Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 1245 - Starting a Strike

Chapter 1245: Starting a Strike

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Ockham was cunning as he could discover the truth of the so-called manifestations of God’s will in the underground relics from a trail of clues; additionally he was tolerant and could judge the occasion and dared seize the opportunity to launch an attack when he knew that Zhang Tie had a “heavenly knight” on his back.

Perhaps the so-called “manifestations of God’s will” performed by jerk priests of Sacred Light Empire were just deceitful tricks that used to bewilder others by space-teleportation equipment. Therefore, they thought that all the “manifestations of God’s will” were deceitful tricks. Additionally, each deceitful trick was supported by a space-teleportation equipment. The greater and the more shocking the deceitful trick was, the more powerful was the space-teleportation equipment on their back.

Of course, the use of Castle of Black Iron was utterly different than that of ordinary space-teleportation equipment. Ordinary space-teleportation equipment existed in the form of material objects. However, Zhang Tie had integrated with Castle of Black Iron. Castle of Black Iron didn’t exist in this world. If Zhang Tie wanted to use Castle of Black Iron, he only needed to run his spiritual energy. Ockham thought that Zhang Tie used an immortal space-teleportation equipment to accomplish the performance of the so-called “manifestations of God’s will”. He almost approached the truth.

Ockham was stupid because he believed in his empirical judgment too much. Additionally, he was deeply convinced by his great battle strength as a shadow knight. Besides the fact that Zhang Tie couldn’t give Castle of Black Iron to him, what was more important was that he had forgotten that this world would not center on one person. Even a heavenly knight or a sage knight might be in trouble, not to mention a shadow knight. If powerful ones could rule everything, Zhang Tie’s master would not be the frightening alchemist devil; Han Zhengfang should still be alive; Emperor Xuanyuan would not be missing. Even these people who were much more powerful than him couldn’t control their fates, how could a shadow knight think that he’s unrivaled and could get whatever he wants in Ice and Snow Wilderness?

Of course, it was a laughingstock.

Ockham was a rich reward gifted by God to Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie watched Ockham with slightly narrowed eyes while the light in his eyes was as same as that in Ockham’s eyes.

Ockham thought that he had caught a fat sheep; however, he didn’t know that he was that fat sheep in Zhang Tie’s eyes.

After hearing Ockham’s words, Zhang Tie didn’t speak; instead, he just looked at Ockham calmly, which made Ockham upset.

“In front of me, you’re just humble ants. Treasure my kindness and the opportunity that I spare to you. This is the last opportunity for you heretics to accomplish your self-redemption. If you don’t submit the item to me within 10 seconds, I could only get it myself. You’d better determine whether you’re going to live or die in 10 seconds!” Ockham released a powerful qi as he kept a close watch on Zhang Tie with his sharp eagle eyes, sparing no chance for Zhang Tie to wait for the arrival of that powerful heavenly knight in case of trouble. He started to count down, “1…2…”

As this powerful shadow knight started to count down, many people in the palace became anxious. Only the most pious followers of Ancient God Church were still looking at Zhang Tie with firm eye light. These people had unshakable confidence in Zhang Tie. As the incarnation of the Ancient God, how could Zhang Tie be troubled by a shadow knight?

The so-called truth of manifestations of God’s will in the mouth of Ockham was completely like a laughingstock in the eyes of Maxim and the other priests of Ancient God Church. Because Zhang Tie was manifesting the God’s will under the gaze of over 100,000 people without using any space-teleportation equipment at all. The holy vase that Zhang Tie used to manifest the God’s will was still worshiped in the grey palace. How could such a manifestation of God’s will be as same as the deceitful trick of those jerk priests of Sacred Light Empire?

“3…” Ockham’s icy sound was like pronouncing judgment towards a group of mortals.

