Back to the Apocalypse

Chapter 49

Chapter 49

“You’re up.”

“You’re up.”

Although the two voices spoke at the same time, Wang Xuebing’s tone and attitude towards Bai Jing compared to that of Xiao Sa was as different as black and white. He gazed at Bai Jing as if he has just seen his savior right before he started chattering off about things that didn’t entirely make sense: “Wake up at once and hurry up and help, little Meng’s dimension is not large enough to pack all these things .”

Bai Jing shot out of Xiao Sa’s arms and asked: “Have you all been going around murdering and looting?” Little Meng’s dimension was ten square meters, even the supplies they had collected from his villa hadn’t been able to eat up all that space.

“We haven’t murdered anyone, just looted.” Wang Xuebing’s facial expression was serious as he honestly answered the question.

Bai Jing vomited blood. He had really wanted to tear them a new one for wasting so much time, but just as he was about to do that, he suddenly realized that this must have definitely been Cao Lei’s idea, so he could only weakly ask: “How much has been looted?”

Qin Hao’s head suddenly popped out of nowhere. Instead of looking embarrassed his little face was glowing with excitement as if he was extremely proud of their glorious achievements, and then he said: “Not much, only three big trucks full of things.”

Bai Jing rubbed his forehead and his lips twitched as he opened the window and saw that there were indeed three more trucks behind. This also made that him very curious as to exactly how they had managed to quickly pack up so many things into the trucks.

Wang Xuebing mumbled: “Little Meng is very obedient.”

Thus, Bai Jing understood that they had accomplished this through free labor. After all, everyone knew that a hidden dimension was a very effective tool for moving things.

Xiao Sa sighed, but inwards he was also somewhat delighted. At first, his thoughts were the same as Bai Jing’s, as in, he would have also liked to have covered more distance by now, but Cao Lei concerns and actions were also correct. No one knew the real size of ​​Bai Jing’s dimension, and they also didn’t know that they had already made advance preparations. Therefore, collecting supplies on the road was done for the well being of everyone. When he thought of the fact that only he knew Bai Jing’s secret, Xiao Sa’s heart immediately filled with pride.

Alas! Child, what you actually know is also bogus. Little Jing has too many hidden trump cards… ”

Stop the cars at the intersection ahead.” Bai Jing had no other choice but to comply. Since they were already delayed he might as well take the time to store the supplies properly. The trucks were good, but unfortunately, they weren’t modified and so would be useless when they met zombies on the road. The important thing when choosing anything was its impact on their security.

When he saw the supplies, Bai Jing found that they were all good items and so he quickly placed them in his dimension. Cao Lei was very smart as most of the supplies collected were gasoline. In fact, he knew that here on the highway, other than gas stations, you could also find mini supermarkets by the roadside in case you wanted to collect other types of items. As for the trucks, they were abundant by the roadside and the trick to unlocking them was very straightforward.

Then Bai Jing also had little Meng take out the items in the dimension, leaving him with only a small amount of daily necessities, and some few things to eat. Like this, little Meng would have enough space to collect more supplies in the future.

After a ten-minute break, Bai Jing took out lunch boxes and gave it to everyone. The group quickly ate their food by the roadside and by the time they were done it was almost five o’clock. Xiao Sa then directly ordered: “No more stops on the road, we travel full speed ahead.”

Cao Lei thought about this for a moment. Since he had already collected a lot of supplies he had no objections. He had been driving for a whole day and then last night he was busy until very late into the night. Therefore, he just leaned on Wang Xuebing and instantly went to sleep.

Bai Jing remembered that he had collected crystal nuclei yesterday, and since he currently had nothing else to do with his time, he turned to look at Xiao Sa and said: “Oh, that’s right, why don’t you now try to absorb the energy of the nuclei.”

Xiao Sa nodded, then he took out a crystal nucleus and handed it to Bai Jing as he said: “Together.” In addition to the mutant dog yesterday, later they had also collected two crystal nuclei from the zombie cats.

Bai Jing’s heart warmed, but he still slowly shook his head and said: “You use it, ok? As long as you are powerful, you can protect me.” In fact, since they were on the topic of crystal nuclei, Bai Jing was well aware that they were completely useless to him. In his past life, he had absorbed many crystal nuclei but had never reaped any benefits from them. Therefore, there was no point in him wasting the crystal nuclei by trying to absorb them now.

