Back to the Apocalypse

Chapter 45

Chapter 45

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They returned to where they had parked the cars only to find that the situation at the highway exit was still in a state of upheaval. As for the cars that had blocked their path from the behind, they had all turned around, thus opening a path for them on the left side.

When they saw Xiao Sa and the others enter their cars, the people who were following closely behind them also hurriedly entered their cars. They all started their cars at the same time, but none of them moved to start driving away.

Bai Jing sneered as he thought: it seems that this time around this group of people has smartened up, so they didn’t even have to force them to clear the way.

Xiao Sa brashly ordered Liu Hua to drive. Once the four cars started moving, all the cars that were behind them also immediately started moving, scrambling to keep up with them.

“Boom!” they heard a loud explosive sound before seeing two cars crashing into each other, followed by the sound of people screaming. Seeing this, Bai Jing let out a cruel laugh, while everyone else in the car was left speechless. The accident had consequently blocked the road for many cars. The cars behind them were in a better situation than the cars in front of them, which had just narrowly missed being hit.

“Let’s find a place to rest for now, we’ll continue traveling at daybreak.” Xiao Sa said lightly. It was already 3:40 A.M, which meant that it would be about two more hours before dawn. According to Bai Jing and the TV reports from the past few days, zombies should be afraid of the sun. There was too much chaos tonight, but he expected that after daybreak the military would send people to come to maintain order. Rather than enduring this difficult situation so as to travel to D city, which was definitely also in a state of upheaval, it was better to wait until dawn to resume their travel.

Bai Jing nodded his head then took out some supplies from his dimension and gave it to everyone to eat. For several days now they have only been rushing through their journey, and today they had only quickly eaten something small in the afternoon, so everyone must be starving.

“Little Meng you’re a good boy so big brother will give you a chocolate.” He was the only child in the group, but Bai Jing was still very fond of him. This was mainly because this child was very obedient and he was also not noisy or troublesome.

“Thank you, big brother.” Li Meng looked at his daddy, after seeing him nod he quickly expressed his gratitude then happily took the chocolate. He hadn’t eaten any snacks for several days.

“Little Meng tell your big brother, are you or are you not scared when you see Zombies?” Bai Jing enjoyed studying this child, so he decided to tease him a little bit. To be honest, at first, he was very concerned about the fact that they were bringing a child along. But after watching little Meng for some time, he realized that it wouldn’t be a big problem. Don’t tell me that all of these big men couldn’t even protect one child?

Little Meng was a very sensible child. His mother had died when he was young, so he was raised in a single-parent family, and although his father was always busy, he had not become an unruly or arrogant child. During this journey, he had been afraid, he had been nervous, but even more, he had shown unwavering perseverance. A small adult’s expression appeared on the boy’s tender face, and upon seeing this, a warm feeling spread across Bai Jing’s heart.

“I’m not afraid, I’ll become Superman in the future, and I will protect my Daddy.” Li Meng’s eyes were bright as he firmly shook his head. Then he paused for a moment before adding: “…and I will also protect everyone…”

With a smile on his face, Bai Jing let out a small chuckle as he felt his heart fill with joy. This child was too cute. For the past few days, the boy has been bright-eyed as he watched Xiao Sa playing with the nails, and it turned out that it was because it had inspired the idea of Superman in his mind. Although the last sentence would probably not be possible, Bai Jing couldn’t refute him. He just earnestly listened to him while thinking that this child was indeed very clever.

“Daddy!” Li Meng’s small face turned red as he shyly hid in Li Yi’s arms, only exposing his big eyes as he sneaked a look at Bai Jing. Seeing that Bai Jing was laughing, he once again hid his face.

Li Yi loved his child dearly. He held the boy in his arms and said: “Be a good boy and obediently finish your chocolate then go to sleep. Tomorrow we will go to your big brother’s house.”

Li Meng only blushed and nodded his head.

When he saw this, Bai Jing didn’t tease him anymore. He just smiled as he called the boy to him: “Come on, big brother will carry you, your Dad must also be tired.”

Li Meng hesitated for a moment, but after seeing that his Dad really did look exhausted, he obediently went and sat on Bai Jing, letting Bai Jing take him into his arms.

