Back to the Apocalypse

Chapter 52

Chapter 52

When the group was first chased by zombies, they had split in two as per Xiao Sa’s orders and were meant to meet up at an agreed upon rendezvous point.

“They are coming.” Yu Yue sighed. The others had finally arrived. To be honest, he was in excruciating pain throughout his whole body and his head was throbbing. If it hadn’t been for all the other people in the same vehicle as him – there was one woman and a few guys who batted for the same team- he would have already stripped out of these clothes; from top to bottom he was covered in zombie brains and it was completely disgusting.

“Everyone prepare to fight.” Xiao Sa who had been carefully watching the approaching cars calmly and methodically ordered before promptly aiming and firing his gun.

Bai Jing followed his gaze and frowned as he asked: “What are they doing?”

He only saw three cars in the distance coming their way. There was a small car at the forefront, while the two vehicles in the back were actually their own people, and chasing behind all three cars, were dozens of zombies. Because the vehicles were using a narrow road, the cars in the back could not overtake the small car which was also moving at a very slow pace, so as it blocked their path forward it also placed the two cars behind it in an extremely precarious position. If the cars had not been modified, Bai Jing believed that several holes would have already been torn into the last car.

Since complaining wouldn’t help solve the problem, Bai Jing didn’t hesitate to act. The rest of the group also didn’t remain idle, as they all immediately fired numerous shots at the zombies in order to provide a cover for the approaching vehicles.

“Help us ah! The zombies are right behind us.” Someone in the small car shouted for help. That person’s eyes had lit up the moment they saw that Bai Jing’s group had weapons. In short, if they didn’t want to die, they would have to quickly rush over to where Bai Jing et al were. For fear of being left behind, the small car even quickly turned and left the small side road to join the national highway. But even then, the small car at the front kept swerving and driving in a dangerous manner. As a matter of fact, the S-shaped way it moved happened to block the vehicles behind it from passing, thus providing the small car with two solid buffers against the zombies chasing behind them, and creating a smooth and unimpeded path for itself.

Seeing that the zombies behind them were gradually being annihilated, the small car practically flew as they rushed towards Bai Jing et al and then a middle-aged man opened a window and shouted: “Help! I am a wealthy person and I have gold with me here. Quickly dispose of the zombies behind there and as long as you can escort me to C City, I will give you half of it…”

This so-called person really had an unrivaled sense of shamelessness. When they heard what the middle-aged man had said, not only was Bai Jing speechless, but even Wang Xuebing was so angry that he really wished he could shoot these people. The only difference was that while he only thought about it, Bai Jing actually acted on his desires, as he aimed at the people in the small car with an indifferent look in his eyes.

Then the man’s voice was abruptly cut-off before the small car quickly came to a stop.

“Ah!” A piercing scream was heard from within the car…

The middle-aged man’s chatty facial expression remained the same with his head still hanging outside the window. The only difference now was that there was a red dot between his eyebrows from which blood flowed out of profusely, covering his entire face and mixing with the rain. In this dark night that was only illuminated by car lights, this scene came off as particularly eerie and terrifying; a very chilling scene to witness.

“Don’t, don’t kill me…” Another man – the driver – in the small car panicked and didn’t dare move even a little bit. The two vehicles behind the small car quickly overtook it and only stopped once they reached the agreed upon location. Then Xie Minhang turned around, his eyes flashing with a cold light, and immediately shot the driver of the small car.

“Good job, brother.” Next to him, Han Yan suddenly patted Xie Minhang’s shoulder. His heart had been burning up with rage. Shit, he had really wanted to shoot that driver, but unfortunately, that car had been in front of them the whole time. He had never seen such shameless people. This was his first time he has seen this kind of people who will take advantages of every opportunity with no regard for others.

