Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 232: Show yourself, Ninja

Chapter 232: Show yourself, Ninja

Zhang Xiao Qiang did not stop the whispers coming from his members, he carefully watched every single lady’s expression. He knew that once a person had a superhuman ability, they would think that they have control over their own fate. He did not believe that the women were able to hold their emotions in well like him, even if he were to fake his emotions, he would definitely reveal some true feelings, but none of them revealed even the slightest amount of anger or fear.

Zhang Xiao Qiang suddenly turned and stared at the combat team members behind him. In that instant, all noise ceased to exist, every member returned to their solemn and disciplined look, as though the hubbub from before had no relation to them.

“Are there anyone else inside?” Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at the ladies in front of him and asked.

“…..” None of them gave a reply. When Zhang Xiao Qiang questioned them, they lowered their heads immediately, including those who had resigned to their fate.

Zhang Xiao Qiang walked over to a girl who looked slightly older than the rest and used his pistol to push her chin up, allowing their eyes to meet.

The girl felt the cold metal touching her skin and she looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang with eyes filled with fear. The sudden dilation of her pupils made it feel as though Zhang Xiao Qiang was looking right into her soul.

The girl was terrified but she kept her mouth closed and did not utter a word.

Zhang Xiao Qiang was left with no choice. He placed the gun down and walked in front of the women and stopped when he reached the seemingly youngest girl. She was extremely small and had an extremely naive look. She was definitely younger than 20 years old and was the first to cry. She was also the one with the most scars.

She was extremely timid. When Zhang Xiao Qiang stopped in front of her, her eyes started tearing up again. Looking at the girl that was on the verge of crying, Zhang Xiao Qiang almost turned and walked away, but upon thinking about the dangerous Agility-Type Gen-Omega Human that was still in hiding and watching him, he forced himself to remain firm.

Zhang Xiao Qiang was not afraid of Power-Type Gen-Omega Humans. Yang Ke’er had immense power, but Zhang Xiao Qiang could fight eight of her. Regardless of how much power they wield, they had to be able to land a hit on him. But an Agility-type was different, they were born to be assassins, Zhang Xiao Qiang did not want to be on guard against such an assassin for the rest of his life, so he had to draw the assassin out.

“Tell me, where are the others?” Zhang Xiao Qiang’s cold and harsh tone entered the girl’s ear.

“Don’t….. Don’t ask me, I….I don’t know anything, I don’t, wahhhh…..”

The girl was frightened to the point of bawling right after a few words.

Zhang Xiao Qiang had his focus on the upper level. When the girl cried, the shadow behind the broken windows wavered slightly. Although the figure recovered quickly, Zhang Xiao Qiang’s caught a glimpse of the worry in the person’s eyes. The person was worried about the crying girl.

“Shuah…..” Zhang Xiao Qiang suddenly swung his hand out and aimed his pistol at the girl’s head, “Come out here…..or I’ll kill her….”

Zhang Xiao Qiang thought to cheat the person out, but before he could even finish his sentence, a black figure shot out of the window and revealed a bright katana and slashed down towards his head.

Zhang Xiao Qiang’s eyes were fixed onto the second window and already knew when the figure jumped out. He retreated a few steps backward and looked at the person in midair.

Beside him, Shangguan Qiao Yun raised her Garand Rifle, “Pa….”

After the gun was fired, Shangguan Qiao Yun looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang in confusion. When she pulled the trigger, her perfect aimed rifle was pushed up by Zhang Xiao Qiang, causing the bullet to fly into the sky.

Zhang Xiao Qiang did not have the time to explain, he stared at the black figure all the way until it dropped to the ground. That was when Zhang Xiao Qiang almost blurted out an insult.

The black figure was about to pounce at Zhang Xiao Qiang but realized that more than 10 guns were aimed at her and the other women. She hesitated, as long as she moved, countless bullets would fly at her. She could dodge, but the girls behind her did not have her abilities.

She stopped moving, threw the katana to the ground and watched Zhang Xiao Qiang silently.