“Battle strength prevails the knight’s world. Now that you and I are both knights, let’s determine the result of this dispute in the means of knights!” Zhang said calmly as he looked at Ockham who carried a strong qi, “This is a bet between two knights. As long as you stand there and could bear a strike of my spear safe and sound, I would give you whatever you want. Even the entire Sacred Iceland Kingdom and Ancient God Church could be incorporated into the territory of Sacred Light Empire…”

After hearing Zhang Tie’s words, Ockham burst out into laughter crankily. In the eyes of Ockham, Zhang Tie just wanted to save his face. The bet was always better than being forced to make a choice. Additionally, Ockham benefited from this manner. Ockham was very afraid about that heavenly knight on the back of Zhang Tie. If he killed Zhang Tie, he had to worry about being avenged by that heavenly knight. If Zhang Tie and that heavenly knight were just trade partners, that heavenly knight might not make any response to Zhang Tie’s death; however, if they were good friends, that heavenly knight might find Ockham trouble. If he stirred up a heavenly knight, even though he had Sacred Light Empire on his back, he would not feel good.

Zhang Tie was so famous that even Ockham knew the power of Zhang Tie’s spear; however, even though an earth knight’s spear strike was powerful, it could at most threaten ordinary black knights; however, spear strike was definitely a laughingstock for a shadow knight. Even a heavenly knight couldn’t promise that his spear strike could threaten a shadow knight, not to mention an earth knight.

Each knight would gain a rare opportunity to strengthen their overall strength whenever they formed a chakra, such as from battle spirit to black iron knight and from black iron knight to earth knight; however, the most powerful overall advancement happened when one promoted to a shadow knight from earth knight. When one formed his water chakra, over 70% water in his body would be cleansed by and resonated with the water element in the elements realm. After this process, the body of a shadow knight would enter an unimaginable, powerful realm. In this realm, even if the shadow knight didn’t release his protective battle qi, he could still match a black iron knight in defensive capability. Therefore, shadow knights were all confident.

“Well, I will have a bet with you. I just stand here, just attack me with your spear. I will make you sincerely convinced!” Ockham stood in the air outside the gate of the palace as he crossed his arms without even releasing his protective battle qi. He just looked at Zhang Tie like watching a clown.

In that case, even the closest seat in the palace was over 50 m away from Ockham. Those guards were holding rows of heavy tower-shaped shields around him from over 50 m away.

Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he ran his spiritual energy. Closely after that, a golden spear appeared in his hand. At the sight of that golden spear, Maxim and all the other clergies held their breath at once.

“Keep away from us, watch out!” Zhang Tie said calmly.

After hearing Zhang Tie’s words, those people in the nearest seats hurriedly moved back towards the center of the palace. Those guards who were holding heavy tower-shaped shields also retreated backward in tidy footsteps, including those fighters of Thor’s Hammer who were surrounding Ockham outside the palace.

Ockham revealed a faint disdainful sneer because the others’ responses were like a laughingstock for him. At the sight of that golden spear in Zhang Tie’s hand, his sneer became more ironical as he confirmed that Zhang Tie just wanted to save his face by putting on his airs.

Golden weapons were always used by deities in myths and legends. There were many such weapons in the Sacred Light Empire; however, all of them were sacrificial vessels and religious supplies. As one of the top 3 halos pastors in Sacred Light Empire, Ockham had a team of honor guard who used golden weapons in special occasions for the sake of face; honestly, gold was not a good material for making weapons. Although gold had good durability, it was too soft to be made into weapons. Even though they could have a good processability after being mixed with some silver and copper, they couldn’t match some senior alloys, not to mention match precious metals such as abyss magical iron.

Golden weapons were used to bamboozle idiots so as to make them hold in awe and veneration. Gold was not precious for knights; however, Zhang Tie was the first knight who used a golden weapon in the world.

At the sight of Zhang Tie’s look when he held a golden spear, Ockham felt that this famous Hua knight was extremely like those honor guards on his side. Therefore, he couldn’t help but burst out into laughter as he watched Zhang Tie like looking at sh*t, “You’re smart; if you surrender to me, I will let you rule all the halos retinues in the east parish of Sacred Light Empire…”

Zhang Tie replied with a smile too, “Are you ready…”

“Come on, I…”

Before the halos pastor of Sacred Light Empire finished his words, Zhang Tie had launched a strike…

With the deafening sound, an invisible impact wave swept over those heavy tower-shaped shields that were standing on the ground, causing them to buzz like being hit by heavy hammers…

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