to join the “Happy Bachelors in the Night” organization. Favnier even said that he would share some information that he collected over the years about the places he had gone to in hopes of finding girls and where everyone could enjoy their lives together happily.

Finally, Tu Ya’an was dragged by Tessa to his hotel that night. Favnier shouted back, “That’s all right! Let’s start in a few days! I have gone to many different brothels, and I’m very familiar with most of them. I can take you there.”

As for how Tu Ya’an would be educated and cursed out by his sister after being dragged back to the hotel, well, nobody would know.

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