Cthulhu Gonfalon

Chapter 464

Chapter 464: Chapter 4

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When the proposal was passed, the Orc Judge fell into a great rage and slammed the door, brushing past Arcaian, who was waiting outside.

When he stepped out of the town where the big meeting had been held, he suddenly saw a man in a grass robe, standing at the door and waiting for him.

“Tragic Wind? What are you doing here? Were you also persuaded by the boy to support me?” He frowned and asked coldly.

Rumbling laughter came from under the Big Druid’s robe. “I was just worried about my old friend, so I came to see you.”

“You don’t have to worry about me. I’m fine.”

“But you were almost killed by the Void Mask.” The Tragic Wind said this sarcastically, but he was actually concerned about his safety. “If you had launched an attack, you would be dead by now.”

The Orc Judge thought for a moment and said, “Anyway, I won’t fight with the Fairies Council.”

“Yeah, after all, you are the patron saint of the Elves. But as their patron saint, you really haven’t done a good job. How could you use the excuse of ‘destroying the balance of the nature’? Can the Pasteur School be more of a threat than me when it comes to destroying the balance of nature? Do you know that there are rumors among the elves that you fear that the Pasteur School will grow too quickly and threaten your status, so you sentenced them as heretics regardless of the elders’ opposition?”

Buddy lowered his eyes, “Whatever they say, it’ none of my business.”

“But now it matters. The successor of the Pasteur School has become a God, and he has a master who’s much stronger than you. Now they can just kick you aside and not consult you at all. Don’t you feel a little angry?”

“Why would I feel angry?” Buddy frowned. “Whose side are you on?”

“I stand on my own side, on the side of the human Druids and a man who sees the Elves Race and you as close friends.” The Tragic Wind sighed and said, “My old friend, what are you thinking about?”

Buddy was silent again, then said, “Now that the goal has been achieved, I don’t have to keep it a secret. I just wanted to give young people a little pressure to push them to grow faster and stronger.”

“You gave them too much pressure!” The Tragic Wind sighed. “Do you know how many elves that you’ve pushed too hard have become devils over the years?”

“That’s weeding them out. If they cannot become stronger spiritually, what qualifications do they have to lead the future of the Elves?”

“If the knife is sharpened too hard, it will not become sharper. It will only break.”

“But as a result, I trained a lot of talents that can support the future of the Elves.”

Tragic Wind sneered, “Do you really think it’s all due to you? If the Void Mask hadn’t helped him withstand the pressure, if he had always been under your direction, do you think he would have been able to study things that have nothing to do with the battle? In the past years, didn’t his grandfather and father come up with something so useful that it can support a race?”

“Excellent people are different from mediocre people.”

“If a seed isn’t allowed to grow well, no matter how good it is, it won’t grow into a big tree. Tragic Wind sighed, “My old friend, your practices are really out of date now.”

Buddy was silent for a long time and sighed deeply. “Maybe I’m too old.”

“Yes. You should admit that you are old and not always think that the rise and fall of the Elves Race is on your shoulders. Don’t always be obsessed with responsibility and the past. Times have changed.”

There was a pause. “Are these so-called ‘different times’ referring to the appearance of the jellyfish?”

“Probably. Anyway, the river of destiny has rippled and may blow in another direction.”

“So have I hit the jackpot?”

“Maybe. Before the torrent of fate sweeps through the ancient forest, make the God of Healing owe the elders too much and split the relationship with the Elves Race. Anyway, I think it’s a good plan.” Tragic Wind thought again and said, “In this matter, the only one that suffered would probably be you.”

“I didn’t suffer. I just took it for granted.” Buddy shook his head and looked back at the hall. He nodded slightly and then walked away.

“Where are you going?” The Tragic Wind asked.

“I just want to find a place to rest for a while. Over the years, I’m been a little tired. I’ve seized the time to rest before the arrival of the flood of fate so I can build up my energy.”

As he spoke, he passed by Tragic Wind, saying, “In the next few years, I’ll be isolated from the world temporarily. Don’t expect me to help if you’re in trouble.”

“Who would make trouble for the isolated Druid? You really worry too much.”

“Maybe. You should be more careful.” After saying this, Orc Judge Buddy Bristol turned into a huge golden eagle surrounded by golden light and spread its wings, soaring into the sky and instantly disappearing without trace.

When he had gone away, the Tragic Wind sighed slightly and said to the sky above, “My majesty, the Void Mask, now you can rest assured.”

With a flash of light, Sui Xiong appeared, smiling and nodding.

Of course, he wouldn’t place all his hope on the Elves’ conference. Although the outcome of the lobbying seemed to have been decided, in this world, the decision of the overall situation was mostly not the will of the people, but of the strong.

The Orc Judge was stubborn, and he was the absolute strongest in the Elves Race. Therefore, whether things could go smoothly or not, in fact, even Sui Xiong wasn’t sure.

Therefore, he specifically found the Tragic Wind Big Druid that had sent him a message of friendship. He had asked the only strong man in the world who was as famous as the Orc Judge to come out. If the situation deteriorated and the talks between two sides broke down, he would come out to reconcile with him.

This was a kind of insurance. Although it didn’t work in the end, as least it could test the real ideas and attitudes of Orc Judge Buddy. Sui Xiong felt like it was worth his effort.

“Thank you!” He nodded at Tragic Wind. “I won’t forget your help.”

“If I could earn your friendship for this little thing, then I’m grateful!” Tragic Wind laughed. This Big Druid who was as famous as the Orc Judge liked laughing a lot, totally different from the Orc Judge, who never laughed.

“Friendship is not a trade, but a communication of good will.”

“Yes… My majesty the Void Mask, do you mind if I create an exit on my secluded half-plane and have it lead to your kingdom?”

“Of course not.” Sui Xiong smiled and nodded. “You’re welcome to.”

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