The reason why Zhang Xiao Qiang wanted to curse was due to the Gen-Omega girl in front of him. When she jumped down from the building, Zhang Xiao Qiang thought that a Japanese Ninja had appeared. Dressed completely in black, a cloth covering her face and a katana in hand. If she was not a Ninja, what was she?

The girl that resembled a Ninja was completely wrapped all over. Aside from her short and jet black hair and bright sparkling eyes, Zhang Xiao Qiang could not see any other parts of her body. After throwing her weapon to the ground, she stared at Zhang Xiao Qiang with eyes that emitted cold intent and rage.

The eyes of the girl that was unwilling to reveal her face made Zhang Xiao Qiang fall into a bad mood. Although what he did to scare the girl was despicable, but Zhang Xiao Qiang’ true aim was for the Gen-Omega Human to reveal herself, so why the disdain in her eyes?

“Remove the cloth off your face, this is China, don’t try and act like some Jap…”

Zhang Xiao Qiang wanted her to remove the cloth, but the girl did not care about him. Her jet black eyes kept moving between the combat team members on the HMGs. As for Zhang Xiao Qiang that was standing in front of her, she did not even look at him.

Obviously, the lady never saw Zhang Xiao Qiang as a threat. She gave off a condescending look, angering the M.C.P Zhang Xiao Qiang. He hated being looked down by women the most, and he was actually being looked down by his own captives.

Zhang Xiao Qiang picked up the katana on the ground. With a look, he could tell that it was a work that was not approved as an official weapon, merely an ornament some pretentious person had exhibited in their living room. He threw the katana back to the girl.

Seeing the katana being thrown towards her, the girl moved her right hand slightly, instantly catching and wielding the katana once more. The blade slanted downwards parallel to her legs, she looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang, confused.

Zhang Xiao Qiang holstered his pistol and drew the Jing Wei Blade, “I know you’re not happy, you think that no man can compare with you.”

Zhang Xiao Qiang’s words caused the girl to turn surprised. She never revealed any of her skills, why would Zhang Xiao Qiang say that?

“I know what you’re relying on, aren’t you rather fast?”

When the girl heard Zhang Xiao Qiang talk about her speed, it was not surprise but fear that filled her eyes. It was her greatest secret, even her sisters that trained with her did not know about it, but how did Zhang Xiao Qiang know?

“Hahaha…did I get it right? Don’t think that you’re the only one in the world with this ability…”

The girl opened her mouth and interrupted Zhang Xiao Qiang with her hoarse voice, “You….you’re one too?”

“No….no….I’m not.” Zhang Xiao Qiang raised and waved a finger, then stared at her, “But I’ve killed someone similar to you, and who knows, he was even faster than you, at least a dozen guns were unable to land a shot on him. But….can you?”

The girl n longer spoke, and suddenly exerted power from her right hand that held the blade, causing the veins on her hand to pop up.

Zhang Xiao Qiang gave her a disdainful smile and used the Jing Wei Blade and pointed towards her.

“I’ll give you a chance. If you win me, you can choose whom you want to take with you and leave. If you lose, then die.”

Before Zhang Xiao Qiang could even finish his words, her eyes constricted. With a flash, she appeared right before Zhang Xiao Qiang, the glaring katana slashing horizontally towards his neck.

Right before she made her move, Zhang Xiao Qiang’s sharp eyes already caught sight of her shoulders moving slightly. By the time she made her move, Zhang Xiao Qiang had already preempted her aggression and moved his body to the side, using the Jing Wei Blade to deflect her katana.

“Clang….” The Jing Wei Blade met directly against the Katana. Zhang Xiao Qiang had completely suppressed her with his strength. As both of them were singlehandedly wielding on their weapons, the girl was forced backward and lost her balance, resulting in her taking a few steps back.

Right when the girl managed to stabilize herself, she grabbed the katana hilt with both hands and swung at Zhang Xiao Qiang again.

“Please don’t….I beg you, don’t kill her…”

“Don’t kill her, she’s a good person…”

“Let her go, I’ll do anything….”

“Ahh…..wu….wu….big sis, you can’t die…”

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