Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 132 - Warmth (1)

Chapter 132: Warmth (1)

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Uncle Cool?

By instinct, Nan Zhi looked at that area of the man on reflex. The feeling of accidentally touching it the other time appeared in her mind.

It was definitely not something she could compare.

Realizing what she was thinking about, Nan Zhi’s face flamed up and she flushed a bright red.

Mu Sihan wiped the beads of water off his face and looked at Nan Zhi, who was standing by the bathroom door.

Those deep and slender dark eyes were mysterious under the dense water vapor, like a whirlpool sucking her in.

Nan Zhi’s heart jumped and she looked away, avoiding his intense gaze.

“Pretty Zhizhi, why is your face red? Don’t tell me you’ve seen Uncle Cool’s pee-pee before?”

Nan Zhi’s mouth twitched and she looked at the little fellow with a red face. She went into the bathroom and ignored Xiaojie’s awkward question. “Young Master Mu, you can go out first. I’ll help Xiaojie with his bath!”

She could not let Xiaojie interact with Mu Sihan anymore, he was getting more and more out of hand!

Mu Sihan came out of the bathtub and blocked Nan Zhi with his body dripping wet. His eyebrows were slightly raised, looking at her in an unruly and lazy manner. “You haven’t answered the brat. Have you seen mine?”

Nan Zhi was angry and embarrassed. She gave him a warning glance. “Don’t talk nonsense in front of the child.”

Mu Sihan shook off the beads of water from his short black hair and his perfectly-carved and pronounced face came towards Nan Zhi. With his refreshing and manly breath on her hot face, his sexy thin lips opened slightly. “So you didn’t see it that night.”

Nan Zhi wished she could give a slap to this shameless man. He still had the cheek to mention that night when he humiliated her!

She had her eyes closed the entire time and did not look at him, so she would not have looked there.

Mu Sihan knew that she did not want to think about that night. He stopped and his fingers touched her hot ears, there was a tinge of huskiness in his deep voice. “Go to my room and get some clothes for me.”

His breath was heavy on Nan Zhi’s face and ears. From her line of sight, she could see him swallowing, like he was enduring something.

Nan Zhi did not reject his request, she turned around and ran away hurriedly.

Looking at her rapidly departing figure, Mu Sihan narrowed his eyes. A dark shadow crossed his features.

Was he that scary?

But it was a little interesting. When other women saw him, they would try their best to seduce him. Nan Zhi was different, when she saw him, it was like she had seen a dreadful beast and could not wait to escape. Why was she so different?

Nan Zhi walked out of the annex building and the cool wind at night blew over her, cooling her hot face down.

Putting aside his unpredictable personality, she had to admit, that bad tempered man had a lot of masculine charm that attracted women. When he was behaving normally, he exuded an irresistible charisma with every gesture he made.

His arrogance, lazy and devilish manner were only the surface. Nan Zhi had seen his malicious and cruel side. He was a dangerous and cold and man.

Although she did not understand why he wanted her to stay by his side and wanted to treat Xiaojie and her well, she could not let him get past her defences.

Nan Zhi went to the manor’s main building and found Yi Fan. “Butler Yi, could you get a set of clean clothes of Young Master Mu’s for me?”

Yi Fan looked at Nan Zhi and refused with a smile. “Young Master asked you personally to take it. If I help you, he will punish me.”

What an old fox!

He could clearly figure out what both his young master and her thoughts were.

Yi Fan took Nan Zhi to Mu Sihan’s closet and gently reminded her. “Young Master’s undergarments are in the second drawer of the cabinet in the middle. His loungewear is in the fourth compartment of the cabinet on the right.”

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