Xiao Sa insisted, staring at Bai Jing with a determined look in his eyes.

Bai Jing was left with no other choice but to confess the truth. He let out a shallow laugh as he said: “The crystal nuclei are useless to me. But don’t worry about me, all I need is jade.”

Xiao Sa frowned at this. Although he hadn’t said anything, but in the days that followed, no matter where they went, he would always stop over at any major jade shops as he searched for and collected jade. In the past, some people knew that young master Jing had a unique interest in jade, but in the near future, the news of Xiao Sa’s love for jade would also spread far and wide.

After listening to Bai Jing, Xiao Sa was no longer resistant and quickly focused his spirit to absorb the energy in the nucleus. He knew that the only way he could better protect little Jing was by getting stronger. Even as he felt the faint energy fluctuations, he didn’t lower his guard. Instead, he gradually circulated and filtered the energy throughout his body, and once he was done, the crystal-clear nucleus in his hand turned into dust. Then he proceeded to cultivate his internal force.

After some time Xiao Sa slowly opened his eyes, and immediately he could clearly feel that the energy in his body had increased significantly.

“How was it?” Bai Jing asked with a smile on his face. He was instantly aware of the moment that Xiao Sa had woken up.

“Not bad. I think I’ll be able to advance once I absorb a few more nuclei.” Xiao Sa nodded, and then seeing how clear Bai Jing’s eyes were he asked: “Were you watching over me all this time?”

Bai Jing didn’t reply, only smiling gently at Xiao Sa. He would let him guess the answer on his own.

Wang Xuebing truly despised the fact that the RV was so big, thereby making it difficult for him to protect the young master from Xiao Sa. But they all had nowhere else to go; they were stuck in here for now.

Xiao Sa couldn’t be bothered, plus he was currently in a very good mood. He sat up and opened the window curtain only to find that it was already dark outside. A small frown appeared on his head as he sensed that something wasn’t quite right: “How long did it take me?”

“About one hour. It turned dark at six o’clock.” Speaking of this, Bai Jing could feel his heart sink, since the darkness signaled the emergence of zombies. The next leg of the journey would definitely not be easy.

He was just about to suggest to Xiao Sa that he absorbs another nucleus when the RV suddenly braked, violently throwing them forward.

Xiao Sa hurriedly grabbed Bai Jing and then turned to face the driver’s seat and asked: “What the matter?”

Qin Yi remained silent, only shooting a quick look at Yu Yue.

Yu Yue scowled miserably and said: “I truly didn’t know that the bridge here was broken.” He had only sensed that this road was very safe with no dangers around. He had figured that because he couldn’t sense other cars on this road it meant there were no people on the road, which then meant that this would be a safe route to take.

“I’m going to take a look, be a good boy and remain in the car.” Xiao Sa quickly kissed Bai Jing’s lips, before picking up a flashlight and getting off the RV.

Bai Jing blushed heavily. He was very grieved to find that he no longer wanted to hide from Xiao Sa’s kisses, leaving him somewhat unwilling and somewhat helpless. Bai Jing bad premonition that the walls he had put up would definitely not remain standing for very long……

Wang Xuebing scowled before turning around and also stepping out of the vehicle. The moment he saw the look on the young master’s face he instantly knew that it was **, and the more he looked at it the angrier he got. He wished he hadn’t seen it, since what the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t grieve over. Young master, you definitely have fight it ah! Wang Xuebing remembered how he also used to be such a good young man, but after meeting Cao Lei he went down a path of no return. He really didn’t want the young master to follow in his footsteps. At the very least, Wang Xuebing wanted to prevent this from happening.

Xiao Sa stared at the river with a calculative look in his eyes. There wasn’t a strong current and the river itself was not that wide only 10 meters. However, 8 meters of the bridge had broken.

“What should we do now elder brother?” Some people also came out from the cars in the back. Xie Minhang was frowning tightly as he thought that if it had only been two or three meters of damage, then he was confident that he could drive the car fast enough to fly over the gap, but at 8 meters it would be almost impossible.

“There’s something in the water.” Liang La had exceptionally good eyesight, so the moment he looked at the water he noticed that there seemed to be something moving about in the water.

Wang Xuebing’s face darkened as he exclaimed: “Mutant animals! No, that not right, they are actually zombie fish!”

Everyone felt their hearts sink. Lin Zhifei felt a shiver run through his entire body: “That…..Then about drinking water?”