Li Yi’s was relieved. He had not thought about it before, but when they were passing through that county town tonight, and he heard Yu Yue’s vague words, he started to really worry that Bai Jing would abandon little Meng’s because he was a nuisance. After all, in the recent days, he has observed that although elder brother was the boss, Bai Jing was the one who was truly in charge, and he tended to be a very cold person. For instance, during this journey, even though Yi Li considered himself to be a hard-hearted person, he was still disturbed by the things they witnessed. Yet Bai Jing’s constantly indifferent expression left him feeling quite apprehensive.

He couldn’t imagine what he would do if something happened to little Meng, or if Bai Jing felt that he was too much of a burden. He was well aware that he had no means of surviving with his son in this world where zombies were running amuck. But fortunately, Bai Jing as very nice to little Meng and so he could finally let go of the troubles that had been weighing on his heart throughout this whole night.

“You should also rest.” Xiao Sa said, as he firmly pulled Bai Jing into his arms. Up until now, the fear in his heart had still not dissipated. Little Jing had barely avoided being scratched by the zombie cat, and Xiao Sa didn’t know what he would’ve done if that had happened, since killing little Jing was completely out of the question. Maybe he would become like Yang Wenhao, who knew that his brother would become a zombie, yet he still insisted on saving him.

“Ok” Bai Jing nodded his head then lazily leaned on Xiao Sa’s body, while still carefully holding Li Meng in his arms. He stared into the distance, completely unaware of how the three of them were currently giving the impression of a perfect family of three.

Bai Jing originally thought that he couldn’t fall asleep after such a stressful day. But in reality, it didn’t take long for him to pass out after lying in Xiao Sa’s arms. He was eventually woken up by a loud noisy voice. By this time the sky was already bright, and the highway was back to normal. When the cars that had parked on the roadside saw that road travel was back to normal, they all quickly left. Immediately following their departure, police cars approached.

As soon as Bai Jing woke up, he saw that they were surrounded by several police cars, and someone familiar was shouting and gesticulating frantically as he listed all their evil deeds. Bai Jing thought about it for a moment, if he remembered correctly, wasn’t that the person who said that he would pay them money if they took him along with them to D City? Why had he brought a bunch of policemen?

“What’s with all the noise? Don’t you have anything better to do?” Bai Jing’s rude manner of speaking was paired with an extremely vicious facial expression. When he got out of the car, he could clearly see that the police were exhausted from their extremely pallid faces.

“Oh, young master Jing, so it turned out to be you, I didn’t recognize you. Please don’t mind us. This morning we received a report that there was a group shooting and killing people here, so we had no other choice but to come and investigate. We are so tired from last night and haven’t even gotten a chance to rest yet. If it wasn’t for the fact that this man was related to the Chief, we wouldn’t have come.” When the captain saw Bai Jing, he immediately smiled and called out to him in greeting.

In fact, the captain himself was full of complaints. There were monsters running rampant all night long. Shit, the police were also just human beings who also felt fear. Many of their comrades had lost their lives last night before the military finally arrived and barely managed stabilize the situation. They had not even had a moment’s rest, before hearing that there was someone shooting people dead! What kind of situation was this?

“Yeah” Bai Jing nodded his head as he casually looked at the fat man: “Because of the current situation, my father sent some people to protect me. Although they seem a bit vicious, they have only killed several zombies and no human beings have been killed. But if this gentleman is interested, I can invite you to eat a bullet.”

The person who had lodged the complaint was dumbfounded. He had just wanted to vent his resentment from last night, and so he contacted his brother-in-law who also happened to be the Chief of police. How could he have known that his plan would end up backfiring on him? Who was this young master Jing person? He seemed to definitely be someone famous.

Bai Jing was no longer interested in looking at this man. Dealing with such a person by killing them would only make him dirty. Anyway, based on his character he wouldn’t last long.

“How is the situation in the city?” Bai Jing turned to look at the captain, then swept his gaze over a few injured policemen.