Originally, they had disposed of the zombies on their side and were just about to come to the meeting place. However, who would’ve thought that two cars would suddenly appear out of the blue, followed by a large number of zombies. They say that meeting the right person at the right time leads to a happy life but meeting the wrong person at the right time will lead to heartache. So, without saying anything further, they all fled from the zombies. But none of them had expected that the two cars would be tracking them and follow the same route as them. Then suddenly one of the cars rushed onto the same small road they were on. Not long after, the people in the second car suddenly screamed before quickly turning their car around.

At that time, when they saw the car suddenly turn around, none of them had cared. After all, they only thought that it was someone else’s problem. But it was only after they drove for a few several meters that they found a big tree had fallen in the middle of the road, and on the other side of it, were several parked cars that had been broken and torn apart. A strong smell of blood filled the air. Body parts could be seen scattered all over the ground, and from this, they could all guess that the people must have tried to escape but they had been blocked by the big tree on the road.

Even before they had enough time to ponder over what they were seeing, they were suddenly swarmed by a large number of zombies. Using their powers and weapons, they fought tooth and nail as they desperately cut a path for escape. When they turned to look at the car that had turned around before, it was already drowned by the zombies. The people in the car were merely torn apart carcasses now.

The group of people quickly rushed through the cleared path with a group of zombies hot in pursuit. The people in the one remaining car were real cowards. They had quickly rushed in front of them, meaning that not only had they wanted someone else to cut open an escape path for them, but now they also wanted Xie Minhang and the rest to act as a shield on the back end. Therefore, throughout the whole journey they were all extremely furious, with a bellyful of rage burning up in them. It was only unfortunate that they couldn’t kill the driver of the car since the road was too small to fit more than one car. Heaven knows the situation they were in just now was too dangerous. This group of big fierce men had been so angry that there was no one among them who wasn’t pleased with Bai Jing, praising him for shooting one of the people in the small car.

Wang Xuebing opened his mouth to speak but his words were drowned by everyone’s praises to Bai Jing. In fact, he was very angry about what had just happened. To just murder someone, he didn’t think that he could do that so easily. However, the minority obeyed the rules of the majority and he had also been previously scolded by the young master. So when he saw the anger plastered on everyone’s faces, Wang Xuebing simply remained silent.

Bai Jing shot a quick glare his way before looking at the lone woman left in the car and aiming his gun to take a shot… While fleeing, she was able to convince two selfish men to take her along. Bai Jing believed that this woman was definitely not simple. Although he was very confident in his abilities and so he didn’t need to attach too much importance to this woman, still, it was better to take care of potential calamities sooner than later.

“Don’t kill me, I won’t follow you, my son is still young this year, I don’t want to die.” The woman was very beautiful even with wet hair sticking to her face. On top of that, she also exuded a different kind of beauty with her slightly trembling body paired with a strong and calm expression, and when she spoke she went straight to the point. In the face of a hard-hearted Bai Jing, this scene would not move him in any way, since naturally he was disinclined to pay attention to such a display. However, in the face of a soft-hearted Wang Xuebing or Li who was also a parent, this scene went straight to the bottoms of their hearts. Human life was not like grass that could just be cut. Since she was unlikely to be a hindrance to them, who would be willing to harm such a mother?

Looking at the expectant faces of some people, Bai Jing slowly lowered his gun for the sake of their feelings. He then immediately turned around and returned to the car. This crisis had lasted for most of the night and it was now half past three, and he could no longer bear the sticky feeling throughout his body. He didn’t want to waste any more time and wanted to deal with getting clean as soon as possible.

“Let’s head for the county town and find a place to rest for the night. Tomorrow we’ll continue with the journey.” After hearing Xiao Sa’s order, everyone cheered since they were all wiped out. The group of men then quickly returned to the vehicles and drove towards the county. Only the weak woman was left alone out there, shaking like leaves would on a stormy day.

After a little more than ten minutes, the group reached the county. The county town was so dark that not even a trace of light could be seen. They all sighed sympathetically. From just a glance, one could easily see that this was just like a ghost town.