“My ice powers can make water.” Xie Minhang was obviously annoyed as he slapped Lin Zhifei with all his might before grabbing him and saying: “You have to improve your mental composure.”

Lin Zhifei quickly nodded and forced himself to calm down: “I… I was just a little scared for a moment.” God knows that he was timid, and it was even completely accidental that he was able to awaken his abilities. They were experiencing one terrifying thing after the other and it would take him some time to adapt. He was afraid!

Wang Xuebing wasn’t bothered by this, fear was normal human emotion, so he said: “My group has two people with water abilities, so you don’t have to worry about drinking water. The problem now is how are we going to pass this place?”

Xiao Sa stared at the broken bridge for a while then he said: “I’ve thought of a way.” Immediately after saying that, he turned around and went back into the RV, leaving everyone else to just stare at each other.

“What idea do you think the elder brother has come up with?” Lin Zhifei timidly asked.

Wang Xuebing stared at him with a blank look on his face. His dissatisfaction with Xiao Sa had probably made him even more unreasonable: “If you’re asking me then whom should I ask?”

Xie Minhang was silent as he recalled how Bai Jing was treated coldly while they were in N City. It seems that this problem was not limited to just them; others were also very dissatisfied with the elder brother’s behavior. Still, as his subordinate, even though he liked Bai Jing, in his heart he still gave his full support and confidence to Xiao Sa. So he turned to Lin Zhifei and said: “What are you so worried about? You will know what the plan is in a moment, ok? Elder brother would never come up with something that he wasn’t sure would work.”

Wang Xuebing only sneered. Even though he agreed with those words, it was unlikely that he would add any positive comments of his own.

Not long after, Xiao Sa returned bringing Bai Jing along with him. Wang Xuebing cocked an eyebrow as he waited to see what would happen.

Then they saw Bai Jing take out a large number of stainless steels from his dimension. There were rusted ones as well as new and shiny ones, and they were all long and thick pieces of metal. The sum of them all created a small hill that could probably fill up a small 30 square meter house.

Everyone was at a loss for words. These stainless steels could neither be eaten nor be drunk, so why on earth had young master Jing stored such useless things in his dimension.

The answer was actually quite straightforward. Because Bai Jing knew that Xiao Sa was a metal warrior, when they were at the abandoned factory, he collected all the steel he could find and added it to the supplies he’d already collected before. At that time, if he hadn’t been worried about scaring the others, he would have put even more steel into his dimension.

Xiao Sa was silent for a moment. His eyes were fixed on the broken bridge as he measured the situation before them. Then he said: “Return to the cars. I will use my power to patch up the damaged area on the bridge, but you will all have to pass over it very quickly.”

Would that work? Wang Xuebing’s heart trembled. However, he clearly understood that Xiao Sa was the kind of person who would never lie and put on airs, and on top of that, he would never take the lives of his people for granted. He studied Xiao Sa intently for a moment before nodding his head.

The rest of the people did not hesitate after seeing Bai Jing. As for Xiao Sa’s brothers, they naturally refused to fall behind and so they all quickly returned to the cars.

Xiao Sa returned to the RV and sat in the front row. Qin Yi gave him a look and asked: “Will you be able to do it?”

He answered honestly as he said in a casual manner: “For two minutes.”

“That’ll be enough time.” If Xiao Sa had replied with a definite yes, then Qin Yi would have doubted him. But two minutes was still a fairly reasonable amount of time for crossing the bridge.

“I will count loudly to 3 then you must all immediately accelerate.” Xiao Sa said before mobilizing his abilities while staring at the broken bridge. Then they all saw the steel on the ground quickly lining up in a row and patching up the broken bridge. The zombie fish in the water were getting more and more excited some were even jumping up and eagerly snapping their sharp pointed teeth.

“One, two, three.” Xiao Sa shouted then his forehead broke into a cold sweat, his wide-open eyes were bloodshot and the veins on his head bulged up prominently under his skin.

Qin Yi slammed his foot onto the accelerator and drove at the highest speed across the bridge. Although it was only a mere ten seconds, it felt longer, like it had taken them forever to reach the other side.

After crossing the bridge, Qin Yi quickly turned the car around and didn’t dare go any farther. He knew that there were still other people’s lives on the line since other cars were still crossing the bridge. Xiao Sa’s ability wouldn’t last long, so they couldn’t go too far away from the bridge to where he wouldn’t be able to control it.

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