Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 193 - Marrying A Rich Lady (26)

Chapter 193: Marrying A Rich Lady (26)

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Two days later, the result of the DNA test came out.

Nan Youyou wasn’t blood-related to them, Jiang Duo was. Suddenly, Jiang Duo had parents and was the daughter of a rich family. She got scared and hid at Ming Shu’s house and didn’t dare to see her parents.

The police also found concrete evidence against Nan You You and Nan Youyou was put in criminal detention.

The Nan couple couldn’t accept the fact that the daughter they had raised over the past 20 years was not their own. What’s more, she tried to hurt their real daughter.

The Nan couple didn’t visit Nan Youyou for a long time.

After a while, Mother Nan secretly went to visit her, but was scared off by Nan Youyou’s mental state at that time. She never went back again.

Nan Youyou cried and threw tantrums, but to no avail.

“Nan Youyou, someone came to see you.”

Nan Youyou’s face lit up. However, when she saw the person on the other side of the glass, her heart turned cold immediately.

“Why did you come!” Nan Youyou jumped forward and stared at the person opposite her with hatred in her eyes.

After she realized that the person couldn’t hear her, she grabbed the phone and shouted, “Ruan Li, what are you doing here?! Are you here to laugh at me?”

“I’m here to see how well you’re doing.”

A gentle voice echoed from the phone. The happiness in her tone made Nan Youyou feel like she was humiliating her.

“Haven’t you hurt me enough?” Nan Youyou was very agitated. “I’ve become like this now, are you happy?”

Ming Shu touched her chin and smiled gently. “Don’t be so agitated. You’ll just be here for one to two years and when you’re out, you can be a white lotus again.”

Veins popped out on Nan Youyou’s forehead. “Ruan Li, I will not let you off even if I turn into a ghost.”

“That’s the best outcome. I don’t mind.” The more she hated her, the better it was.

Ming Shu put down the phone as the system informed her that her Hatred Points were at their maximum.

Nan Youyou was still saying something angrily, but Ming Shu didn’t hear anything. Nan Youyou could only knock against the glass.

The people inside pushed the agitated Nan Youyou down.

Ming Shu turned back and give Nan Youyou a bright smile.

In a dark room, Ming Shu was tied to a chair. Someone walked in and stopped beside her for a moment.

“How is she?”

“She’s not awake yet.”

“Watch over her.”


The voice disappeared and the footsteps faded away. The room became quiet.

Ming Shu opened her eyes. Her gaze was clear and there were no signs of confusion.

After she went to visit Nan Youyou, she was kidnapped on the way back.

Ming Shu guessed that their target was Qin Che and even guessed who the mastermind was. Hence, she went with the flow and let herself get kidnapped.

She untied the ropes and rubbed her wrists as she got up. She observed the place that she was held in.

She should be at a basement. It was not very dirty.

Ming Shu undid the lock on the door in a few tries. There was a guard outside and he looked toward the door when he heard the noise. He looked directly into Ming Shu’s gaze. She was smiling.

“Bring me to your boss.”

The other party: “…”

Wasn’t she tied up just now?

Ming Shu stood at the door with no intention of fighting or running away. The guard went up and asked if their boss wanted to see her.

When he received a confirmation, the guard brought Ming Shu over a very long walkway before finally reaching a room.

There were people guarding that room, too. Ming Shu walked in slowly and casually as though she were a guest.

There was only a middle-aged man in the room. He had a studious face and a studious aura.

However, his gaze was very oppressive and it made people uncomfortable.

Ming Shu shifted her eyes away from the man and started looking around the room. The room had European-style furnishings, but the ornaments were all antiques. This made the whole room very weird.

“Miss Ruan, I apologize for inviting you like this.” The man waved his hand and the rest of the people left. “But Miss Ruan exceeded my expectations, too.”

“Was I prettier or smarter?”

The man squinted his eyes and laughed weirdly, twice. “I heard that you graduated from Heng Xin. No wonder you are so courageous and insightful.”

Ming Shu walked to the sofa and sat down. She looked at the man. “Is there anything to eat?”

The man’s expression almost changed.

She was kidnapped. However, she didn’t ask why and didn’t ask about their identity. After complimenting herself, she asked him if there was anything to eat. Is her brain fried?

“Miss Ruan, do you know why I invited you here?” The man sat opposite Miss Ruan and put his hands behind his back.

“Can’t we talk about this after we eat?” I don’t feel like discussing anything on an empty stomach.

The man: “…”

Did the bunch of idiots knock her head somewhere when they kidnapped her?

Because of Ming Shu’s calm composure, the man didn’t dare to do anything to her.

Ming Shu and the man sat at the dining table. Ming Shu buried her head in her food while the man stared at her, his heart filled with multiple suspicions.

He couldn’t understand this girl.

“Miss Ruan, can we talk now?”

Ming Shu put down her fork and wiped her mouth with a clean handkerchief. She said something surprising: “I can help you defeat the Qin family.”

The man couldn’t keep a straight face this time. He was shocked.

“Miss Ruan is part of the Qin family, why do you want to harm them?”

Ming Shu leaned against the chair and relaxed her body. “Because I want Qin Che to hate me.”

The man was even more curious. “Why?”

He thought that he had captured a weak link, but now, it seemed more like a time bomb, and it was a crazy time bomb.

“This is none of your business. You want the Qin family, I want Qin Che to hate me. These two goals don’t clash with each other. Do you want to collaborate?”

“Why should I believe you?”

” Sigh , I’m so pretty, is that not enough?”

“…” What’s the link between these two things? Do you mean that I have to believe you just because you’re pretty?

The man took a deep breath. “Miss Ruan seems to know who I am.”

“I don’t.” Ming Shu smiled harmlessly. “Why must I know your identity?”

The man: “…”

How daring are you to collaborate with someone you don’t even know?

Someone send this lunatic back to the mental hospital.

“Then how do you know that I want to target the Qin family?” He never mentioned anything about the Qin family this entire time.

Ming Shu replied naturally, “Is this very difficult to guess? Rule out some possibilities and choose the one with the highest probability. It’s not that difficult.”

Who else would kidnap her now besides Qin Che’s enemies?

The man’s lips felt a bit stiff. “What if you guessed wrong?”

“Guess again.”

The man was speechless again. Was she playing a game…

Wait, why am I getting led by the nose by her? Ever since they met, she looked really harmless and even seemed to be on the losing side. However, he naturally followed her lead.

This girl…

The man was on his guard, “Miss Ruan, we can collaborate if you want but you should show me some sincerity and ability.”

“There’s a letterbox at Fuxing Road No. 1508. You might be interested in the things inside.”

The man frowned. She was saying that she came well-prepared. Who would believe that?

“Are you scared?” Ming Shu gave her standard smile. “Mister He, wealth comes with risk.”

The man’s expression paused and started changing. “Miss Ruan is really impressive.”

“Thanks for your compliment.”

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