The cheering from before immediately stopped, everyone was now silent. Although they had already expected the situation would be far from good, but the degree of disaster that had been unleashed in this county town filled everyone’s heart with unease. This was only a few days after the virus broke out, but the situation here was so grave that the whole county was deathly silent. Then what about N city and what about all the other cities…

“Look for a place that we can rest in for the night.” Xiao Sa said calmly, interrupting everyone’s train of thought.

Bai Jing nodded his head in agreement. At the moment, the young master was too lazy to move, so he opened his mouth and looked directly at Cao Lei: “We’ll move separately. After ten minutes we’ll meet up again. Remember safety first.”

Cao Lei remained silent. He looked at his depressed lover and then immediately turned to Yu Yue to guide the way.

As for Yu Yue, he felt very resentful regarding being handed this task since he really didn’t have any more spiritual energy.

Not long after, Xie Minhang led them to a good resting place, a small three-story building with a shop on the first floor. There was also a security door and the parking was conveniently by the roadside. Other than the water and electricity outage, the house was basically fully equipped. It was also obvious to see that the owner was not home since the house was very neat without any clutter around.

After finally finding a place to rest, everyone could hardly wait. They quickly took hold of flashlights, rushed into the house and started looking around.

Bai Jing looked at Xu Lei and Qin Hao then said: “You two get some water. Everyone should take a bath. The weather is cold now, so it’s important that we take care not to catch a cold.”

Qin Hao was dumbfounded. Bathing water for more than 30 people? Would that be possible, even if he used his water abilities?

Xu Lei glared at her silly little brother and slapped his head as she said: “Stupid, it’s raining outside, yet you are still worried that there’s not enough water.”

Qin Hao blushed before quickly nodding his head.

Everyone laughed as they watched the two people, bringing about a hard to come by relaxed atmosphere.

Liu Wei rushed to say: “Hurry up, hurry up! First help me get bathing water. I can no longer stand this feeling of being wet from head to toe.”

“Get out of here! You are strong, tall and mighty so you have to wait. We weaker people should go first.”

“You’re weak? Get lost.”

“You get lost…”

“Haha, I think I will go first…”


While they were still caught up in their argument, Xiao Sa finished surveying all the rooms and made the final decision when he pointed to the room on the left side of the second floor and said: “Go get some water, little Jing will shower first.”

The room suddenly went absolutely silent. No more arguments or even complaints could be heard. When it came to the boss’s beloved, there was nothing his brothers could do, without a doubt they would let him have his way. Not to mention that Bai Jing was now their sole source of food and clothing/their livelihood. They were even expecting that after their showers, they would be able to change into a new set of clothes.

After hearing this, Bai Jing smiled, the tiredness of the day seemingly cured by this one sentence. Seeing that Xu Lei had already gone to the second floor, Bai Jing then said to Qin Hao: “You also go to get some bathing water for Xiao Sa. Everyone else feel free to take the clothes that I’ll place on the sofa. Come to ask me for more if it’s not enough.”

This husband and wife pair made Liu Wei draw circles while squatting in a corner. Damn, those two were just too much.

Bai Jing took out a dozen new down jackets from the dimension, as well as underwear, other warm clothing, quilts, and pillows. Then he paused for a moment. As everyone was still trying to figure out what else he was going to take out, they only saw him still taking out a set of clothes from the dimension. Although the clothes were brand new, they were obviously of a different style from the ones he had taken out at first. Then he took out shoes, socks, warm clothes…

A neat set, and from one look it was clear to see that they were all tailor-made for Xiao Sa.

Everyone was speechless. Obviously, he was getting special treatment…

The corners of Xiao Sa’s lips curved upwards. He had never seen his subordinates so dumbstruck. He was very happy to see that little Jing treated him differently. He liked it very much.

Seeing how happy Xiao Sa was, Bai Jing was elated. The two of them were like a couple of young people who had just fallen in love, laughing foolishly over every trivial matter. Wang Xuebing was extremely resentful over this.

Not long after, Xu Lei prepared the water. Xiao Sa first had Liang La heat it up before saying to Bai Jing: “Go take a bath, you mustn’t catch a cold.”

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