“Ai! Don’t even mention it.” The captain’s face held a rarely seen bitter expression. Bai Jing’s question had just reawakened all the bitterness in his heart. But since the old man was kindhearted, he decided to elaborate: “I didn’t know what was going on last night. After 11 o’clock, people suddenly started calling in for help. I don’t know about the other squadrons, but as far as ours was concerned, we were not aware of anything. We were simply busy carrying out our task of patrolling the roads when out of nowhere people started to crazily bite each other.” The captain pointed a finger at the men behind him: “A few people on my side were bitten and several more lost their lives. We have been busy the whole night. The military finally arrived, but they barely managed to get the situation under control. There wasn’t even enough time for us to bandage our wounds before we were once again called out to another task this morning.”

Bai Jing flashed an unenthusiastic smile then said: “The injured people should go and rest. I’ll tell your Chief that I gave you all a ten-day vacation.”

“Hey! Thanks.” The captain smiled as he looked away before tactfully declining the offer: “But no, these are just small injuries. The recent chaos has been too drastic, so it’s just a matter of taking the opportunity to make a contribution. If young master Jing is in a good mood, then you can help us by putting in a few good words on our behalf to the chief.”

“Will do.” Bai Jing easily agreed. There was a hint of sympathy in his eyes. He had actually offered to give them the long vacation because it would save their lives, but if the people didn’t appreciate his kindness, then it was no longer his business.

“Young master Jing in order to be careful let’s take the same route back. These monsters appear and disappear unpredictably. They seemed to have lessened since daybreak but it’s still good to be on guard.”

Bai Jing nodded then turned around and headed back into the car. Xiao Sa’s subordinates felt their hearts fill with admiration as they watched Bai Jing; now this was what you called being fucking powerful. The police watched them turn their vehicles around. Just a moment ago they nearly had a confrontation with the police but now they were being aided by them. Everyone was speechless.

When they thought about this, they couldn’t help but feel inferior. However, these emotions were quickly washed away. Their team had four powered people, and young master Jing’s background was an even greater asset. During these tumultuous times, it was vital that they could depend on these things.

For now, they were feeling very confident in their hearts, but when they will reach Bai Jing’s home and see Wang Xuebing, Cao Lei, and the Qin Yi’s family, this confidence will immediately collapse. They also want to go and find a grandfather…? Elder brother, you do realize that young master Jing is taking advantage of the situation, right?

The journey that followed was really easy. With the police escort, they no longer had to deal with being blocked by accidents or by other cars. They only encountered a few zombies, but they didn’t have to do anything since the police took care of all of them.

Bai Jing was well aware that it wasn’t that zombies were afraid of the sun, but that they just hadn’t adapted to it yet. For the time being, they hid in dark corners, bidding their time, waiting for their chance to strike. Unfortunately, after three days, all the streets in this city will become a zombie paradise.

And even now wherever you looked, you could still clearly see people eating other people. Even though the army frequently patrolled the area, who could say that their comrades also wouldn’t open their mouths and start eating people. This, in fact, was the most troublesome problem the military was currently facing.

En route they met a few more people crying for help. The police captain stopped and spoke to them for a moment before rushing off. Bai Jing watched these events as they hurried on. They didn’t head straight to his home instead he directed their group towards his warehouse. His supplies should still be there, but the longer they waited before going to collect them, the more troublesome it would be.

Since he had lied and told everyone that his dimension was about 180 square meters, when they reached the warehouse he only asked Xiao Sa to help him and didn’t allow anyone else to follow him in, lest he should rouse some suspicions in them.

The location of the warehouse was very convenient, there were not many people patrolling nearby, and also there were not many zombies. Five days later, after getting rid of most of the zombies, this location will become a safe zone.

The two people worked efficiently to quickly retrieve the supplies before heading to the next location.

When he saw the astonished expressions of the people in the cars, Bai Jing smiled very proudly. Humph! Having supplies will be very important in the future, so let’s see who still dares cross him now. Although at the moment no one was unhappy with him, he was still very happy to see their shocked expressions. Bai Jing had to make it clear that crossing paths with Xiao Sa was also a blessing to them, and that he was not simply with Xiao Sa so as to leach off him. He was especially happy to see Han Yan’s stupefied expression. His heart was very pleased!

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