Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 615 - Yao Yao Sis Was Trying To Assassinate Me

Chapter 615: Yao Yao Sis Was Trying To Assassinate Me

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Yao Yao Sis Was Trying To Assassinate Me

“Eh, Yushu ate too much. She said that her stomach is bursting. I’ve to go back…..” Lin Yi was sweating as he explained it to them. Just what was going on? Why would people die from eating too much these days?

“Ah?” Tang Yin covered her mouth with her hands in disbelief. “She had eaten too much? So much that her stomach is about to burst?”

“Yeah, but it isn’t unusual for something like this to happen to Shu.” Lin Yi forced a smile. “I’m going back now! Right, before I forget, I talked to the dean of the hospital. You guys can stay in the hospital for now. Since your house was demolished, there was no point of discharging yourself from the hospital.”

Dean Qin was acquainted with Lin Yi after knowing the hidden connection between Lin Yi and Xuemin, so he wouldn’t reject Lin Yi’s request. Even if Tangyin and Jucheng were able to discharge from the hospital, they could still choose to stay here.

After all, Lin Yi wasn’t going to run away from the bill. As long as Lin Yi paid the bill, there was no reason for Dean Qing to drive them out.

Earlier this morning, Mrs. Tang was depressed about this. She talked to her daughter about the house as she was considering if this was the time for them to buy one. Their house in the slums was totally demolished. They couldn’t live in it anymore.

Fortunately, there weren’t many valuables in the house. Their television and refrigerator were bought over ten years ago when Mr. Tang and Mrs. Tang were married. Those electronic products were completely worn out, so they didn’t actually feel the pain of losing them. As for the furniture, they didn’t even have one from the beginning.

However, since Lin Yi had arranged them to stay in the hospital for a while, they didn’t have to rush in and buy one. They could observe and analyze before buying one. After all, buying a house was an important decision. They couldn’t just waste their money like that, could they?

Lin Yi felt that Yushu being full to the point of bursting was outrageous and freaky but he still rushed back anyway. He reached the villa and opened the door to Yushu laying on the sofa, still. On the other hand, Mengyao was standing beside her, holding her hand and comforting her.

“Yaoyao sis, I’ve reached my limits. Why isn’t Shield bro here yet?” Yushu cried.

“He’ll be here soon. This idiot Lin Yi wasn’t leaving because of Tang Yin? I can’t see what’s so good about Tang Yin. Our Shu is way better than her obviously!” Mengyao complained.

“Ahem…..” Lin Yi sweated and coughed dryly. Although Tang Yin wasn’t inferior to Yushu, the point was Yushu’s background. She was Miss’s soulmate after all. Who would have the balls to go hit on her? How could they just compare like that?

Lin Yi thought to himself, if Mengyao was willing to hand Shu over as his wife, he’d gladly bring Shu around every day, every hour!

Lin Yi’s cough startled Mengyao. She turned to Lin Yi and said, “So you know when to come back, huh? Look at Shu! She’s about to die! Move your hands!

Lin Yi let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Yushu wasn’t dead yet, but when he saw the swollen stomach, he couldn’t help but frown. He was afraid that gastrointestinal perforation might have taken place.

“Shield bro, you are back, sob sob…” Yushu cried. “I’m feeling terrible. Yaoyao sis was trying to assassinate me…..”

“Nobody was trying to assassinate you. Are you perhaps hallucinating?” Lin Yi was looking at Mengyao with doubt. What was Yushu saying? Assassination? Could it be that Yushu had taken some kind of drugs that caused this hallucination?

Mengyao blushed. “Just save her and stop asking so much.”

“Sure.” Lin Yi nodded, lifted Yushu, and flipped her over. Her back was facing the ceiling and her face was towards the floor. “Make sure that Shu doesn’t close her mouth. Open it wide.”

“Oh, okay!” Mengyao couldn’t afford to slow down herself as she quickened her movements and put her fingers into Shu’s mouth to open it.

“Ahhh….” Yushu wasn’t feeling so good as she moaned. She thought to herself, What were Shield bro and Yaoyao sis doing? Were they trying to kill me? Yaoyao sis was even trying to pull my tongue out again? However, she wasn’t able to speak.

“What are you calling?” Mengyao glared. She couldn’t help but find Shu’s moan kind of erotic.

“Ahhhhhh…..” Yushu was unable to form words with her mouth opened as wide as this other than “Ahhh”. There was nothing she could do.

“Hold it for a little longer. We are almost done.” Lin Yi got a chopstick from the kitchen and gently provoked Shu’s throat.

“Ahhhhhhhh…” the provocation made her nauseous. “Wahhhh” came next before all the undigested lunch rushed out from Shu’s mouth to the ground, dirtying Mengyao’s hands as well.

However, Mengyao wasn’t displeased. She was deeply concerned with Yushu as she asked, “Shu, are you okay? How do you feel?”

Yushu vomited everything out in a mess and her intestines were almost emptied.

“Boohoo, I’m not feeling so good but it’s better than just now…..” Yushu said after all the food was out.

“Good, good. I was super worried back then!” Mengyao was horrified. She couldn’t bear to lose her soulmate.

“It wasn’t something to be concerned with from the beginning. You will be full after eating naturally.” Lin Yi shook his head. “If you were unable to eat so much, why did you do that just now?”

“Yaoyao sis forced me…..” Yushu was wronged as she replied. She escaped death after all.

“Why did you force her to eat so much?” Lin Yi was a little angry. This wasn’t something they should be messing with. They were lucky this time and it was hard to say if that would be the case in the future.

“I…..” Mengyao couldn’t believe that Lin Yi was actually lecturing her but Mengyao couldn’t fight back, could she? Lin Yi was right and she really did something bad too.

“Yaoyao sis didn’t want you to make food for Tang Yin. That’s why…..” Yushu said honestly.

“…” Lin Yi shook his head as he was speechless. He had expected this, but couldn’t believe that the Misses were so mischievous!

“Shu, stop it!” Mengyao felt embarrassed. “You are still weak. Go back to the room and get some rest.”

“Owww….” Yushu realized she was really exhausted when Mengyao reminded her. “I can’t move, Yaoyao sis…..”

Mengyao wanted to carry Yushu to the room, but she knew that she wasn’t up to the task yet. She hesitated and said, “Lin Yi, carry her to the second floor.”

“Upstairs? I can go upstairs?” Lin Yi pointed at to the ceiling. He recalled that Mengyao warned him not to go upstairs when he came to the house.

“It’s an exception this time. I will allow you to.” Mengyao continued, “Just once.”

“General Weiwu is on guard.” Lin Yi saw General Weiwu was stationed at the staircase. He didn’t want to let Mengyao know that he wasn’t afraid of the dog. Who knew if they would blame him when they lost something on the second floor?

“Don’t think that I’m not aware of it. You aren’t afraid of him, so stop your acting.” Mengyao hmphed. “Move Shu upstairs now!”

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